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Mirrors for Photography: Techniques and Creative Uses

Mirrors have been used in photography for centuries, offering us unique perspectives and opportunities for creativity and innovation. Their ability to reflect light and create illusions makes them invaluable tools for photographers. Let’s explore various techniques and creative uses of mirrors in photography. The Role of Mirrors in Photography Enhancing Lighting Mirrors can be used to manipulate light in photography, providing additional light sources or reflecting light into shadowed areas. This technique can create balanced and well-lit photographs without the need for multiple artificial lights. Techniques Creating Depth and Space Mirrors can add depth to images, making small spaces appear larger or creating intriguing visual layers. Techniques: Playing with Perspectives You can use mirrors to experiment with different perspectives, offering unique and sometimes surreal views. Techniques: Tips for Using Mirrors in Photography Experiment with Angles The angle at which a mirror is placed can drastically change the outcome. You can experiment with different angles to get exciting results. Consider the Surroundings Mirrors will reflect everything in their path. Be mindful of the surroundings and background to avoid unwanted elements in your composition. Cleanliness is Key Ensure that mirrors are clean and free of smudges or dust. Any imperfections will be magnified in reflections. LAST FEW WORDS Mirrors offer endless possibilities for creativity in photography. Whether you’re enhancing lighting, creating depth, or exploring identity, mirrors can transform ordinary compositions into extraordinary works of art. By experimenting with different techniques and approaches, photographers can harness the reflective power of mirrors to push the boundaries of their creativity and craft. So, next time you pick up your camera or start a new art project, consider incorporating mirrors. The results might just reflect your creative vision in ways you never imagined. Contact Bimba Glass Interiors for customized mirrors. Explore our collection here.

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Bimba Mirror in Hotel

Bimba Mirrors Across Nepal’s Hotel Scene

Namsay Hotel Bimba worked its magic throughout Namsay Hotel, lighting up every nook and cranny with mirrors. First is the reception area, greeting you with a ceiling adorned with mirror tiles, catching the light just right to give off the golden, luxurious glow.   Next is the courtyard styled in traditional Newari “falcha” style. Standard Mirrors are placed on each side to bounce the reflection around, making the space feel alive and bright. Right in the middle sits a brass flower vessel adding more depth. On the other hand, the intricate wood carvings depict a typical Newari décor theme. We have also placed mirror tiles in the sitting area, behind the sofa. It is effortlessly expanding the room’s dimensions with their clever play of light, showcasing the versatility of mirror in hotel decor. Beside them, a Thanka painting hangs proudly, adding a splash of culture. Hotel Le Himalaya Aluminum Framed Mirrors have simple and minimalistic design, making it a perfect match for any space, and so are a top pick for many. At Hotel Le Himalaya, we installed varied shapes of gold-toned aluminum framed mirrors in the bathrooms. One is an oval mirror that pairs perfectly with the black marble wall, and glossy quartz countertop, adding sheen and glamour. The other is a rectangular mirror that suits the greyish marble wall, giving a modern vibe, and an open and airy feeling. Hotel Himalaya At Hotel Himalaya, we’ve enhanced the bathroom experience with our latest smart LED mirror featuring a customized defogging feature. This large, rectangular front-lit LED mirror not only illuminates the space and provides clear reflections but also clears away any mist, ensuring guests start their day with a crystal-clear view. It’s a perfect blend of practicality and modern sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to their stay. Hotel Forest Inn At Hotel Forest Inn, we have added a special touch with custom-made tinted mirrors. Each mirror has a rectangular shape with a green-tinted frame surrounding a clear center. This mirror perfectly illustrates the framed mirror look, complementing the hotel’s name and vibe. How cool is that! Hotel Tibet At Hotel Tibet, we have installed backlit LED Mirrors with dual color settings. The sleek quartz white marble wall, complemented by a stunning golden-integrated basin on the countertop below, perfectly suits the LED Mirrors. It’s a perfect match that effortlessly amplifies the bathroom’s ambiance. Looking to add glass and mirrors to your hotel? Bimba Glass Interiors is your one-stop solution. No need to hop from store to store—we offer a full range of glass and mirror options. From toughened glass works like shower cabinets and skylight installations to customized LED mirror designs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us on WhatsApp or Viber at 9851111675, or connect with us through our social media channels.

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All kinds of mirror

Types of Mirrors Available at Bimba

When it comes to glass and mirrors, Bimba has established itself as a go-to destination, offering a variety of products and services. From residential projects to commercial ventures, Bimba offers customized glass and mirror solutions for every client. As for mirrors, we have a variety of options available at Bimba so you can choose the one that works best for your space. Every mirror in our collection is unique, with its own distinct style and features, ready to complement and enhance your space. So, whether you’re a trendsetter looking for the latest in LED mirrors or a minimalist seeking the perfect blend of simplicity and aesthetics, like framed mirrors, we have something uniquely suited to your taste and style. LED Mirrors Bimba is well known for LED Mirrors in the market, and for good reason. While ready-made mirrors in the market offer limited sizes and designs, our LED mirrors stand out. They’re not only sleek and stylish but also highly customizable to suit your specific preferences and needs. If you have visioned particular shape, size, or design, we have the capability to bring your vision to life. That’s not all. Our LED mirrors come with a range of customizable functions, such as defoggers and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to tailor your mirror to your lifestyle. Want to add a personal touch? We also offer etching services, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized mirror that reflects your individual style, especially perfect for branding or gifting purposes. With Bimba LED mirrors, the possibilities are endless. Frameless Mirrors Frameless mirrors at Bimba defy the notion of being boring and bland. Our frameless mirrors offer a variety of options, including beveled and polished, ensuring a distinct touch. What’s more, they are highly customizable in hanging styles, from seamless integration with clips to secure options like spacers or screws. Additionally, adhesive backing allows for easy mounting on cardboard or customized ply, providing flexibility and convenience tailored to your needs. Etching is no exception with our frameless mirrors either. Our etching services add a unique and elegant element to frameless mirrors, elevating them beyond the ordinary. Mirror Tiles Bimba takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of mirror tiles, offering a wide range of options to suit your needs. Available in clear, bronze, and black, our mirror tiles provide versatility in design and style. Perfect for creating accent walls in various shapes and designs, they provide a creative outlet for your space. Whether directly applied to the wall or onto a ply, Bimba’s mirror tiles elevate your décor with style and ease. Aluminum Framed Mirrors Introducing our latest addition to our exclusive collection: the incredibly versatile aluminum framed mirrors. These mirrors are the ultimate chameleons of décor, seamlessly blending into any space, whether it’s a chic salon, a bustling restaurant, a luxurious hotel, a serene wellness center, or the cozy confines of your home. What sets them apart? Not only are they budget-friendly, making them accessible to all, but they also carry unparalleled style and sophistication. Adding a touch of timeless elegance to your space without breaking the bank – that’s what these mirrors do best! So, when you’re scratching your head over which mirror to choose, our aluminum framed mirrors are the way to go. With their unbeatable combination of affordability, style, and adaptability, they’re sure to exceed your expectations, no matter the setting or décor scheme. It’s not a gamble—it’s a sure win! Designer Mirrors Designer mirrors aren’t just mirrors—they’re showstoppers, ready to dazzle and elevate your space to new heights. If you’re craving a taste of old-world charm, designer mirrors are sure to captivate with their intricate designs and classic appeal. These mirrors are especially perfect to add that extra touch of luxury, in lavish event venue hosting a glamorous affair or a prestigious hotel welcoming discerning guests. This luxury is an investment worth every penny. Antique mirrors For a vintage-inspired ambiance, we have antique mirrors in our collection for you. Antique mirrors are crafted in the styles of bygone eras, featuring unique rust-like spots that give them a weathered, antique look. This makes them perfect for adding character and depth to your décor. You can use antique mirrors and set the stage for memorable dining experiences in upscale restaurants and fine dining establishments, create an atmosphere of luxury and refinement in spas and wellness center hotels, or even elevate the grandeur in lavish residences. Wherever placed, antique mirrors exude a sense of luxury and prestige. Tinted Mirrors Tinted mirrors are prized for their aesthetic appeal as well as practical advantages. The colored tint in tinted mirrors gives a unique and distinctive appearance while also reducing glare, creating a more comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, tinted mirrors offer endless possibilities for creative expression. You can experiment with striking geometric patterns, transforming your mirror into a stunning work of art that adds personality and flair to any space. With tinted mirrors, it’s now possible to see the world in color! Experience the variety and quality of our mirrors firsthand at our showroom! We have mirrors for every style and budget. Visit us at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor, and see for yourself why Bimba is the ultimate destination for glass and mirrors. Feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp at 9851111675 or through Instagram. We’re here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Valentine's Day Cover

Why Mirror Makes a Perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and as we gear up for the season of love, it’s time to look for a gift that truly reflects the depth of your love. Bouquets, jewelry, perfumes, and clothing are so common. Why not give something that reflects the love you have? There’s only one perfect and unique gift that truly mirrors the purity of our relationship — mirrors. A simple normal mirror, you might be thinking. Mirrors offer numerous options that extend far beyond your imagination, providing countless reasons to consider them as a gift. Allow us to explain why a mirror could be the perfect Valentine’s gift to capture those heart-fluttering moments. Bimba’s Love Mirage—The Heart-Shaped Mirror: Valentine’s Day is all about love, so we’re putting the spotlight on love-shaped mirror. Whether you choose an LED mirror, a simple mirror, or mirror tiles, this heart-shaped beauty will take the center stage. Since it is in heart-shape, this mirror becomes a manifestation of the love that beats within both your hearts and every glance will forever give a reaffirmation of your unique love story. Etched Mirror — The Signature of Endless Love Mirrors need not be ordinary; they can be extraordinary. You can etch the date you first met, your unique portmanteau, a cherished memory, or anything that holds special significance. This enduring touch will stay with you both forever. Every glance into that mirror becomes a reminder of your eternal love, a reflection of cherished moments. Mirror Tray A thoughtful and versatile Valentine’s Day gift. Mirror trays adds a touch of elegance to any space, whether used as a hanging mirror, a practical tray, or a decorative element. Its functionality and style make it a useful addition to your partner’s daily lives. Afterall, a gift should be something that’s not just for show but can actually be used. Designer Mirrors If you want something for your love that screams ‘class’ and ‘luxury’, we have “Designer Mirrors” for you. We’re not talking about an average reflection station; we’re talking about a piece that’s more like art for your space. Sure, it’s a bit on the splurge side, but it’s not just a mirror; it’s a statement. This Valentine’s Day, you can gift something that reflects your love in the most elegant way possible. But above everything else, the reason why a mirror is a perfect gift is that, beyond its shapes and reflections, it captures the soul of your shared experiences. Mirrors witness your smiles, your tears, and everything in between. A mirror becomes a living canvas of your unique love story. Choose a mirror that echoes the shape of your emotions, and let it become a timeless symbol of the beautiful journey you’re on together. Because, in the end, love deserves to be reflected in every corner of your lives! If you have any other ideas, you can always get in touch with us through our WhatsApp (9851111675) / Instagram/ Facebook. We shape your glass and mirror visions into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! तपाइको मायाको प्रतिबिम्ब सधैं रहिरहोस्

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2023 in a Glimpse- A recap

Time flies, doesn’t it? Can you believe it’s almost time to bid farewell to 2023? It feels like we just started the year, but it’s almost 2024. Now, as we gear up for 2024, let’s take a stroll down Bimba’s memory lane and celebrate the awesome journey we’ve had in the past year. Bimba’s 3rd Chapter Yep, that’s right. As we step into 2024, Bimba embarks on a three-year journey since its establishment in 2021. It’s been a ride full of growth, joy, and, of course, a lot of fabulous mirrors and glass. Before we step into 2024, let’s take a sneak peek at the highlights that lit up the canvas of 2023. 2023 Highlights Your Voice, Our Design Throughout 2023, we went above and beyond to help you in creating the space you’ve always envisioned with our customized products and services. We dedicated ourselves to fulfilling your design choices, exploring every avenue to ensure your satisfaction. Here are some of the customizations that brought your vision to life: Our Prime projects: In 2023, we had the privilege of contributing our design touch to various unique spaces. The mirror tiles adorning the dining hall of Grand Norling’s Resort deftly capture and amplify the natural light, casting a radiant glow that beautifully brightens the entire area.  After all, dining is best enjoyed in a bright and welcoming atmosphere, don’t you think? The restroom at Park Village Resort got a stylish upgrade with our capsule-shaped LED Mirrors. More than just a practical spot for touch-ups, it’s become the perfect place to capture some cool mirror selfies. At Pretty Click Nepal, we took the experience a step further by adding a personalized touch with LED mirrors featuring their brand name. It wasn’t just about brand flair; it was about creating the perfect spot for customers to try makeup before deciding. A must-have for every beauty store, right? Alice Restaurant remains one of our favorite projects. The fluted glass partitions added a unique touch and a radiant glow to the space while the expansive mirror tile background wall added a touch of luxury and brightened up the entire ambiance. The rustic charm of the wooden frame seamlessly complemented the reflective mirror tiles, offering an ideal spot for capturing memories with selfies after a night of party or a friendly get-together. Jammy Bubble Tea featured a simple yet minimalistic mirror tile pattern. This pattern, undoubtedly unique, effortlessly captured the attention of passersby and customers alike. At Hotel Forest Inn, we went all out with 104 LED mirrors! Curious to see? Trust us, once you see them, you’ll want to add one to your home too. Joined Daraz: To make your shopping experience even more convenient, we expanded our platforms by joining Daraz in 2023. Now, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on our products through Daraz. It’s our way of bringing the elegance of Bimba directly to you, with added savings and the ease of online shopping. Informative Content: Many of you loved and found value in the informative video content we provided. Our goal is not just to showcase our products but to educate you about the features and benefits, ensuring you make the most informed choices. Because, as we believe, smart customers equal satisfied customers! Rest assured, our commitment to delivering more useful content remains steadfast. Stay tuned for more valuable insights and engaging content from Bimba in the coming years. New Launches: 2023 was all about innovation. We introduced some fantastic additions to our collection. LED mirrors with smart features, varieties of glass options, designer mirrors, console tables – we didn’t hold back! BRAND NEW SHOWROOM In 2023, we made a move! Bimba relocated to Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor, with a more spacious showroom for you to have an exceptional in-person experience with a greater product variety and expert consultation. Cheers to 2023, Hello 2024! As we wrap up this incredible chapter, let’s raise a glass (or a mirror, perhaps?) to all the moments, big and small. Thank you for being a part of the Bimba. Your support and love keep us going. Get ready for more magic in 2024. The best is yet to come, and we can’t wait to share it with each one of you. Cheers to Bimba, cheers to you, and cheers to the fantastic journey ahead!

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Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

In Nepali homes, the puja room holds profound significance, so a well-designed puja room is just as vital as the overall home design. Many people stick to regular designs for their puja room because they can’t find creative ideas, or simply find the fancier designs a bit too overwhelming. However, utilizing glass decor ideas in your room allows you to keep it simple while maintaining its sacred ambiance. If you’re thinking about renovating your puja room’s decor or settling into a new home, explore our glass decor ideas to make your puja room more functional and pleasant. God Emblem Etching Embrace the Vedic tradition of incorporating a variety of bright colors into your puja room. Use vibrant color etching with your preferred deity to infuse positive energy into the space. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also sets your puja room apart from others, ensuring that guests and children don’t mistake it for any other room. Furthermore, these colorful glass decor additions are easy to maintain, keeping your puja room pristine. Whether it’s color-etched God emblems on the wall, an etched glass door, or a partition, you have multiple options —choose what suits your style. Fluted Glass Doors Consider fluted glass doors for your puja room, a choice that offers both privacy and a serene influx of natural light. These doors provide a subtle barrier, ensuring your sacred space remains private and tranquil, while still allowing the soft, soothing glow of sunlight to grace your puja rituals. Mirror Tiles Adorning Your Puja Cabinet While it’s generally advisable to avoid placing mirrors directly facing the puja room, you can strategically incorporate them on the sides of your puja cabinet. This glass decor idea is particularly beneficial for smaller puja spaces. However, the decision to include mirrors around your puja room should ultimately align with your personal preferences and spiritual practices. Translucent Glass Door For individuals who prioritize privacy without compromising the serene atmosphere of their sacred space, a translucent glass door design emerges as the ideal choice. Especially if your pooja unit finds its place in a common area, opting for frosted glass offers a compelling alternative to traditional wooden doors. This choice not only discreetly conceal your pooja unit but also adds a touch of modern design into your living space. We hope you found our glass decor ideas useful! If you’re in search of a reputable glass and mirror designer brand to bring these concepts to life, your search ends here. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries at 9851111675 or 01-5370680. And for a detailed look at our products and services, don’t forget to explore our website. Your sacred space deserves nothing but the best, and we’re here to make that a reality.

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Visual Image of Home office

5 Ways To Create Stylish Home Office With Glass

Wouldn’t it be amazing to design a home office that motivates you and increases your productivity? But it’s a lot harder than you can imagine. You might understand what we’re trying to say if you’re a freelancer or working primarily from home. It is challenging to mentally transition from “home mode” to “work mode” if you barely leave your house and your comfy bed is only a few steps away. But don’t worry; glass is the perfect solution to set the perfect mood and give a sense of professionalism to your home office. Here are five tips for transforming any room into a classy home office with glass that you’ll look forward to working in. Separate your professional space To keep yourself away from any disturbance while you are fully in work mode, the first step is to divide your personal space from your professional space. It is best to use glass partitions to separate the space because they do not just keep the noise down but also visually enlarge the room and give a feeling of lightness by increasing the amount of natural light, helping you concentrate better.  Furthermore, with a limitless selection of treatments available, such as frosting or etching, you can set a tone that complements your space. Let in natural light Proper lighting has a big influence on mood and energy levels, in addition to being crucial for sustaining eye health and general safety. And there is no better light source than daylight since it provides an equal proportion of each color in the light spectrum. So, consider installing double-glazed or triple-glazed glass windows for solar gain without overheating your workspace and keep the natural light coming because sun-filled spaces can improve our mood and performance. Compared to single-glazed aluminum windows, double-glazed glasses can minimize heat loss or gain by around 30%, while triple-glazed glass can be up to two times more effective at keeping the heat out when it’s hot outside than double-glazed glass. Choose your preferred glass for your window and let Bimba do the rest. Get a writing board to list your tasks When it comes to staying organized, writing boards are people’s best friends. It is a basic requirement of every office, whether a home office or a corporate office. If you were thinking about whiteboards, you’re wrong.  We all have seen how conventional whiteboards appear dirty after a few uses from all the marker stains. Well, don’t you worry. Bimba is never without a solution for you. Get Lacquered Glass Boards.  The special lacquered finish on Bimba’s lacquered writing boards provides a smooth writing surface that won’t ghost or stain, keeping your board clean for a very long time. One wipe, and it looks brand new every time. They come in a variety of colors that not only look aesthetically good but also blend well with the rest of your space. Have enough storage space Storage is a crucial consideration when setting up a home office, and not having enough storage may have an impact on your productivity. So, to keep your office looking tidy at all times, make sure you have adequate storage space. Ensure that you have enough room to work comfortably and store all of your necessities. For keeping away your files, essential papers, and other objects, toughened glass cabinets or floating glass shelves are ideal since they not only look effortlessly good but are also robust and simple to clean, unlike wooden cabinets. Accessorize your space Make sure you personalize your space with some accents because YOU can design your workspace HOWEVER you want. Mirror tiles are a great way to give your workstation a bright and reflective background. They not only have a beautiful finish, but they also provide the appearance of room and openness in your home office. If you want to brighten up and add color to your home office, you can choose lacquered wall cladding.  Wrapping Up If you are looking for something different to spark the design of your home office, do consider these tips. They are sure to make your home a comfortable and productive environment to work in. So, if you’re searching for glass designs to add to your home office, we recommend taking a look at our Instagram for some inspiration @bimbaglassinteriors!

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Prime Projects of Bimba Glass Interiors

Prime Projects of Bimba Glass Interiors

With a portfolio of successful high-profile glass and mirror projects for both commercial and residential clients,Bimba Glass Interiors, a glass designer brand, has been in the market for over two years. Bimba’s glass & mirror products and services are known for its attention to detail and innovative solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of any interior. From exquisite mirror tile designs and sleek LED Mirror designs to sophisticated shower cabinets and stunning glass staircase, Bimba has a reputation for delivering exceptional services that exceed client expectations.  In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of Bimba’s prime projects of LED Mirrors and Mirror Tiles and explore the unique design features. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or homeowner looking for glass interior inspiration, you’ll find plenty of ideas and insights. Read on. A Deep Dive into Bimba Glass Interiors’ Prime Projects From mirror tiles installed at luxurious restaurant space to LED Mirrors installed at beauty stores, this visual feast will leave you in awe. So, let’s dive headfirst into Bimba’s some of the prime projects,each one a work of art in its own that will undoubtedly capture your heart. Pretty Click Nepal- Chuchepati Bimba Glass Interiors’ custom LED mirror installation at Pretty Click’s Chuchhepati branch is a testament to the brand’s innovative design approach. Covering all four corners of a pillar, we installed a custom LED Mirror featuring the brand’s name elegantly engraved at the top. To further elevate the ambience of the space, they added a cluster of blooming flowers at the top of the mirror, creating an alluring focal point.  Not only does this customized LED mirror by Bimba Glass Interiors serve a practical purpose for makeup enthusiasts to try on makeup in-store, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to the room, elevating the customer’s shopping experience to a new level of luxury. One Cinemas- Kalimati Trade Centre Step into a world of wonder at One Cinemas’ newly opened location in Kalimati Trade Centre, where Bimba has installed a simple yet stunning diamond mirror tile design creating a unique wall accent. The perfect placement of lights on the top of the mirror tiles creates a mesmerising illusion of a bigger and brighter space which casts an ethereal glow that captivates the senses and is perfect for taking amazing pictures.  In addition, Bimba has also installed an LED Mirror in the restroom space. The single border design not just creates a soft and relaxing ambiance but also provides ample illumination without any harsh shadows or glares, making it perfect for taking aesthetic selfies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magical wonderland created by Bimba Glass Interiors – visit One Cinemas at Kalimati Trade Centre today. H2O Cafe- Basantapur This stunning bronze coloured, diamond mirror tile design, installed at H2O Cafe- Basantapur, is definitely a statement maker! It adds a touch of modern elegance to the space while retaining a classic feel. Additionally, the traditional Nepali décor perfectly teams with the mirror tile placed at the back of the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It gives off a unique and vintage appeal to the entire space and creates a fascinating visual illusion that reflects different views and angles in a pleasing way. Also, the mirror tiles serve as the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning pictures with the best possible lighting.  Jammy’s Bubble Tea- Thamel Mirror tiles are indeed a fantastic way to add visual interest to any space, and the arrangement of clear mirror tiles in a abstract pattern on the wall at Jammy’s Bubble Tea in Thamel is a perfect example of this. The hexagonal shape is cut, clean and crisp, giving a modern and sophisticated look to the space. Not to mention, the abstract pattern definitely adds an element of intrigue and depth to the wall, catching the eye of anyone who passes by. Park Village Resort- Budhanilkantha An LED Mirror doesn’t always have to be over the top to make an impact. Bimba’s Oval Backlit LED Mirror installed at Park Village Resort in Budhanilkantha is a prime example of how LED Mirrors can be simple yet stylish. The oval shape of the mirror is pleasing to the eye, and the backlit LED lighting is a great feature that makes it functional and practical. The two mirrors, positioned perfectly next to each other against the white marble wall, provide a seamless reflection, making it easy to get the perfect look. Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort-Mulpani Mirror tiles look beautiful in any interior, but installing it in the dining hall creates a different vibe. The mirror tiles installed at the dining area of Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort not only enhances the lighting in the dining hall but also adds a touch of luxury and sophisticated ambience to the space, making it a perfect place to dine and socialise. Elevate Lounge Club- New Road The mirror tile installation at Elevate Lounge Club-New Road serves as a piece of functional art, reflecting the lounge’s intricate details in a unique way. Additionally, the rustic appeal of the wooden frame perfectly complements the reflective mirror tiles, creating a stunning visual effect that captures the essence of the space. It provides the perfect spot for taking selfies after a good party or meet up with friends. Wrapping Up Bimba Glass Interiors is the go-to destination for all your glass related needs, no matter which industry you belong to. With a range of glass products and services available, from LED Mirrors and Mirror tiles to frameless shower enclosures and custom-made glass partitions and more, you can trust Bimba Glass Interiors to provide you with high-quality, durable and stylish solutions. Bimba offers innovative solutions and personalised services to meet the unique needs of each client. To learn more about our products and services, visit our website or social media channels, or get in touch with us at 9851111675/ 01-5370680.

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Visual Image of New Year Offer

New Year Offer on Bimba Products-Shop Online at Daraz Nepal

“NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS. ” With New Year 2023 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing new plans and resolutions for a fresh start. Upgrading your space is a good resolution to start with. It’s relaxing and brings changes to your life without going too overboard. So, if you are planning on adding something new to your décor, we have some of the best home decoration ideas and an exciting NEW YEAR OFFER for you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let us tell you more. Keep reading.  Home Decor Ideas Focus More on Accent Walls While every room in your house doesn’t have to have the same style, it’s good to have a common theme throughout. A great way to do that is with mirror tiles. Mirror Tiles will complement any color and unify the rest of your space. The best thing is that you can be as creative as you want with mirror tiles, creating whatever pattern you like. Additionally, it will make your space appear brighter and more spacious. Bimba has some amazing mirror tile designs available on Daraz that you can have installed for a flat 15% discount. This New Year offer is valid up to 5th Jan 2023, so make use of it while it lasts and give the appearance and feel of your décor a seamless vibe.  Add a Designer Wall Mirror When it comes to fusing minimalism, simplicity, and elegance, wall mirrors are certainly the perfect decorative pieces. If your home has any vintage-style doors, they might also be a wonderful addition. Particularly when positioned on top of a cabinet along the home’s main entrance or hallway, these look nice. It harmonizes beautifully with small, multi-level cabinets, just like in the picture below.  Be sure to follow us since we’ll upload more of these designs on our Daraz profile shortly. Play with The Colors If you are someone who loves colors, there’s nothing better than lacquered glass for you. Wall panels, ceilings, and cabinets made of lacquered glass are all options. It gives off a glossy finish, is simple to keep clean, and transforms your area in a magnificent way. Choose serene pastel colors in combination with designs of white or black color. Bring in LED Mirrors LED mirrors are a quick way to upgrade any room, and you get one easily! Simply order one from Bimba at Daraz Nepal. You can find numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of LED Mirrors for your space. We have round mirrors for your bathroom, long mirrors for your vanity, and decorative mirrors for your living space, all of which look artistic and adds a soft glow.  Additionally, you can get multiple discount vouchers along with free delivery and installation as a part of our New Year offer. New Year Offer After our 11.11 and 12.12-year-end sale, we’re back with yet another offer, “HOLIDAY SEASON SALE,” valid from 22 December 2022  to 5th January 2023, where you can collect discount vouchers and redeem them on Daraz. You can receive an additional 20% off all of our items, free shipping and installation, and top-notch customer support.  But, are you unsure about placing an order for LED Mirrors online? Be at ease; Bimba will handle everything. Our team of experts will devote equal time to design each order, and it will be delivered and installed securely at your doorstep by our own team. What more do you require? You can also watch this video for how to use our vouchers and order from Daraz: For the latest updates about our services and offers, don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And if you quickly want to get your hands on this offer, click here.

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Toughened Vs Laminated Glass

Toughened Vs. Laminated Glass

Toughened glass is an essential material in modern architecture since it adds resilience to your building while also adding aesthetic value to your décor. Safety glass comes in two different kinds: toughened glass and toughened laminated glass. Although both Toughened glass and Toughened Laminated Glass prevent injuries and accidents, they have unique properties that set them apart. With the new trend of environmental protection and energy conservation, many people in Nepal choose toughened glass for added security because it takes much more effort to break than laminated glass, while some also opt for toughened laminated glass because it offers more protection than toughened glass in terms of sound reduction and UV resistance. However, there is no clear-cut answer to the question of whether to use toughened glass or toughened laminated glass for a certain application, except for the circumstances when it is blatantly obvious, such as on a car windscreen. Bimba aims to educate you about the essential differences, advantages, and uses of both Toughened Glass and Toughened Laminated Glass, so you may choose the one that best suits your needs and help you answer all your questions to decide all you need. Read on. What is Toughened Glass? Toughened glass, also known as tuffen glass or tempered glass, is a high-strength safety glass that is up to five times stronger than regular glass and breaks in a safer manner. It is also four to five times more heat resistant than regular glass and can endure temperature swings of up to 250°C.  Many people do, however, wonder how toughened glass is so strong than regular glass? It is made from annealed glass that has been rapidly compressed after being heated to around 650° C and subjected to controlled heat or chemical processing. By doing so, the glass pane heats beyond its transmission temperature, softens, and experiences large compressive and tensile strains. This makes the glass much stronger compared to regular glass and breaks with considerably less force. Is Toughened glass unbreakable? As we mentioned earlier, toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass, and thus can withstand loads without breakage. But, is it glass unbreakable?. The straight answer is “NO”. Toughened glass is susceptible to breaking under certain instances. Fitting the panels too tightly, knocking or putting excessive strain on the corners can cause toughened glass to explode. However, when broken, it shatters into tiny granular fragments as opposed to sharp shards like regular glass does. These little bits are less likely to hurt someone. Toughened glass is, therefore, utilized in a range of demanding applications due to its safety and strength. Toughened glass also has a surface compression resistance of at least 10,000 lbs. It provides your property with an additional degree of security and is extremely strong and durable. Additionally, toughened glass can resist temperature swings that are as high as 250°C. Likewise, it has a high level of resistance to electric shocks. Uses of Toughened Glass Because of its structural strength, toughened glass is preferable in glass desks, doors, and walls in offices to improve the system’s overall appearance and in architectural applications including glass doors, partition walls, and side windows. Now, let’s dig in deeper.  Shower Cabinets Toughened glass is the material most often used in shower cabinets. Your shower cabinets will continue to look brand-new for many years, thanks to toughened glass. It is resilient, long-lasting, adaptable, and easy to clean. In the event that tempered glass breaks, it scatters into harmless tiny fragments that are comparatively safe to handle. Surfaces and Worktops Because they can withstand heat and moisture, toughened glass splashbacks and worktops are stronger and more enduring than tiles, quartz, granite, and laminate. Due to its ease of maintenance and ability to maintain its attractive appearance over time, toughened glass will endure the whole lifetime of the kitchen after it has been installed. Balustrades To increase safety on stairways and balconies, toughened glass is also incorporated in glass railings and balustrades. Even if toughened glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter into massive fragments since toughened glass is around four to five times stronger to damage than regular glass. Splashbacks It is practically difficult for toughened glass to crack from the heat since toughened glass can withstand high temperatures. Additionally, it is stain-resistant, so spills from food won’t be a problem. Glass Cabinets A toughened glass cabinet is an excellent alternative to solid cabinets and open shelving. In addition to keeping out dust and grime, it also helps to visually open up a kitchen and display eye-catching dishware and ornamental accessories. Cabin Doors Because it fractures into blunt pebble-like bits and won’t seriously hurt employees, toughened glass is excellent for workplace cabins and partitions. Additionally, toughened glass is a fantastic option for the outside of office façades. What are the benefits of using Toughened Glass ? As mentioned earlier, toughened glass has its own unique benefits and now that we are aware of what toughened glass is, let’s review its noteworthy benefits; Instead of splintering into sharp chunks, toughened glass breaks into tiny, granular bits that are less likely to injure someone. It is resistant to heavy downpours and hailstorms and can withstand mild wear, scratches, and high winds. You feel more secure thanks to its high level of durability, which makes it hard to break. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and has exceptional thermal resistance. Toughened glass has an SPF of around 16, since it absorbs 65% of UV radiation. What is Toughened Laminated Glass? Toughened laminated glass is one of several various varieties of toughened glass and as the name suggests, toughened laminated glass is basically a blend of laminated and toughened glass. An extremely tough and durable EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or PVB (polyvinyl butyral) plastic interlayer holds two pieces of glass together to form toughened laminated glass. To help you understand this better, let’s have a look at this picture. The special feature of laminated glass is that even if it breaks, toughened laminated glass will stay in place since

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