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How are aluminum framed mirrors made?

If you have read our other blogs, you might know aluminum framed mirrors are made from aluminum alloy, but how precisely is this done? Crafting an aluminum-framed mirror follows a step-by-step process, similar to other glass/mirror manufacturing procedures. The production primarily involves two separate manufacturing processes: creating the mirror itself and crafting the aluminum frame. […]

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Types of Mirrors Available at Bimba

When it comes to glass and mirrors, Bimba has established itself as a go-to destination, offering a variety of products and services. From residential projects to commercial ventures, Bimba offers customized glass and mirror solutions for every client. As for mirrors, we have a variety of options available at Bimba so you can choose the

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Aluminum Framed Mirrors in Nepal

Aluminum framed mirrors are mirrors with their frame crafted primarily from lightweight and durable aluminum. The aluminum frame is formed by shaping and molding aluminum sheets into the desired design. These mirrors come in a number of shapes. While rectangle and oval forms are the most popular choices, shapes like round, arch and capsule design

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