DIY: Mirror Tiles/Mirror Panels in Nepal

The new trend in the decor world, brought to you by Bimba, for the first time, introduces mirror tiles in Nepal.

What are Mirror Tiles?

Simply put, Mirror tiles are mirror pieces cut in geometrical shapes such as rectangular, square, diamond, etc. These glass mirror tiles allow us to create our own unique mirrors by combining them together. The tiles are pasted on the wall surface with silicone adhesives. Generally, mirrors are known for adding depth dimension to a room space, making it look larger than it actually is. The case is the same with these tiles.  Plus, mirrors scatter light around the room, making the space feel brighter than before. So, elevate your resort, restaurants, homes & hotels, and office design aesthetics with mirror tiles.

Perks of Installing Mirror tiles for Wall Decor:

Mirror tiles are one unique concept that can transform the look and functionality of our room spaces.  Easy to handle and install, these tiles give you the freedom of design in the manner that you are allowed to make your own mirror giving it custom dimensions.

 Variants of Tiles:

Bimba currently manufactures two texture variants of these tiles: Clear and Bronze.  Our tiles have a 5 mm thickness and come in varying sizes as per our customer’s needs.  You also get to choose between two texture variants: Clear and Bronze. Nonetheless, Bimba can customize your tiles to your needs and like to make them perfectly suit your case.

How to buy Tiles in Nepal?

Bimba is the answer. Just give us a call or contact us on our social media handles, such as Facebook and Instagram.

How to install your Mirror Tiles?

Estimate and order the number of tiles you will need to decorate your space from Bimba. Collect your order right from your doorstep.

Installing your newly acquired tiles is easy, but be creative and careful in the process. Remember, when installing these tiles, a little bit of creativity goes a long way! Kindly follow these steps to have your new Bimba tiles installed on the canvas:

  1. Map out an area on your chosen installation space.

  2. Sketch, Plan and Send the design of the mirror you are about to create.

  3. Readily available sizes: 6″, 8″ 10″, 12″. Order, Receive, and Unpack your Bimba tiles.

  4. Apply silicone gel on the back of each tile and firmly stick them onto the chosen surface as per your required design.

Regardless, if you are not into doing it yourself, Bimba can connect you with professional carpenters and artisans who will visit your place and install your new tiles for a minimal fee.

This product, unlike any other mirror type, can add an unparalleled amount of depth and beauty to your indoor decor scheme. Infuse your space with a unique flair and charm that will capture the hearts and seize the attention of its spectator.

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