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Lacquered Glass Color Stability

Color Stability in Lacquered Glass Over Time

Lacquered glass stands out as a top choice for those seeking a burst of color in their surroundings. With its vivid hues and glossy finish, it adds flair to any space. Yet, like with any product, there are often concerns. Many wonder, “Does the color of lacquered glass fade over time?”. It’s a common question, reflecting worries about the lasting vibrancy of its colors. Let’s find the answer to this question together. Understanding the Chemistry The color stability of lacquered glass is affected by several chemical and environmental factors, including UV radiation, moisture, temperature changes, and exposure to pollutants. For maintaining the color retention, the selection of pigments and binders in the lacquer formula is the most important. Factors Affecting Color Stability UV Exposure UV radiation is the main culprit in color fading of lacquered glass. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can degrade the organic molecules in the lacquer, leading to color changes or loss of shine. Moisture and Humidity High humidity levels can compromise the adhesion of the lacquer to the glass surface, accelerating color degradation. Temperature Fluctuations Extreme temperature changes can cause expansion and contraction of the glass substrate, potentially leading to cracking or delamination of the lacquer layer. Chemical Exposure Exposure to harsh chemicals or pollutants can react with the lacquer, altering its color and finish. To maintain the color stability of lacquered glass over time, several precautions can be taken: UV Protection Install UV-blocking window films or use curtains and blinds to minimize direct sunlight exposure. If you are thinking of using it outside, we highly recommend not to use lacquered glass outdoors, directly under sunlight. It will undoubtably loose the color and shine with time. Proper Cleaning Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the lacquer. This is especially if you want to install lacquered glass in your kitchen. Controlled Environment Maintain stable temperature and humidity levels in interior spaces to prevent fluctuations that may affect the glass-lacquer interface. Quality Materials Choose high-quality lacquered glass products with UV-resistant pigments and durable binders for enhanced longevity. Regular Maintenance Inspect lacquered surfaces periodically for signs of damage or discoloration, and address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration. Therefore, color stability is a crucial consideration when selecting lacquered glass for interior applications. By understanding the chemical and environmental factors that influence color retention, as well as implementing proper maintenance practices, designers and homeowners can ensure that their lacquered glass surfaces maintain their brilliance and beauty for years to come. If you are looking for lacquered glass, get yours at Bimba. Since Bimba manufactures lacquered glass, we have 40+ color options available with good quality and durability. Reach out to us on WhatsApp/Viber at 9851111675 or visit our showroom located at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor.

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5 Ways To Create Stylish Home Office With Glass

Wouldn’t it be amazing to design a home office that motivates you and increases your productivity? But it’s a lot harder than you can imagine. You might understand what we’re trying to say if you’re a freelancer or working primarily from home. It is challenging to mentally transition from “home mode” to “work mode” if you barely leave your house and your comfy bed is only a few steps away. But don’t worry; glass is the perfect solution to set the perfect mood and give a sense of professionalism to your home office. Here are five tips for transforming any room into a classy home office with glass that you’ll look forward to working in. Separate your professional space To keep yourself away from any disturbance while you are fully in work mode, the first step is to divide your personal space from your professional space. It is best to use glass partitions to separate the space because they do not just keep the noise down but also visually enlarge the room and give a feeling of lightness by increasing the amount of natural light, helping you concentrate better.  Furthermore, with a limitless selection of treatments available, such as frosting or etching, you can set a tone that complements your space. Let in natural light Proper lighting has a big influence on mood and energy levels, in addition to being crucial for sustaining eye health and general safety. And there is no better light source than daylight since it provides an equal proportion of each color in the light spectrum. So, consider installing double-glazed or triple-glazed glass windows for solar gain without overheating your workspace and keep the natural light coming because sun-filled spaces can improve our mood and performance. Compared to single-glazed aluminum windows, double-glazed glasses can minimize heat loss or gain by around 30%, while triple-glazed glass can be up to two times more effective at keeping the heat out when it’s hot outside than double-glazed glass. Choose your preferred glass for your window and let Bimba do the rest. Get a writing board to list your tasks When it comes to staying organized, writing boards are people’s best friends. It is a basic requirement of every office, whether a home office or a corporate office. If you were thinking about whiteboards, you’re wrong.  We all have seen how conventional whiteboards appear dirty after a few uses from all the marker stains. Well, don’t you worry. Bimba is never without a solution for you. Get Lacquered Glass Boards.  The special lacquered finish on Bimba’s lacquered writing boards provides a smooth writing surface that won’t ghost or stain, keeping your board clean for a very long time. One wipe, and it looks brand new every time. They come in a variety of colors that not only look aesthetically good but also blend well with the rest of your space. Have enough storage space Storage is a crucial consideration when setting up a home office, and not having enough storage may have an impact on your productivity. So, to keep your office looking tidy at all times, make sure you have adequate storage space. Ensure that you have enough room to work comfortably and store all of your necessities. For keeping away your files, essential papers, and other objects, toughened glass cabinets or floating glass shelves are ideal since they not only look effortlessly good but are also robust and simple to clean, unlike wooden cabinets. Accessorize your space Make sure you personalize your space with some accents because YOU can design your workspace HOWEVER you want. Mirror tiles are a great way to give your workstation a bright and reflective background. They not only have a beautiful finish, but they also provide the appearance of room and openness in your home office. If you want to brighten up and add color to your home office, you can choose lacquered wall cladding.  Wrapping Up If you are looking for something different to spark the design of your home office, do consider these tips. They are sure to make your home a comfortable and productive environment to work in. So, if you’re searching for glass designs to add to your home office, we recommend taking a look at our Instagram for some inspiration @bimbaglassinteriors!

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New Year Offer on Bimba Products-Shop Online at Daraz Nepal

“NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS. ” With New Year 2023 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing new plans and resolutions for a fresh start. Upgrading your space is a good resolution to start with. It’s relaxing and brings changes to your life without going too overboard. So, if you are planning on adding something new to your décor, we have some of the best home decoration ideas and an exciting NEW YEAR OFFER for you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let us tell you more. Keep reading.  Home Decor Ideas Focus More on Accent Walls While every room in your house doesn’t have to have the same style, it’s good to have a common theme throughout. A great way to do that is with mirror tiles. Mirror Tiles will complement any color and unify the rest of your space. The best thing is that you can be as creative as you want with mirror tiles, creating whatever pattern you like. Additionally, it will make your space appear brighter and more spacious. Bimba has some amazing mirror tile designs available on Daraz that you can have installed for a flat 15% discount. This New Year offer is valid up to 5th Jan 2023, so make use of it while it lasts and give the appearance and feel of your décor a seamless vibe.  Add a Designer Wall Mirror When it comes to fusing minimalism, simplicity, and elegance, wall mirrors are certainly the perfect decorative pieces. If your home has any vintage-style doors, they might also be a wonderful addition. Particularly when positioned on top of a cabinet along the home’s main entrance or hallway, these look nice. It harmonizes beautifully with small, multi-level cabinets, just like in the picture below.  Be sure to follow us since we’ll upload more of these designs on our Daraz profile shortly. Play with The Colors If you are someone who loves colors, there’s nothing better than lacquered glass for you. Wall panels, ceilings, and cabinets made of lacquered glass are all options. It gives off a glossy finish, is simple to keep clean, and transforms your area in a magnificent way. Choose serene pastel colors in combination with designs of white or black color. Bring in LED Mirrors LED mirrors are a quick way to upgrade any room, and you get one easily! Simply order one from Bimba at Daraz Nepal. You can find numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of LED Mirrors for your space. We have round mirrors for your bathroom, long mirrors for your vanity, and decorative mirrors for your living space, all of which look artistic and adds a soft glow.  Additionally, you can get multiple discount vouchers along with free delivery and installation as a part of our New Year offer. New Year Offer After our 11.11 and 12.12-year-end sale, we’re back with yet another offer, “HOLIDAY SEASON SALE,” valid from 22 December 2022  to 5th January 2023, where you can collect discount vouchers and redeem them on Daraz. You can receive an additional 20% off all of our items, free shipping and installation, and top-notch customer support.  But, are you unsure about placing an order for LED Mirrors online? Be at ease; Bimba will handle everything. Our team of experts will devote equal time to design each order, and it will be delivered and installed securely at your doorstep by our own team. What more do you require? You can also watch this video for how to use our vouchers and order from Daraz: For the latest updates about our services and offers, don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And if you quickly want to get your hands on this offer, click here.

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Visual Image of Glass in Kitchen

Benefits/Reasons of Glass Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the centre of your house, and as such, it should be your first choice when it comes to improving its design. It’s where you cook, where family and friends gather, and where everyday special moments take place. If you’re more into minimalist designs, glass is an excellent option for kitchen interiors. You can go with traditional glass designs or something more contemporary- the options are limitless. Glass is a highly efficient alternative to plastic and metal and looks excellent in every decor style. But, the versatility and eco-friendly properties of glass aren’t the only reasons you should consider glass as part of your kitchen makeover. Read on to find out why glass is a perfect choice for kitchen interiors. Easy to clean and durable While cooking is quite a fun thing to do, the clean-up that awaits them after is not what we enjoy. So, if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing, trying to get all that grease off your kitchen walls and counters, we hear you.  Glass is not only low-maintenance, but it can also be quickly cleaned with a high-quality glass cleaner and a clean, wet cloth, preventing the buildup of filth on your backsplash, countertop, or cabinet shutters. In addition, unlike metals and plastics, glass never loses its shine after being cleaned, making it look brand-new every time. Aesthetically Appealing No other material emanates elegance and style like glass does. Incorporating glass in your kitchen’s interior will add a splash of colour to your bland, monotonous interior, making it seem more exquisite and sophisticated. The vibrant shades and designs of the glass and its light effects will also uplift the style of your inner walls.  Because it comes in so many different forms, glass provides a vast range of design options for your kitchen interiors. You may choose lacquered glass for your walls, toughened glass for your countertops, etching designs for your doors or partitions and more. Every glass design will bring equal beauty and a luxurious dash to your kitchen space. Corrosion and bacteria-resistant Unlike other materials, glass is easy to maintain and has a high degree of corrosion and bacteria resistance. In an environment such as a kitchen where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, you won’t need to worry about a buildup of dirt or bacteria on a glass countertop or splashbacks as it can be easily wiped clean, eliminating any worry about staining or watermarks. Colour Variation If you want to have some fun with your kitchen interior but can’t find too many options to experiment with, consider adding glass to your kitchen interiors. With a glass finish, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to create a dramatic, striking design or something a bit more subtle, you’ll be loaded with choices when looking for the ideal colour to match your kitchen. This gives you much more flexibility to make your kitchen design bright, vibrant and colourful. Stands High Humidity The likelihood of your kitchen being damp and stuffy when cooking is very high, even with adequate ventilation. The only thing that would happen to glass, regardless of the humidity in your kitchen, is that it would fog up. You only need to use a dry towel to remove the moisture to restore order.  Since glass is not affected by ultraviolet radiation either, cracks, discolouration, or disintegration will not occur. Unlike materials like plasters, which are not durable against UV radiation, the glass will endure for a long time. That’s not all. Bimba has a range of glass designs for kitchens to turn your imagination into reality. Our skilled team has an eye for detail and years of expertise in the industry. To get more ideas and inspirations for kitchen interiors, get in touch with us today. 

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Lacquered Glass For Kids’ Bedroom

Do you have a little one and are looking for the perfect design element for their bedroom with a blend of creativity and character? A lacquered glass door may be just what you have been looking for. With the help of Lacquered Glass, you can bring an element of elegance, class and vibrancy to any interior applications. It is an excellent material to choose if you want to add a specific colour, pattern, or design to their room. The minimalistic texture, unique look, and sturdy construction make it perfect for your kids’ bedrooms. Today, we have brought you some great lacquered glass designs to add a unique visual appeal and functionality to your kids’ bedroom. Read on. Lacquered Glass Wardrobe When designing a child’s wardrobe, safety is an important factor to consider. Furniture that can collapse over or large wardrobes that are overly tall could be a safety hazard. Lacquered glass wardrobe is the perfect way to play it safe while maintaining aesthetics.  It is created by simply covering the back of float glass with a highly durable lacquer, which is then baked in a furnace at a steady temperature, making it extremely durable. But if you’re concerned, let us tell you that it can be used in toughened and annealed forms, depending on your requirements. Besides, it gives your surroundings a trendy, distinctive touch while also bringing comfort and freshness to the interiors. Lacquered Wall Cladding When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, the possibility to express through walls is limitless. What a beautiful idea it would be if the design factor could be blended with the maintenance aspect.  Lacquered glass provides an easy-to-clean, smooth surface for the kids to write and draw on and gives a variety of design options combined with vivid colours that guarantee the room’s style quotient is always perfect. Lacquered Glass Writing Board It may come as no surprise that kids love writing, painting and expressing their imaginations on walls and on every paper they find, but with time it might become a headache for parents as they constantly have to worry about spoiling the paint coating and their valuables. But this issue has a simple solution that satisfies the needs of both parties. Choose lacquered glass writing boards for your child’s room if you want to make the walls a fun place for kids to express and develop their creativity. Just let their imagination go wild. Additionally,its functionality doesn’t cease as they grow and stays spotless and sturdy for years together.  Lacquered Glass Headboards There are hundreds and thousands of simple to antique designs to choose from, but have you ever considered lacquered glass for your bed’s headboard? If you haven’t, this is your cue to look into it.  It will create a stunning finish and add a touch of elegance to your room. Additionally, it is super easy to clean and maintain and is one of the most durable elements owing to its dust and humidity-resistant properties. Lacquered Study Tables Study Tables are the almost inevitable fixture in your kid’s bedroom. Being frequently used, it needs to be hygienic and scratch-proof. Lacquered Glass Study tables can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained. Besides its aesthetics, it is also a functionally superior product that amply satisfies all the important criteria and is moisture-resistant as well. So, go ahead and top up your kid’s study table with colour, class and a whole lot of creativity! Benefits of Using Lacquered Glass  Highly Durable If you’re thinking that choosing lacquered glass would mean compromising quality for appearance, you don’t need to worry. To manufacture lacquer glass, a thin film of lacquer is applied to the back of the glass, then baked and cured in an oven to create an incredibly durable lacquer. This makes it capable of withstanding normal wear and tear without losing its quality. And, since they are highly durable, there are very few chances of breaking.  However, it’s advisable to stay alert and be careful to avoid any mishaps. Easy to Maintain and Clean Lacquered glass is quite simple to keep and clean, which is another advantage of installing it in your child’s bedroom. Just give it a quick wipe-off, and it’ll look brand new each time. Additionally, it doesn’t harbour bacteria or germs, guaranteeing that your child’s bedroom is constantly sterile and clean. Environmentally Friendly The lacquered glass is safe to use and does not affect the environment because it only contains extremely small quantities of VOCs. Besides, like all other varieties of glass, lacquered glass is entirely recyclable and non-toxic, which makes it eco-friendly. Let your youngster value the importance and be a part of eco-friendly living. Scratch Resistant Since kids are quite energetic, and there’s a high chance of walls getting scratched,  you can put your concerns to rest with Bimba’s lacquered glass because, compared to other printed glasses on the market, this glass is more scratch-resistant and has an extended lifespan. High-Quality Finish The manufacturing process of lacquer glass ensures a uniform finish, which assures that the paint binds to the glass perfectly, giving it a sleek, contemporary appearance. Once it is installed, your youngsters will, without a doubt, adore it. Final Words Lacquered glass is a beautiful material that can be used to add a touch of sparkle to the typical kids’ bedroom. It is available in many different finishes and glazes to suit different tastes and styles. So, if you want to add lacquered glass to your kids’ bedroom, Bimba is right here to help. Contact us at 9851325894 and follow our advice to make your child’s bedroom cozier.

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Glass partition for office

Glass Partitions for Offices

An ideal workstation should promote an environment that encourages concentration and productivity because these spaces are used to devise innovative plans, provide exceptional services and find practical answers to industry problems. And believe me, there is nothing better than glass partition to create that vibe.  The use of glass in office designs has become increasingly popular among leading architects and interior designers worldwide. And it’s not without reason. They are simpler to install, modify, adjust and so much more. Let’s go through the different benefits and ideas of using glass to design an office space.  Benefits of Glass Durable and Resistant to Time Although it is often believed that glass is fragile, it is incredibly sturdy and time-resistant. Glass walls, doors, and partitions are not easily stained or coloured like other construction materials. As a result, there will be fewer replacements, maintenance calls, and expenditures overall.  In terms of safety, modern glass partitions are made from high-strength toughened glass that’s hard to break even under severe blows. Bimba employs toughened glass from Saint Gobain that has had a good reputation for being incredibly robust and reliable, so you need not worry about it. Good Privacy In certain circumstances, an open and transparent work atmosphere may be preferable, while in others, privacy is crucial. Frosted glass provides more than just a pretty appearance; it also serves a useful purpose by enhancing privacy in windows and doors without obstructing light that would otherwise be transparent.  Double-glazed glass can also be added if you wish to lessen the noise. It allows for quiet work and confidential meetings in meeting rooms and offices – where a high degree of auditory separation is needed. Allows Natural Light Natural light is beneficial since it makes a workspace more welcoming and cosy. But if you plan to add a solid wall partitioning, it will keep out natural light, likely reducing productivity and making your staff doze off at work. In contrast, glass partition allow unrestricted light flow and are worth considering, particularly if your space is dark and lacks natural light. Additionally, employees will feel much less hesitant to drop by the manager’s office for a quick question than they would be to knock on a closed door. Varieties of Design Options Designing your office interiors with glass has many more options than you can imagine. You can use lacquered glass, toughened glass partition, double-glazed partition and much more. Glass partitioning can be done in various designs, finishes, colours, door options, and more. From a functional standpoint, you may choose from a variety of choices, including lacquered glass partitions for a vibrant touch, single glaze internal partitioning, double glazing (for greater soundproofing) etc.The options are endless. 4 Ways To Use Glass For Your Office Modern office spaces are one of the major attractions for new people joining your team, as well as being the primary motivator for encouraging existing team members to return to the office more regularly. Read on to find out how you can use glass for your office space.  Install a glass skylight Increasing the natural light in your office may significantly increase worker engagement and productivity. You can simply utilise a skylight as they are available in a broad range of attractive styles and will let natural light flow into your office, making the area brighter and more spacious. The better the aesthetics- the better the workflow. Change the Colour Palette While corporate offices of the past shied away from colour, modern office design embraces it, so why not use lacquered glass? Using lacquered glass will give you many colour options, which have been exceedingly popular in recent years. Try including wall panelling with lacquered glass to add colour to the room as well as promote your brand. You can continue this theme throughout the workspace by adding colourful accents to your workplace’s accessories, wall art, and office furniture. Add Creative Transparency Dividers  Nowadays, glass-walled rooms are increasingly replacing closed-off sections. Every modern executive office architecture increasingly favours an open aesthetic. This creative interior design technique makes them feel connected, even while everyone is in separate locations. For some privacy, choose sound-absorbing glass. The transparency of glass can create the illusion of more space. So, add a couple of glass partitions to the office, and it will become brighter, lighter, and more open. Lacquered Glass Boards Try Bimba’s lacquered glass boards instead of traditional whiteboards; they are a significant improvement over regular whiteboards. Additionally, they are strong, practical, and fashionable, entirely altering your house or office with a modern, elegant touch. They easily add value to the areas in which they are installed in terms of aesthetics, modernity, sleekness, and functionality and are available in custom sizes and colours for a stylish home décor finish. Where can you get the best glass for your office design If you are remodelling or designing your office, it is crucial that you speak to reputable glass experts to ensure you have the most suitable options for your space. At Bimba Glass Interiors, we take pride in ourselves in offering our clients high-quality glass options. We would be more than happy to discuss your glass requirements. To enhance your office décor and create a space that inspires creativity and high productivity, all you need to do is get in touch with us today! Get a quote online or call us on 9851111675 to speak to one of our team about glass partitions for your office space. You can drop your suggestion or query here.

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Visual Image of LED Glass Signage by Bimba

Best Glass Signage Service in Nepal

Are you looking to make glass signage for your business in Kathmandu, Nepal? Perfect! You have landed on the right spot, as we provide the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage denotes any and all kinds of visual graphics that communicate a specific message to its audience. Signage can be composed of either just colors or text or a combination of both, signs and symbols included! They have been around since antiquity as humans began leveraging the power of graphics for visual communication. And why not, since they have proved themselves as an effective means of communication. Fast forwarding from early men’s cave paintings to the modern day, signages have massively evolved. From home to office, you will probably come across many different forms of it: banners, murals, billboards, street signs, you name it! They are all different forms of signage but all of them serve a particular purpose: communicating information. Most importantly, though, businesses have been extensively using signage to build brand recognition and trust among their targeted audience. The process is backed by scientific reasons. According to a study at the University of Loyola, “Colours increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent”. This means the signature color associated with your brand is the key to building brand recognition which will ultimately lead to more sales and thus bring prosperity to your business. Let us look at the importance of using signages for your business in 2022: Okay, now that you know how important signage is for your business to thrive, let’s discuss all the types of glass signage services that Bimba caters to its clients. Below are the types of signage you can have made with Bimba Glass Interiors, a best-in-class service; we can provide you with the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage with glass etching: Glass etching is a set of techniques for altering the look and functionality of a glass surface by the addition of desired color and texture to its surface. Etching allows you to make awesome signages to display your company logo, which you can have framed inside your office space and even outside. There are many types of etching techniques, with each one producing different end results. So we advise you to explore all the etching techniques before deciding on which one to make your business signage with! Nevertheless, you can consult with us to have your relevant queries answered! Lacquered glass signage: Lacquered glass is back-painted glass with a smooth, shiny appearance. The technique allows you to make bespoke glass signages for your business with a vibrant appearance. Lacquered glass signages are eye-catchy and attention-grabbing. You will find lacquered glass signages across most banks, showrooms, and supermarkets in Nepal today. So why not you to give your business a competitive edge in marketing and build your brand recognition with lacquered glass signages? LED Mirror Signages: The third on this list is a special one! LED mirror signages are special in the sense that they glow with bright light in the dark, which means your advertisement endeavor won’t stop once the sun sets. Instead, your signage will lure in customers and clients even during dark hours. Because your new LED mirror signage will be brightly visible to its audience, despite the time of the day. Therefore, businesses that operate at night can reap the benefits of LED glass signage, ultimately leading to more sales and a better customer experience. There you have it. We hope the blog has helped you and that you find the ideal signage for your business. Good luck with your business.

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Lacquered Glass in Nepal

Ok, so we are back with another informational glass blog! By now you should have a pretty good idea of what the blog is about from the title of course. Try peeking in if you happen to be, in any way, looking for lacquered glass in Nepal. Let’s get straight into it: Lacquer refers to thick, bright, color coatings that are applied to various things to produce a protective shield that extends the life of the object. Apply the same principle to glass, and you get the lacquered glass. Back painted glass, colored glass, and decorative glass are some of the various names for this style of glass. Manufacturing Process of Lacquered glass: A thick lacquer coating is applied on the back of a glass which is then baked in an oven at a high temperature to strongly bind the coating to the glass surface. The process produces sleek, glossy colored glass that gives the user unmatched aesthetics and functionality. Qualities of Lacquered Glass: Color: Designers and architects rever lacquer glass for the vibrancy and color appeal they bring to a decor scheme. Manufacturers can easily produce colored glass as per the customer’s color need, so you need not worry about not finding what you are looking for! 30+ colors Available Luster: Painted and baked, they are shiny and bright in appearance. The property makes them fit for a lot of architectural applications. Opacity: A thick lacquer coating makes the glass opaque, so the glass doesn’t allow any light to pass through it. Hence, unlike normal glass, one cannot see through a lacquered glass. No transparency means total privacy! Durability: The color coating and the whole glass structure last longer than a normal glass would. So your glass remains preserved for a longer period. Fret not, for the paint is sturdy and won’t chip off for ages to come. UV resistant: Resistivity to UV means no ultraviolet rays pass through your lacquered glass. Which sure means increased protection to you. Moisture resistant: The glass is resistive to moisture thus repels it away.  So they are widely used across the kitchen area. Uses of Lacquered glass in Nepal: Here are the prominent uses of lacquered glass in Nepal at present: Kitchen (Furniture | Counter | Splashback) Lacquered glass is quickly becoming the choice for Paneling modular Kitchens, Splashbacks, counters, and furniture in Nepal. The intended purpose of using splashbacks is to resist moisture and liquid splatters. Lacquered glass makes excellent splashbacks that not only serve the purpose but elevate your kitchen’s beauty. They are easy to wipe clean thus preventing any grout buildup over time. Splashbacks are also used in bathrooms over the bathroom sink where they repel the splashing water and protect the bathroom wall surface underneath them from dampening. As kitchen counters and furniture occupies the middle space of the kitchen, they need to have captivating and stylish looks which this glass easily gives them. Wall Paneling Yes, of course, there are infinite options for wall paneling today,  but colored glass stands on a tier of its own. You can give your walls a modish and chic look with lacquered glass tiles and make a statement of your style. You will be transforming your wall into an attractive and fascinating sight. Wardrobes Furnish your wardrobes with lacquered glass and you will know exactly what your wardrobes were missing out on. Quality glass, a wide range of color choices, and modern looks for modern interiors. Signage Yes, of course, there are infinite options for wall paneling today,  but colored glass stands on a tier of its own. You can A Signage can make or break your company as it has the power to attract customers or repel them away. Nepali companies and businesses are increasingly shifting to lacquered glass signage for improved aesthetics and performance. As such, lacquered glass signages are becoming a common sight across Nepali banks, malls, buildings, and business hubs. Pillar Cladding Pillars, the symbol of your building’s strength can now be beautified in a fashionable manner! Lacquered glass cladding for pillars can add beauty and aesthetics, radically transforming the pillar’s look for the best! Glass Partitions Glass partitions are an aesthetic choice in themselves. When combined with some lacquer, the choice becomes even better. This way you can incorporate more beauty and aesthetics into your decor scheme, as you go on partitioning your space. A versatile glass choice The structure of this glass makes it a versatile choice as manufacturers can easily cut, bevel, drill, polish, edge-finish, or ground the glass giving manufacturers the freedom to maneuver their way with the glass, gradually reaching the desired outcome.  The versatility aspect extends to the user side, as they are extremely easy to clean and also stay relatively less dirty compared to other options. Just some water and cloth are all you need to clean your kitchen if they are clad with lacquered glass. Get Creative with Lacquered Glass: Glass manufacturers in Nepal can produce custom lacquered glass as per their client’s needs and likings. The evolving technology now allows you to make stunning lacquered glass pieces to accommodate your beloved modern contemporary homes and offices. Making your company’s signage boards and adverts have become a smooth process, just like the color paint on its back. Pay attention next time you visit your bank, those chic-looking signage could very as well be lacquered! Designing interior spaces becomes an exciting process with guaranteed amazing outcomes when you decide to add the touch of wonderful colored glass.  Let your imaginations prevail, draw upon the shades of this magnificent glass(for they come in many shades) to color your imaginations as they manifest into firm reality. Get creative in the process as you design your homes and offices in 2022  in Nepal, pay attention to trends such as these cause if you don’t, you might be missing out on precious things! You might have liked those chic-looking kitchen countertops and cabinets in movies or somewhere else, my point is it could

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