Glass in Modern Housing

It is almost impossible to imagine modern housing without glass. Glass is a versatile element that is widely utilized in modern-day architecture. Glass gives buildings a timeless look with maximum efficiency. Its transparent nature creates a sense of free-flowing space allowing the natural light indoors without blocking the view outside. Architects are able to freely express their creativity and ingenuity with glass in the buildings they design. And so can you, if you check out this blog and find out about the ways glass is incorporated into modern-day housing.

Glass in Modern Housing in Nepal:

In Nepal, the popularity of glass in the housing sector is steadily increasing. Glass is being used for glazing both small and big building structures. New skyscrapers are emerging into the scene, all of which have a major portion of them made up of glass. Similarly, glass doors and windows are also gaining popularity. Besides, all of the glass applications discussed above in this article are available and in practice today in Nepal. From showrooms to offices, residential buildings to commercial buildings, skyscraper structures to new modern housing, it is hard to imagine the construction of these structures without an element as important as glass.

Let us introduce you to some of the applications of glass for modern housing in Nepal.

Glass Partitions (Toughened Glass):

There are a lot of options for you to choose from when partitioning your interior space. Yet glass will be the most appealing choice for making partitions. The toughened and laminated glass has been making excellent partition options in Nepal because of factors such as durability and safety. Glass partitions can give an uncluttered look to your indoors. You can choose to whether display or block the view in and out of your partition based on the type of glass you choose to install. Furthermore, you can etch your glass partitions to reflect your preferred figure, pattern, color, and so on, enhancing the attractiveness of your home while also allowing it to be partitioned easily. Glass’s transparent nature instills an airy ambiance to your indoors.


Skylights are another interesting use of glass in architecture. They have gained huge popularity, especially in modern housing in city areas all over Nepal. Basically, skylights denote the structures designed on the roof that directly allow the natural light into the space below. Laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights because they are durable and in case they break, they don’t fall apart into pieces. The inter-layer lamination holds the shattered pieces together in case of impact. Thus, laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights giving your house form and function.


Railings on the edge of our stairs work as a support for us when ascending or descending the stairs. Modern-day architecture introduced glass railings, the popularity of which has skyrocketed across the architectural world across both residential and commercial buildings. Glass staircases have elegant looks that will elevate the ambiance of your balcony and rooftops. Glass can be straight or curved and made as per required shape to create the desired type of staircase making them match the building’s contemporary decor scheme.

Nepal is no exception to the trend of glass staircases or rather a need than just a trend! In certain cases, it becomes almost obligatory to install a glass staircase in order to match it with the building’s architecture. Just visit modern housing colonies like Bhaisepati, Budanikhantha, Naxal, etc. These transparent staircases have wondrous look and with the right type of glass, they become durable and almost completely safe as well. So you can have yourself a staircase that looks as if it is hanging in mid-air. The recently constructed Dharahara too has glass railings installed on its top, which facilitates the viewers with utmost safety and a clear view of the majestic city below.

Kitchen Walls and Splashbacks:

Glass can make excellent splashbacks for kitchens for they wipe clean easily thus preventing grout buildup. Lacquered glass splashbacks serve the purpose all the while adding a bold design statement to your kitchen. Also, On the other hand, Glass mirror tiles can add unparalleled beauty and design aesthetic to your kitchen or dining hall. Glass Dining tables have exquisite looks that will enhance your kitchen’s beauty. So, next time you construct or renovate the kitchen, give the glass a chance.

Glass Writing Boards:

An excellent replacement for a traditional writing board is a glass writing board a.k.a dry-erase writing board. The utilities of a glass board are not just limited to writing as it can also serve as a canvas for sticking notes, photographs, etc. You can use regular markers to write on them just as you would do on a normal whiteboard. Later, you can clean the surface by wipe cleaning with a table cloth. Glass is non-porous, hence the boards do not gather stains and after marks even after long use and instead remain shiny and glossy. Getting a glass board will eliminate all the dust and pain that comes with using other writing boards. Plus, they look visually appealing so add on to the aesthetics of the interior setting.

Glass Furniture:

Equally, as an accent piece of as-is furniture, glass furniture has timeless looks that bestow our modern homes and offices with unparalleled beauty. Glass can make exquisite tables for dining, coffee tables, display cabinets, and shelves, that are extremely eye-catchy. Furthermore, you can add figures, murals, paintings, and engravings into your glass furniture for style and beauty.

Glass cabinets:

Glass cabinets let you showcase your cherished collectibles in an open shelved manner but with protection and style. Toughened glass can make robust cabinets. Whereas, textured and frosted glass provides privacy and decor. Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp, harmful pieces when they break, hence is a good choice in terms of safety. Tinted glass can be used to make cabinets with an artistic feel and privacy. If you want your cabinets to look traditional and cultural, you can accomplish that too with different glass etching techniques.

Shower cabinets:

Shower cabinets are shower enclosures that keep your shower area enclosed inside a cubicle for the sake of keeping the rest of your bathroom’s space dry and thus free from slippery danger. They block the water from spreading all over the bathroom area floor. Shower cabinets can change the way your bathrooms and wet rooms look and function making them look clever and modern.  Similar to any other glass application, shower cabinets are gaining attention in the Nepalese bathrooms and architecture scene for their elegant looks and functionality. You cannot miss out on Shower Cabinet in Nepal while you are building your home.

Lacquered Glass:

Lacquered glass is back-painted with lacquer giving it a smooth and glossy finish. Such glasses are utilized for making splashback for the kitchen and bathrooms. They can also be customized to make attractive logos and signage for the business.


Glass Etching:

There are many different types of glass etching techniques that allow us to alter a glass’s surface as per the user’s requirement. Glass etching enables the user to engrave any design, figure, painting, or texture upon a glass surface. Etching has gained widespread popularity in the Nepalese architectural world for its applications ranging from coloring glass, texturing glass, frosting, bevel pasting, glue chipping, and a lot more!


Mirrors are an indispensable part of everyday life. They play an eminent part in our decor scheme whether it be home, office, salons, and restaurants. Standard mirrors are made up of glass. Today, there are varieties of mirrors in the market that do more than just show us our faces. You can find decorative mirrors such as Venetian, LED mirrors, and mirrors of all shapes (rectangular, circular) and sizes. If positioned properly, the mirror can be very beneficial. They disperse the light making the room brighter. They also add depth and make a room look larger than it actually is, giving you the sensation of living in a bigger space. Let us look at some of the latest trends in the world of mirrors in Nepal.

LED Mirrors:

No more struggling to clear blemishes off your face in low light conditions because an LED mirror has you covered up. LED mirrors light up your face by directly casting their bright lights upon your face. Homes and offices, salons, bars, and restaurants, all can benefit from acquiring an LED mirror in these modern times. The popularity of LED Mirrors in Nepal is slowly gathering pace with the emergence of Bimba and likes.

Designer Mirrors:

Crafted by skilled craftsmen, designer mirrors have exquisite looks and appeal. Designer mirrors are more than just regular mirrors, for they have unparalleled beauty which you can flaunt in your decor scheme. Nepalese have long been fond of designer mirrors, which they used to import from abroad. But now you can get your new designer mirror custom-made with Bimba!

The list of utilities of glass in modern-day housing of Nepal can be exhaustive as the list might go on forever. Glass has earned its reputation owing to its versatility. From gaining its use simply as a window or door, modern-day techniques allow users to be used as art pieces, partitions, furniture, signage or logo etching, wall paneling, shower cabinets, railing, staircases, skylights, facades, and a lot more. It is without a doubt that the item will be continuously used in the housing and building sector in the days to come.

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