Glass Furniture in Nepal

There is more to the world of glass furniture than you might think!!! Offices and residences, hotels and restaurants, corporate buildings, you will see glass furniture everywhere! It is because the history of glass is old and intertwined with our history. In this one, we will be discussing the scope of glass furniture in Nepal and modern glass manufacturers.

Current Nepalese Glass Market:

Basically, Glass is a prime furnishing material. Designers and architects love glass, we all know that. Today, there are varieties of furniture items available in the Nepalese market. Importers and manufacturers keep fulfilling the ever-rising demand for modern furniture including glass furniture. There are many companies that supply furniture to the Nepali market, including national and international. Hence, the overall market for glass and other furniture is on the rise, undoubtedly in the Nepalese market as well. Most solutions in the segment are ready-made. As such, customers have limited options when buying such furniture.


To cater to our customers’ growing need for exotic glass and mirror furniture and to empower them with a variety of glass and furniture designs, Bimba, founded in 2021, as a one-stop custom glass and mirror solution shop, started manufacturing hi-tech modernistic glass/mirror furniture for Nepali homes and interiors. We are making hi-tech glass furniture in Nepal a reality.

Glass Furniture in Nepal (By Bimba):

1. Glass tables:

One will be left awestruck at the sight of our glass tables. Bimba crafts exotic glass tables that look awesome and function just perfect.  We draw inspiration from nature while designing our products so they might look familiar to you as well even if it may be the first sight!!! Make use of these glass tables as your coffee table, a table for your meeting room, or just a showcase furniture piece. Cause honestly, they will turn a lot of your home visitors into admirers with their beauty.

2. Mirrored Furniture:

Mirrored furniture is charming, they possess a certain aura! As the name suggests, these furniture pieces are layered with mirror tiles that give them an uncanny look. Furniture with mirrored glass can be an excellent choice for furnishing luxurious homes and bungalows giving them a wild and fascinating feel. When combined with our designer mirrors, they make excellent designer consoles. These crazy-looking mirrored pieces are sure to evoke a feeling or two in a live man’s heart.


3. Cabinets (Glass)

Glass cabinets let you showcase your cherished collectibles in an open shelved manner but with protection and style. You can choose from a variety of glass types to make your cabinets. So choose the one that best fits your intended purpose. Glass cabinets can be used across the kitchen, living rooms, and most parts of the house for displaying purposes. As a better replacement for solid cabinetry, they allow for better visualization of what’s kept inside them. Toughened glass can make robust cabinets. Whereas, textured and frosted glass provides privacy and decor. Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp, harmful pieces when they break, hence is a good choice in terms of safety. Tinted glass can be used to make cabinets with an artistic feel and privacy. If you want your cabinets to look traditional and cultural, you can accomplish that too with our glass etching techniques.

4. Glass Shelves:

Glass Shelves have become the new norm of storage across modern bathrooms, clinics, homes, hotels, shops, etc.  Shelves themselves being utilitarian furniture, when made of glass, scores A in both form and function. Toughened glass mounted horizontally on the wall can create an open shelving system that is efficient and visually aesthetic. Glass shelving can be excellent for the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and offices, shops, and retailer stores.  The shelves can be made in any shape and size to fit the requirement. Plus, they can be designed in a number of creative ways to add a touch of beauty and aesthetics to your space along with functionality.

5. Mirrors: 

Mirrors are an item of daily need for most of us. We love to check our appearance in the mirror, whether at home, office, or the restaurant. They have become an essential furniture piece in our life. Mirrors add depth and design to a space making the space look larger than it is. Plus, they scatter light rays and brighten up the dark and gloomy corners of a room. Bimba Glass Interiors Nepal produces, crafts, and customizes mirrors of various designs and functionality to suit your requirement. You can get all kinds of mirrors, from plain normal designs to exquisite designer ones with Bimba, all of whom are crafted wholly in our own country Nepal.


6. Glass Whiteboards: 

An excellent replacement for a traditional writing board is a glass writing board a.k.a dry-erase writing board.  Whereas, the utilities of a glass board are not just limited to writing as it can also serve as a canvas for sticking notes, etc. You can use regular markers to write on them just as you would do on a normal whiteboard. Later, you can clean the surface by wipe cleaning with a table cloth. Glass is non-porous, hence the boards do not gather stains and after marks even after long use and instead remain shiny and glossy. Getting a glass board will eliminate all the dust and pain that comes with using other writing boards. Plus, they look visually appealing so add on to the aesthetics of the interior setting. 


7. Glass Table Tops: 

Tables look awesome when coupled with a glass tabletop therefore see-through spec of these table tops doesn’t obscure the vision and instead highlights the details and specs of your interior decor. Use them as a coffee table, dining table, patio furniture.  Freely choose the shape, size, color, thickness, edge design, etc for your tabletop and we will make it as per your needs. Tempered glass makes strong and durable tabletops that don’t possess harm upon breakage.  Get a black glass or a tinted glass tabletop. You can also opt for a lacquered option and make a bold statement with your tables. Regardless, the tops can also be etched with various glass etching techniques to engrave the design and decor that you will like to flaunt on them. Lastly, you also have a plethora of options when choosing the top’s edge design like polished, beveled, OGEE, etc.

8. LED Mirrors:

LED Mirrors are a game-changer in the world of interior decor. These mirrors come with LED light strips and hence glow. We make varieties of shapes like square, round, long with intricate designs and attention to detail. Product Specifications: Modi guard glass quality, Mirror thickness: 5 mm, 6 mm, IP20 60 LED WW/WH/ Custom, Light touch switch with dimmer, high-quality MDF.  LED mirrors will make your home beautiful and your life easy. They will ease up your grooming sessions and makeup. Dressing becomes easy.

With our product customization service, have us craft you the exact mirror you desire so that you can furnish your space better than ever. So, light up your homes, hotels, and offices with Bimba LED Mirrors and instill the vibe.

For more varieties of LED Mirrors Visit our LED Mirror Shop.


Glass VS. Wooden Furniture


Glass and Wood furniture is different, simply by their raw material nature. There is also hybrid furniture made up of both of these materials. Therefore when choosing between glass and wood furniture, you should keep these points in mind to make a clever decision:

Furniture Maintenance: Fixing damaged wood furniture is easy, whereas fixing glass furniture is harder. At the onset of an accident or a mishap, glass furniture is more prone to damage considering its brittle furniture. Regardless, tempered glass when shattered does not break into sharp pieces and especially can be an excellent and safe option for making tables and similar furniture pieces.

Furniture Hygiene: A glass surface is non-porous whereas a wood surface is highly porous. As a result, germs and bacterias tend to accumulate on the wood surface’s pore and end up infecting the surface. Therefore, glass furniture is a more sterile and thus is an hygienic option.

Beauty and Aesthetics:  An ideal furniture should have both form and function. Firstly, glass is transparent, so your furniture won’t block views. Instead, they will highlight the details of your home as they sparkle like diamonds. Part of the reason why they are charming to the eye! On the contrary, wood furniture, as you know, acts in the opposite manner of that as glass furniture. The main point is to match your furniture with aspects of your contemporary home decor.

No more do you need to import exotic glass furniture like the likes of LED Mirrors and Designer Glass tables from abroad cause Bimba makes it here in Nepal now!

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