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What are Aluminum Framed Mirrors?

Aluminum framed mirrors feature frames made mainly from lightweight and sturdy aluminum. The frames are created by shaping and molding aluminum sheets into desired designs. Available in shapes such as round, oval, arch, rectangle, and capsule, these mirrors come in three color options at Bimba: black, rose gold, and gold, and are available in multiple sizes. 

Round Mirror
Rectangle Shaped Aluminum Framed Mirror
Arch Shaped
Rectangle Shaped
Non-LED Aluminum Framed Mirror
Framed LED Aluminum
Aluminum Framed LED Mirror

You can also choose between LED and non-LED. 

Technical Features of Aluminum Framed Mirrors

• The lightweight aluminum frame is durable and exceptionally strong.
• Natural corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting durability.
• It offers versatile mounting options for seamless integration into any space.
• Aluminum’s resistance to warping ensures the mirror maintains its shape over time.
• Maintenance of aluminum frames is simple and hassle-free.
• Aluminum’s ability to withstand varying temperatures makes it suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and spaces with fluctuating heat levels.

Aesthetic Features of Aluminum Framed Mirrors

Capsule Shaped
Aluminum frames are thin and clean-lined, giving a sophisticated look that effortlessly align with current design trends.
Aluminum Framed Oval Mirror
Aluminum frames offer versatility in terms of finishes, colors, shapes and styles, that complements unique personal tastes and home decor.
Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu
The subtle metallic sheet of aluminum can gracefully contrast with materials such as wood furniture or textured walls, injecting a captivating visual allure.

Applications of Aluminum Framed Mirrors

Restaurants and Cafe
Restaurants and cafes
Retail Stores
Retail stores
Spa and Wellness Centres
Office Space
Commercial Spaces
Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor Spaces
Salon and Spas
Salons and beauty parlors
Residential Spaces
Residential Spaces
Public spaces such as lobbies, corridors, or waiting areas

The reflective nature of aluminum, along with its thin frame, imparts a light and airy ambiance to any room. Strategic placement further amplifies this effect. 

Where can I purchase aluminum framed mirrors?

Aluminum-framed mirrors are available at Bimba Glass Interiors, accessible through our website or showroom in Minbhawan, Kathmandu. You can also connect with us on social media to place an order.

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