What are antique mirrors?

Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are mirrors with a slightly worn-in appearance, in contrast to the clean-cut modern designs you’ll see in modern architecture. These mirrors feature designs such as foxing (spotting), patinas, or other effects mimicking the wear and tear, adding an old-world touch.

Are these actually “ANTIQUE”?

No, antique mirror doesn’t date back to bygone eras. They’re hand-silvered and treated with copper and paint, creating the illusion of age and weathering.

How to style Antique Mirrors?

Make this your centerpiece! Since these tiles look a bit dramatic, you can pair them with a neutral floor like wood porcelain or a solid color porcelain. Consider adding a neutral-colored mosaic for extra flair and dimension.

Uses of Antique Mirrors

Applications of Antique Mirrors

These mirrors are a hit in vintage-inspired decor and luxury spaces, particularly upscale homes, boutique hotels, and stylish commercial establishments. They are often used to create focal points, accent walls, or decorative elements. Check out some references below;

Hotel Lobby
Kitchen Backsplash Antique Mirrors
Kitchen Backsplash
Spa relaxation area
Retail Store
Luxury penthouse Bathroom
Luxury Penthouse
4._Restaurant bar area antique mirrors
Restaurant and Bar Area
7._Office reception desk antique mirrors
Reception Desk
Boutique hotel suite
Antique Mirrors Cafe sitting Area
Cafe seating area


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