Glass Etching

What is Glass Etching?

Glass Etching is the art of transforming the look and functionality of a glass surface by the addition of desired colors and textures to its surface. Changing your glass’s color, drawing your favorite figure on its surface, making it translucent, adding bevels that produce color diffraction, creating your company’s logo, etc, anything is possible with Bimba’s etching techniques!

There are many different methods of glass etching with each one producing different results and effects. Thus, by utilizing the techniques, one can give the desired properties to any glass and make it better suit your individual purpose.

As Nepal’s best glass company, we bring you the best glass etching services in Kathmandu and beyond!


Bimba brings you Nepal’s best glass etching services ensuring top quality and build for all your orders, big or small. Our expert team of managers and artisans with several decades of experience in the field are dedicated to performing all tasks spotlessly with customer satisfaction as their ultimate end goal. Decorate your beloved glass with the etching service you prefer and augment the beauty and functionality of your space to a whole new level with Bimba. An art contained in itself, Bimba’s Etching service brings out the best of any glass with its transforming touch.
With our top-notch etching services, etch your:

Glass Etching in Door

Bevel paste your glass door, sandblast it for privacy, etch your favorite art piece, texture them, stain them…, whatever pleases you!

Glass Etching in Window

Transform the look and functionality of your glass windows with etching.

Etched Glass Signage

Etch your company’s logo to make informative and charming signages that attract.

Glass Etching in Partitions

Etch your way out with your glass partitions.

Glass Etching in Staircase

Upgrade your staircase’s look adding aesthetics to your interiors.

Glass Etching in Wall

Make accent walls with etched glass piece over them!


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