Fluted Glass

Fluted Glass is one of the latest interior design trends within both residential and commercial properties in Nepal. Its stunning aesthetic and versatile applications have made it a favourite in the world of interior design. If you are looking for fluted glass in Nepal, Bimba is just the right place for you. With a variety of thickness and colour options available, you can easily find the perfect fluted glass to complement your space. 

Before you decide to get one, let’s explore the applications and distinctive features of fluted glass in detail.

What is Fluted Glass?

Fluted Glass, also known as reeded, ribbed or moru glass is a type of glass with vertical grooves or curvy pattern along its surface. These grooves serve the dual purpose of diffusing light and creating partitions, allowing the area to remain well-lit yet private. This glass is primarily used for interior applications such as windows, cabinets, partitions, showers etc. 

Fluted Glass Sample

Can fluted glass be tempered/toughened?

Yes, fluted glass can be toughened.

The decision to toughen fluted glass depends on factors like application, safety standards, and preferences of the manufacturer or customer. It is available in various sizes to accommodate different design needs. We have 5mm and 8mm at Bimba.

Does fluted glass reduce light?

Fluted glass welcomes natural light while gently diffusing direct sunlight, reducing harsh glares and creating a more comfortable ambiance within interior spaces.

Where can I use fluted glass?

Anywhere your imagination can reach. It can be used for both interior and exterior applications Let’s take a look at some popular options for modern homes:

Fluted Glass Kitchen cabinet
Fluted Glass Door
Doors and Windows
Fluted Glass Shower Cabinet
Shower Cabinets
Fluted Glass Partition


Note: Colored fluted glass is exclusively available in a 5 mm thickness and four different shades.

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