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2023 in a Glimpse- A recap

Time flies, doesn’t it? Can you believe it’s almost time to bid farewell to 2023? It feels like we just started the year, but it’s almost 2024. Now, as we gear up for 2024, let’s take a stroll down Bimba’s memory lane and celebrate the awesome journey we’ve had in the past year. Bimba’s 3rd Chapter Yep, that’s right. As we step into 2024, Bimba embarks on a three-year journey since its establishment in 2021. It’s been a ride full of growth, joy, and, of course, a lot of fabulous mirrors and glass. Before we step into 2024, let’s take a sneak peek at the highlights that lit up the canvas of 2023. 2023 Highlights Your Voice, Our Design Throughout 2023, we went above and beyond to help you in creating the space you’ve always envisioned with our customized products and services. We dedicated ourselves to fulfilling your design choices, exploring every avenue to ensure your satisfaction. Here are some of the customizations that brought your vision to life: Our Prime projects: In 2023, we had the privilege of contributing our design touch to various unique spaces. The mirror tiles adorning the dining hall of Grand Norling’s Resort deftly capture and amplify the natural light, casting a radiant glow that beautifully brightens the entire area.  After all, dining is best enjoyed in a bright and welcoming atmosphere, don’t you think? The restroom at Park Village Resort got a stylish upgrade with our capsule-shaped LED Mirrors. More than just a practical spot for touch-ups, it’s become the perfect place to capture some cool mirror selfies. At Pretty Click Nepal, we took the experience a step further by adding a personalized touch with LED mirrors featuring their brand name. It wasn’t just about brand flair; it was about creating the perfect spot for customers to try makeup before deciding. A must-have for every beauty store, right? Alice Restaurant remains one of our favorite projects. The fluted glass partitions added a unique touch and a radiant glow to the space while the expansive mirror tile background wall added a touch of luxury and brightened up the entire ambiance. The rustic charm of the wooden frame seamlessly complemented the reflective mirror tiles, offering an ideal spot for capturing memories with selfies after a night of party or a friendly get-together. Jammy Bubble Tea featured a simple yet minimalistic mirror tile pattern. This pattern, undoubtedly unique, effortlessly captured the attention of passersby and customers alike. At Hotel Forest Inn, we went all out with 104 LED mirrors! Curious to see? Trust us, once you see them, you’ll want to add one to your home too. Joined Daraz: To make your shopping experience even more convenient, we expanded our platforms by joining Daraz in 2023. Now, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on our products through Daraz. It’s our way of bringing the elegance of Bimba directly to you, with added savings and the ease of online shopping. Informative Content: Many of you loved and found value in the informative video content we provided. Our goal is not just to showcase our products but to educate you about the features and benefits, ensuring you make the most informed choices. Because, as we believe, smart customers equal satisfied customers! Rest assured, our commitment to delivering more useful content remains steadfast. Stay tuned for more valuable insights and engaging content from Bimba in the coming years. New Launches: 2023 was all about innovation. We introduced some fantastic additions to our collection. LED mirrors with smart features, varieties of glass options, designer mirrors, console tables – we didn’t hold back! BRAND NEW SHOWROOM In 2023, we made a move! Bimba relocated to Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor, with a more spacious showroom for you to have an exceptional in-person experience with a greater product variety and expert consultation. Cheers to 2023, Hello 2024! As we wrap up this incredible chapter, let’s raise a glass (or a mirror, perhaps?) to all the moments, big and small. Thank you for being a part of the Bimba. Your support and love keep us going. Get ready for more magic in 2024. The best is yet to come, and we can’t wait to share it with each one of you. Cheers to Bimba, cheers to you, and cheers to the fantastic journey ahead!

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Toughened Glass Skylight


In the hospitality industry, it’s the little things that truly matter – from the outside charm to the ambience within. Issues like noise disturbances, poor glazing, and unappealing views can significantly impact the overall satisfaction of guests. But what if we told you that these issues could be creatively addressed with something as simple as glass? Well, that’s exactly what Bimba Glass Interiors is all about. Before we dive into what we offer, let’s talk about the concerns we mentioned and explore how glass can be the superhero your project needs. Welcome to a world where ‘use of glass in the hospitality industry’ is not just a phrase but a game-changer. Read on. Safety and security: Toughened Laminated Glass When designing any space, ensuring the safety of customers is of utmost importance without compromising on aesthetics. For this purpose, toughened laminated glass emerges as the ideal solution. Whether used in shower cubicles, skylights, doors, or partitions, toughened laminated glass provides a safety layer, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, it acts as a deterrent against burglary attempts, offering enhanced security. Security and style, all wrapped up in one neat package! Noisy environment: Double Glazed Glass Ensuring your guests enjoy a serene atmosphere is a must for their satisfaction. To combat pesky noise issues, consider incorporating double glazed or triple glazed glass. Not only does it cancel out unwanted sounds, but it also assists in regulating temperature according to seasonal changes. The result? A comfy and peaceful ambiance that’ll make your guests feel right at home. Aesthetic Consistency: Etched Glass Partitions Maintaining a consistent theme for brand representation is crucial for both the interior and exterior of your hospitality space. Etched glass partitions offer an excellent solution, allowing for branding elements, custom designs, and variations in transparency. You can etch your logo, unique designs, and even tweak the transparency levels. This not only enhances aesthetics but also reinforces brand identity throughout the space. A subtle yet powerful way to make your mark! If you’re considering adding some texture, we’ve got a diverse selection of glass options for you like fluted glass, lacquered glass, textured glass and more. Your space, your style – let’s make it uniquely yours! Seasonal Adaptability: Skylights for Outdoor Spaces To cater to weather changes and seasonal shifts, consider the installation of skylights in outdoor areas. Skylights provide thermal comfort while protecting against rain, allowing guests to relish the outdoor experience regardless of the weather. It’s not just practical; it’s a seamless mix of functionality and style, adding that extra touch of charm to your space. Furniture and Fixtures Selection: Designer Furniture and Mirrors The choice of furniture and fixtures holds significant weight in enhancing the visual allure of hospitality space. Envision chic console tables paired with designer mirrors – a combination that radiates a feeling of royalty and luxury, undoubtedly captivating the attention of your esteemed guests. Proper lighting: LED Mirrors Insufficient lighting during guests’ grooming hours can be a bit of a downer. LED mirrors bring a modern twist to the room, fitting right in with any decor. So, in a nutshell, LED mirrors aren’t just mirrors – they’re your guests’ personal lighting mood-setters, adding a touch of tech-savvy elegance to their stay. Alright, let’s dial it back a bit. Now that we’ve shared some glass and mirror solution, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Bimba Glass Interiors– a distinguished brand specializing in premium glass and mirror designs. We believe that creating a stylish space and addressing issues should be a seamless, one-stop-shop experience – and that’s exactly what we’re here for! As your one-stop destination, we offer a comprehensive range of glass and mirror-related products. Our diverse range of products and services is designed to enhance the overall experience of your hospitality space. Feel free to contact us at 9851111675. If you prefer an in-person exploration of our products and services, our showroom is ready to welcome you at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor. We’re here to make your space shine a little brighter!


Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

In Nepali homes, the puja room holds profound significance, so a well-designed puja room is just as vital as the overall home design. Many people stick to regular designs for their puja room because they can’t find creative ideas, or simply find the fancier designs a bit too overwhelming. However, utilizing glass decor ideas in your room allows you to keep it simple while maintaining its sacred ambiance. If you’re thinking about renovating your puja room’s decor or settling into a new home, explore our glass decor ideas to make your puja room more functional and pleasant. God Emblem Etching Embrace the Vedic tradition of incorporating a variety of bright colors into your puja room. Use vibrant color etching with your preferred deity to infuse positive energy into the space. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also sets your puja room apart from others, ensuring that guests and children don’t mistake it for any other room. Furthermore, these colorful glass decor additions are easy to maintain, keeping your puja room pristine. Whether it’s color-etched God emblems on the wall, an etched glass door, or a partition, you have multiple options —choose what suits your style. Fluted Glass Doors Consider fluted glass doors for your puja room, a choice that offers both privacy and a serene influx of natural light. These doors provide a subtle barrier, ensuring your sacred space remains private and tranquil, while still allowing the soft, soothing glow of sunlight to grace your puja rituals. Mirror Tiles Adorning Your Puja Cabinet While it’s generally advisable to avoid placing mirrors directly facing the puja room, you can strategically incorporate them on the sides of your puja cabinet. This glass decor idea is particularly beneficial for smaller puja spaces. However, the decision to include mirrors around your puja room should ultimately align with your personal preferences and spiritual practices. Translucent Glass Door For individuals who prioritize privacy without compromising the serene atmosphere of their sacred space, a translucent glass door design emerges as the ideal choice. Especially if your pooja unit finds its place in a common area, opting for frosted glass offers a compelling alternative to traditional wooden doors. This choice not only discreetly conceal your pooja unit but also adds a touch of modern design into your living space. We hope you found our glass decor ideas useful! If you’re in search of a reputable glass and mirror designer brand to bring these concepts to life, your search ends here. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries at 9851111675 or 01-5370680. And for a detailed look at our products and services, don’t forget to explore our website. Your sacred space deserves nothing but the best, and we’re here to make that a reality.

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Glass Railing

Things To Know Before Installing Glass Railings

Glass railings are quickly gaining popularity in Nepali architecture, with many new homeowners choosing glass as their material of choice for railings. And it’s pretty obvious why: glass railings are aesthetic, create an open and airy atmosphere, and are functional. However, before you install a glass railing at your home or office, it’s important to do your research.  In this blog post, we will provide you with the most basic information about glass railings, the installation process and safety considerations; read on to discover everything you need before installing glass railings. What is Glass Railing? As the name suggests, glass railings are a type of railing system that uses glass panels to create a barrier between different areas of a building or outdoor space. They can be used for balconies, staircases, walkways, decks and other areas where a barrier is needed.  Installation Process There are 3 main things you need to know about regarding the installation of glass railing; Glass Used in Glass Railings There are two main types of glass used in glass railings: toughened glass (also known as tempered glass) and toughened laminated glass (also known as a glass sandwich).  Depending on your requirements, preferences, and your budget , you can choose between tempered glass and toughened laminated glass. Use toughened laminated glass if you need greater safety or if it’s for high-rise buildings. Thanks to the PVB interlayer, even if it breaks, the pieces will not fall apart and hold together, making it a safer option in areas where people may be walking or standing nearby. However, it is generally more expensive than tempered glass and may require more specialised installation techniques.  Similarly, in case of toughened glass, it can withstand high temperatures and changes in temperature, making it suitable for outdoor use in different weather conditions. In addition, if tempered glass does break, it will break into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp shards, which makes it safer for people to be around.  Hardware Types For Glass Railings Hardware plays an important role in glass railing installation as it provides support and stability to the glass panels. It essentially secures the glass panels in place and ensures their safety for use. There are various types of hardware that can be used for glass railings. These include: Stud:  To anchor glass panels in place for a glass railing, people use a type of hardware known as a stud. A stud usually comprises a metal bolt or rod drilled into a solid surface and a metal or plastic cap covering the top of the bolt This type of hardware is a good option for outdoor areas or high traffic zones where there is a greater risk of movement or impact.  Spigot: A spigot is a type of hardware that clamps onto the edge of the glass panel, securing it in place. When choosing a spigot for your glass railing, it is important to select the right size and style to ensure that it is strong enough to support the weight of the glass panel.  This type of hardware is a great option for areas where the view is an important feature, such as decks, balconies, or outdoor entertainment areas. It’s because spigots have no vertical posts or supports between the glass panels, and so it provides an unobstructed view. SS pole:  An SS (Stainless Steel) pole is a vertical support system that holds the glass panels in place. As the name suggests, it is a metal pole made of stainless steel that is bolted or anchored to the ground or the structure.  This type of hardware is well-known for its strength and reliability, making it an ideal choice for taller railings or areas that require additional support. As a result, people commonly use it in commercial and industrial applications, where durability and safety are of paramount importance. Aluminium Profile:  An aluminium profile is another type of hardware that supports the glass panels.  It is a lightweight and durable metal frame that can be easily customised and shaped to fit different design preferences. People often use this type of hardware for framed glass railings, as it offers a sturdy and durable support structure. Its versatility and low maintenance make it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. Ultimately, the choice of hardware will depend on the specific requirements of your project, as well as your aesthetic preferences. Always work with a professional installer who can help you select the appropriate hardware and ensure that your glass railing is safe, secure. Note: These hardware can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. Stainless steel is a popular choice for outdoor applications because of its durability and resistance to corrosion.  Design Options For Glass Railings Don’t feel limited to using clear glass when designing your glass railing system. There are many different options to choose from that you can customize to suit the aesthetic of your space or personal preferences. Bimba provides all kinds of services, including; Etched Glass Railing Glass etching is a decorative technique that involves applying an acidic or abrasive substance to the surface of the glass to create a design or pattern as you like. The design possibilities are endless, as you can customize etched glass in various patterns. This makes it a popular choice in commercial settings, such as hotels, restaurants, and offices, where design aesthetics are important. Frosted Glass Railing Frosted glass railing is a type of glass railing that has a surface, treated to give it a frosted or opaque appearance. These are popular in spaces where privacy is important, such as balconies, as the frosted effect diffuses the light passing through and obscures the view. They are also easy to maintain, as the frosted surface is less likely to show fingerprints or smudges compared to clear glass.  Tinted Glass Railing Tinted glass railing is a popular choice for outdoor applications, as it can help reduce glare and provide privacy while still allowing natural light

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Visual Image of New Year Offer

New Year Offer on Bimba Products-Shop Online at Daraz Nepal

“NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS. ” With New Year 2023 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing new plans and resolutions for a fresh start. Upgrading your space is a good resolution to start with. It’s relaxing and brings changes to your life without going too overboard. So, if you are planning on adding something new to your décor, we have some of the best home decoration ideas and an exciting NEW YEAR OFFER for you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let us tell you more. Keep reading.  Home Decor Ideas Focus More on Accent Walls While every room in your house doesn’t have to have the same style, it’s good to have a common theme throughout. A great way to do that is with mirror tiles. Mirror Tiles will complement any color and unify the rest of your space. The best thing is that you can be as creative as you want with mirror tiles, creating whatever pattern you like. Additionally, it will make your space appear brighter and more spacious. Bimba has some amazing mirror tile designs available on Daraz that you can have installed for a flat 15% discount. This New Year offer is valid up to 5th Jan 2023, so make use of it while it lasts and give the appearance and feel of your décor a seamless vibe.  Add a Designer Wall Mirror When it comes to fusing minimalism, simplicity, and elegance, wall mirrors are certainly the perfect decorative pieces. If your home has any vintage-style doors, they might also be a wonderful addition. Particularly when positioned on top of a cabinet along the home’s main entrance or hallway, these look nice. It harmonizes beautifully with small, multi-level cabinets, just like in the picture below.  Be sure to follow us since we’ll upload more of these designs on our Daraz profile shortly. Play with The Colors If you are someone who loves colors, there’s nothing better than lacquered glass for you. Wall panels, ceilings, and cabinets made of lacquered glass are all options. It gives off a glossy finish, is simple to keep clean, and transforms your area in a magnificent way. Choose serene pastel colors in combination with designs of white or black color. Bring in LED Mirrors LED mirrors are a quick way to upgrade any room, and you get one easily! Simply order one from Bimba at Daraz Nepal. You can find numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of LED Mirrors for your space. We have round mirrors for your bathroom, long mirrors for your vanity, and decorative mirrors for your living space, all of which look artistic and adds a soft glow.  Additionally, you can get multiple discount vouchers along with free delivery and installation as a part of our New Year offer. New Year Offer After our 11.11 and 12.12-year-end sale, we’re back with yet another offer, “HOLIDAY SEASON SALE,” valid from 22 December 2022  to 5th January 2023, where you can collect discount vouchers and redeem them on Daraz. You can receive an additional 20% off all of our items, free shipping and installation, and top-notch customer support.  But, are you unsure about placing an order for LED Mirrors online? Be at ease; Bimba will handle everything. Our team of experts will devote equal time to design each order, and it will be delivered and installed securely at your doorstep by our own team. What more do you require? You can also watch this video for how to use our vouchers and order from Daraz: For the latest updates about our services and offers, don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And if you quickly want to get your hands on this offer, click here.

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Visual Image of Glass Railing

Why Should You Install Glass Railings?

When it comes to designing stair railings, we often find ourselves debating between using wood or steel to make the most modern and stylish staircase. But there’s so much to explore before you choose the best one. Among the ever-evolving railing design trends, glass railings are becoming the most popular choice of contemporary interior designers in Nepal. And since it’s timeless, you don’t need to worry about it becoming outdated as time passes. Moreover, if you’re unsure of how long it will last because, after all, it’s just glass, read through this blog to find out everything you need about glass railing systems. Let’s get right into it. Which glass is used for Glass Railings?  Drinking glasses are the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Glass,” and you might also compare the fragility of Glass Railings to that of a drinking glass. But in reality, glass railings are just as sturdy as other materials. Glass railings in Nepal are commonly made with either toughened or laminated glass, which are among the strongest glass types to opt for the maximum weight and where durability is the prime concern! Toughened Glass is heat-treated to increase the surface strength and alter the breaking pattern, while laminated glass involves bonding the glass layers and the interlayer under heat and pressure. Perks Of Installing Glass Railings Aside from the fact that it is safe and sturdy, there are numerous additional reasons why you should install glass railings in your home. Let us find out why glass railings are becoming increasingly popular in home decor; Enhanced Security Glass Railings provide good security and extended durability for years to use. In contrast to many other railing options, glass railings don’t have any gaps, slats, or bars that a child or animal may fall through or get caught in. Low-Maintainance While wooden railings can create termite problems, and steel railings can corrode over time, glass railings do not. Just thoroughly clean it with a few wipes, and it will look brand new. Environmentally friendly Glass, unlike other railing materials, is particularly eco-friendly because it is made from sand, uses no natural resources from the planet, and leaves nothing behind in the process. Additionally, it will last for years. Design versatility You might be thinking that glass is just about transparency but did you know that glass has great design versatility? You can choose from a wide range of designs and stylistic possibilities when using glass material to create the most beautiful decor. It can be glass etching, frosting, lacquered glass, and so much more. The options are endless.  Bright and Aesthetic Appeal Glass is a reflecting surface that lets light travel through it, brightening the area, so you can save your bills. Besides, glass railing is the gold standard for aesthetic appeal. It successfully spruces up both the inside and outside of any structure. Contact Bimba for Professional Glass Railing Installation Perhaps you’ve decided to bring illuminating and transparent stairs to your hallway for a sense of elegance to the entire décor, right? So, if you’re ready to bring safe, beautiful, customised glass stair railings into your home or business, Bimba can help you select the perfect design. Our experienced service professionals will perform the installation to guarantee they uphold the highest standards for both safety and beauty.  Leave us a comment or call 9851111675 today to book an appointment.

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Visual Image of Custom Shower Cabinets in Nepal

Custom Glass Shower Cabinets in Nepal

Glass shower cabinets are currently among the most popular choices for homeowners in Nepal for their bathroom renovations, and the reason is quite obvious. They offer a modern appeal, giving you ample space to use even in tight spaces. Another great thing about glass shower cabinets is that it is customisable. Although hundreds of readily available shower cabinet designs are available in the market, you might wonder which brand creates custom glass shower cabinets in Nepal. Well, we do! Depending upon your preference, Bimba Glass Interiors customise glass shower cabinets for you. You can keep it traditional with a square, rectangular, or neo-angle shape or add in some creative and unique etching designs. The choice is all yours! But, how do you start? Let us help you get a clear-cut idea about creating a custom glass shower cabinet in Nepal. Read on. Find out the size and shape of your bathroom Creating a custom design is more than just the exterior design of the shower cabinet. Glass shower cabinets come in standard sizes, making it simple to purchase them for your dream home. Therefore, your top priority when choosing a shower enclosure is the shape and size of your bathroom. Ensuring that the measurements are accurate is crucial because any errors could result in higher repair costs. That’s why it’s always best to let the experts take the measurements for you.  Talking about the design, the more space you have in your bathroom, the better. But, if your bathroom is small, you may want to choose a shower cabinet design that opens up the space and does not make it appear congested. Pick The Glass Type Just as there are multiple designs of glass shower cabinets, you are not limited by the material they are made of. In Nepal, the range of glass you can install in your shower enclosure has come a long way. It’s common to find toughened glass options and even easy-clean glass options in every corner of the market. However, Bimba provides you with world-class toughened glass from Saint-Gobain, which is the most preferred in terms of quality and finishing and offers matchless performance and extreme durability for your custom shower cabinets. You can choose if you want a clear, frosted, coloured or patterned design.  While clear glass is unmatched in its ability to open up a space, frosted glass offers privacy while still allowing in light from outside the shower stall if you have high-traffic bathrooms or bathrooms shared by siblings. On the other hand, patterned glass is available in many different design possibilities and is a great way to modernise your bathroom without going overboard. Although you can find something to suit your taste, from floral to abstract designs, make to pick a neutral pattern, so you aren’t stuck with a design that’s likely to become outdated. Decide your shower cabinet position Placing your shower cabinet in the corner is one of the most versatile options. One option is to choose a quadrant enclosure, which will maximise your available space and allow a more extensive and relaxed shower experience. A completely enclosed corner entry shower is another design option that is the most accessible. This design neatly separates your wet and dry areas while maximising your available space with the corner entry. It can also be customised to include soap baskets and towel rings in addition to a broad variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Alternatively, you can combine your shower cabinet options with a shower door and different door panels. Choose the Shower Door Hardware The final touch for your custom glass shower cabinet is the hardware. The shower cabinet customisation procedure is incomplete without the use of hardware accessories. Bimba’s shower enclosures come in various standard finishes with many hardware options, including towel bars, robe hooks, handles, hinges, and headers, for maximum customizability. We provide CE-approved, high-quality stainless steel 304 (S.S. 304) hardware with great weldability, heat and corrosion resistance, low-temperature strength, processability, and mechanical properties. Current Trends From traditional to modern minimalistic designs, these are the latest shower trends for 2022 to take note of for your new bathroom or remodelling an existing one.  The exquisite appearance that frameless shower cabinets can give to your bathroom makeover is one of the most exciting benefits of choosing them. Homeowners in Nepal mostly prefer the look of frameless glass shower cabinets over framed shower cabinets because they are more trendy, look cleaner, sleeker and modern without metal fixtures. Additionally, it also highlights other appealing design features such as tile, stone, and embellishments in your bathroom. Many homeowners in Nepal who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom often choose a distinctive etched pattern for their glass shower cabinets. For instance, the pattern could be something more fun, such as a geometric or floral pattern. Another great approach to enhance seclusion while letting light into the shower is using varied width stripes. You can make these patterns as opaque or frosted-covered as you like. An offset quadrant corner shower enclosure is another most preferred glass shower cabinet design in Nepal for a large bathroom. This design provides you with the room-saving benefits of a standard quadrant shower enclosure and an added advantage of a large “offset” showering area. If you are looking for a larger shower cabinet with a luxurious showering experience, this design is just the right fit for you. Summing Up Shower cabinets come in a variety of designs and colours, but it’s best when customised as it allows you to decide thoroughly what you want and gives you a lot more satisfaction than the ready-made options. While customising your glass shower cabinet, the shape, size and position are all important considerations to take into account. Following that, there is a vast selection of designs, finishes, and materials to choose from to make your shower cabinet feel like an integrated part of your bathroom.  So, are you ready to install a glass shower cabinet in your home? Let us

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Visual Image of LED Glass Signage by Bimba

Best Glass Signage Service in Nepal

Are you looking to make glass signage for your business in Kathmandu, Nepal? Perfect! You have landed on the right spot, as we provide the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage denotes any and all kinds of visual graphics that communicate a specific message to its audience. Signage can be composed of either just colors or text or a combination of both, signs and symbols included! They have been around since antiquity as humans began leveraging the power of graphics for visual communication. And why not, since they have proved themselves as an effective means of communication. Fast forwarding from early men’s cave paintings to the modern day, signages have massively evolved. From home to office, you will probably come across many different forms of it: banners, murals, billboards, street signs, you name it! They are all different forms of signage but all of them serve a particular purpose: communicating information. Most importantly, though, businesses have been extensively using signage to build brand recognition and trust among their targeted audience. The process is backed by scientific reasons. According to a study at the University of Loyola, “Colours increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent”. This means the signature color associated with your brand is the key to building brand recognition which will ultimately lead to more sales and thus bring prosperity to your business. Let us look at the importance of using signages for your business in 2022: Okay, now that you know how important signage is for your business to thrive, let’s discuss all the types of glass signage services that Bimba caters to its clients. Below are the types of signage you can have made with Bimba Glass Interiors, a best-in-class service; we can provide you with the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage with glass etching: Glass etching is a set of techniques for altering the look and functionality of a glass surface by the addition of desired color and texture to its surface. Etching allows you to make awesome signages to display your company logo, which you can have framed inside your office space and even outside. There are many types of etching techniques, with each one producing different end results. So we advise you to explore all the etching techniques before deciding on which one to make your business signage with! Nevertheless, you can consult with us to have your relevant queries answered! Lacquered glass signage: Lacquered glass is back-painted glass with a smooth, shiny appearance. The technique allows you to make bespoke glass signages for your business with a vibrant appearance. Lacquered glass signages are eye-catchy and attention-grabbing. You will find lacquered glass signages across most banks, showrooms, and supermarkets in Nepal today. So why not you to give your business a competitive edge in marketing and build your brand recognition with lacquered glass signages? LED Mirror Signages: The third on this list is a special one! LED mirror signages are special in the sense that they glow with bright light in the dark, which means your advertisement endeavor won’t stop once the sun sets. Instead, your signage will lure in customers and clients even during dark hours. Because your new LED mirror signage will be brightly visible to its audience, despite the time of the day. Therefore, businesses that operate at night can reap the benefits of LED glass signage, ultimately leading to more sales and a better customer experience. There you have it. We hope the blog has helped you and that you find the ideal signage for your business. Good luck with your business.

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Glass in Modern Housing

It is almost impossible to imagine modern housing without glass. Glass is a versatile element that is widely utilized in modern-day architecture. Glass gives buildings a timeless look with maximum efficiency. Its transparent nature creates a sense of free-flowing space allowing the natural light indoors without blocking the view outside. Architects are able to freely express their creativity and ingenuity with glass in the buildings they design. And so can you, if you check out this blog and find out about the ways glass is incorporated into modern-day housing. Glass in Modern Housing in Nepal: In Nepal, the popularity of glass in the housing sector is steadily increasing. Glass is being used for glazing both small and big building structures. New skyscrapers are emerging into the scene, all of which have a major portion of them made up of glass. Similarly, glass doors and windows are also gaining popularity. Besides, all of the glass applications discussed above in this article are available and in practice today in Nepal. From showrooms to offices, residential buildings to commercial buildings, skyscraper structures to new modern housing, it is hard to imagine the construction of these structures without an element as important as glass. Let us introduce you to some of the applications of glass for modern housing in Nepal. Glass Partitions (Toughened Glass): There are a lot of options for you to choose from when partitioning your interior space. Yet glass will be the most appealing choice for making partitions. The toughened and laminated glass has been making excellent partition options in Nepal because of factors such as durability and safety. Glass partitions can give an uncluttered look to your indoors. You can choose to whether display or block the view in and out of your partition based on the type of glass you choose to install. Furthermore, you can etch your glass partitions to reflect your preferred figure, pattern, color, and so on, enhancing the attractiveness of your home while also allowing it to be partitioned easily. Glass’s transparent nature instills an airy ambiance to your indoors. Skylights: Skylights are another interesting use of glass in architecture. They have gained huge popularity, especially in modern housing in city areas all over Nepal. Basically, skylights denote the structures designed on the roof that directly allow the natural light into the space below. Laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights because they are durable and in case they break, they don’t fall apart into pieces. The inter-layer lamination holds the shattered pieces together in case of impact. Thus, laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights giving your house form and function. Railings/Staircases: Railings on the edge of our stairs work as a support for us when ascending or descending the stairs. Modern-day architecture introduced glass railings, the popularity of which has skyrocketed across the architectural world across both residential and commercial buildings. Glass staircases have elegant looks that will elevate the ambiance of your balcony and rooftops. Glass can be straight or curved and made as per required shape to create the desired type of staircase making them match the building’s contemporary decor scheme. Nepal is no exception to the trend of glass staircases or rather a need than just a trend! In certain cases, it becomes almost obligatory to install a glass staircase in order to match it with the building’s architecture. Just visit modern housing colonies like Bhaisepati, Budanikhantha, Naxal, etc. These transparent staircases have wondrous look and with the right type of glass, they become durable and almost completely safe as well. So you can have yourself a staircase that looks as if it is hanging in mid-air. The recently constructed Dharahara too has glass railings installed on its top, which facilitates the viewers with utmost safety and a clear view of the majestic city below. Kitchen Walls and Splashbacks: Glass can make excellent splashbacks for kitchens for they wipe clean easily thus preventing grout buildup. Lacquered glass splashbacks serve the purpose all the while adding a bold design statement to your kitchen. Also, On the other hand, Glass mirror tiles can add unparalleled beauty and design aesthetic to your kitchen or dining hall. Glass Dining tables have exquisite looks that will enhance your kitchen’s beauty. So, next time you construct or renovate the kitchen, give the glass a chance. Glass Writing Boards: An excellent replacement for a traditional writing board is a glass writing board a.k.a dry-erase writing board. The utilities of a glass board are not just limited to writing as it can also serve as a canvas for sticking notes, photographs, etc. You can use regular markers to write on them just as you would do on a normal whiteboard. Later, you can clean the surface by wipe cleaning with a table cloth. Glass is non-porous, hence the boards do not gather stains and after marks even after long use and instead remain shiny and glossy. Getting a glass board will eliminate all the dust and pain that comes with using other writing boards. Plus, they look visually appealing so add on to the aesthetics of the interior setting. Glass Furniture: Equally, as an accent piece of as-is furniture, glass furniture has timeless looks that bestow our modern homes and offices with unparalleled beauty. Glass can make exquisite tables for dining, coffee tables, display cabinets, and shelves, that are extremely eye-catchy. Furthermore, you can add figures, murals, paintings, and engravings into your glass furniture for style and beauty. Glass cabinets: Glass cabinets let you showcase your cherished collectibles in an open shelved manner but with protection and style. Toughened glass can make robust cabinets. Whereas, textured and frosted glass provides privacy and decor. Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp, harmful pieces when they break, hence is a good choice in terms of safety. Tinted glass can be used to make cabinets with an artistic feel and privacy. If you want your cabinets to look traditional and cultural, you can accomplish that too with different glass etching techniques. Shower cabinets:

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Glass Etching in Nepal

Glass Etching in Nepal

What is Glass Etching? Simply put, Glass Etching is the name given to techniques that can alter a glass’s properties. Colored glass, textured glass, or stained glass, frosted (opaque glass), are some of the types of etched glasses.  Ring a bell?  You must have seen glass signage, painted glass, texture glass, all of them are glass etching. Try and imagine the other applications of the method! Glass Etching: An Artform Glass etching a.k.a glass engraving is a beautiful art form in a glass canvas. You can reproduce your imagination upon a glass’s surface. It could be an art piece or a sketch. Or you can color your glass. Instead, you can also choose to make stained glass. It can be a wonderful way to reflect our style and personality. V-groove your wine glass cabinets. Remember opaque glasses in offices?  They are either frosted glass or sand-blasted glass. The office gets to keep its privacy with them. Want a prismatic effect on your door or window glass? Then bevel paste them. Make your glass furniture aesthetically pleasing.  Make your glass etching designs reflect your culture and tradition to elegantly preserve them in your homes and offices. Alter the glass’s texture by texturing method. Pricing:  Etching services begin from as low as Rs. 100/square feet for corner designs to Rs. 6,000/square feet depending upon the design. By now you must have got the idea that glass etching is all about art! If a poet had to poeticize the term? His verses would sing it as a technique to breathe life in a glass! So Etch your: Doors: Bevel paste your glass door, sandblast it for privacy, etch your favorite art piece, texture them, stain them…, whatever pleases you! Windows: Transform the look and functionality of your glass windows with etching. Bevel paste them, sandblast, or etch them. Or texture them, anything is possible.  Signage: Etch your company’s logo and name to make informative and charming signages that attract. Partition:  Etch your way out with your glass partitions. Staircase: Upgrade your staircase’s look adding aesthetics to your interiors. Wall: Make accent walls with etched glass pieces over them! Table Tops: Shiny table tops with articulate etched designs. Mirrors: Etched mirrors for a bold and glorious look.   DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES OF GLASS ETCHING: There are many different methods of glass etching and each one produces different results and effects. To get the best results,  identify your need and cleverly pick the right etching service for you. V Grooving:  The technique gets its name from the v-shaped grooves cut into the glass surface. Infuse your space with the right aesthetics and finishing touch with v-grooving patterns. Glue Chipping: Give your glass a rough yet exotic décor with glue chipping. Glue chipping renders a glass surface translucent thus regulating the level of privacy provided by the glass. Texture Glass: Engrave your glass choosing from infinite textures to suit your needs and likings regulating the aesthetics and functionality of your glass with textured glass. Crystal Etching Glass: Create detailed artwork patterns on any metal or crystal glass for industrial and artistic purposes by the Crystal Etching method. Get a soft matte finish leaving a uniformly smooth and satin-like gloss finish that admits light with softening and vision control. Bevel Pasting: Bevels act as prisms in sunlight causing color diffraction producing a spectrum of colors. No doubt it is an exciting method to décor your glass surface while also reducing the glass’s transparency. Acid Etching:  A convenient alternative to sandblasting, Acid Etching provides a frosted look to the glass and also enhances its pressure withstanding property. Get your custom designs etched with a smooth and smudge-free finish to your glass surface. Frosting in Glass: A very popular glass type in interior design, frosted glass is produced by sandblasting method. Their opaqueness provides privacy but also allows light to pass through, creating a soothing ambiance indoors. Corner Designs:  Get your unique and exclusive custom corner designs for your doors and window glass. Explore our varieties of corner designs or get yours custom-made, no sweat! Colored Glass:  Colored glasses are vibrant and very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the sunlight shifts its color to the glass’s color making for an exciting show of light indoors. Stained Glass: Stained glass incorporates colored glass and the arts and crafts associated with colored glass. Explore the rich history of stained glass to get a feel of this colorful tradition. Ready to etch your world yet? Do it the way you want it, and make sure it suits you best. You can always visit our showroom at Redcross Road, Soltimode, Kathmandu, or browse through this link to know more about Glass Etching.  

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