Lacquered Glass in Nepal

Ok, so we are back with another informational glass blog! By now you should have a pretty good idea of what the blog is about from the title of course. Try peeking in if you happen to be, in any way, looking for lacquered glass in Nepal. Let’s get straight into it:

Lacquer refers to thick, bright, color coatings that are applied to various things to produce a protective shield that extends the life of the object. Apply the same principle to glass, and you get the lacquered glass. Back painted glass, colored glass, and decorative glass are some of the various names for this style of glass.

Manufacturing Process of Lacquered glass:

A thick lacquer coating is applied on the back of a glass which is then baked in an oven at a high temperature to strongly bind the coating to the glass surface. The process produces sleek, glossy colored glass that gives the user unmatched aesthetics and functionality.

Qualities of Lacquered Glass:


Designers and architects rever lacquer glass for the vibrancy and color appeal they bring to a decor scheme. Manufacturers can easily produce colored glass as per the customer’s color need, so you need not worry about not finding what you are looking for! 30+ colors Available


Painted and baked, they are shiny and bright in appearance. The property makes them fit for a lot of architectural applications.


A thick lacquer coating makes the glass opaque, so the glass doesn’t allow any light to pass through it. Hence, unlike normal glass, one cannot see through a lacquered glass. No transparency means total privacy!


The color coating and the whole glass structure last longer than a normal glass would. So your glass remains preserved for a longer period. Fret not, for the paint is sturdy and won’t chip off for ages to come.

UV resistant:

Resistivity to UV means no ultraviolet rays pass through your lacquered glass. Which sure means increased protection to you.

Moisture resistant:

The glass is resistive to moisture thus repels it away.  So they are widely used across the kitchen area.

Uses of Lacquered glass in Nepal:

Here are the prominent uses of lacquered glass in Nepal at present:

Kitchen (Furniture | Counter | Splashback)

Lacquered glass is quickly becoming the choice for Paneling modular Kitchens, Splashbacks, counters, and furniture in Nepal. The intended purpose of using splashbacks is to resist moisture and liquid splatters. Lacquered glass makes excellent splashbacks that not only serve the purpose but elevate your kitchen’s beauty. They are easy to wipe clean thus preventing any grout buildup over time. Splashbacks are also used in bathrooms over the bathroom sink where they repel the splashing water and protect the bathroom wall surface underneath them from dampening.

As kitchen counters and furniture occupies the middle space of the kitchen, they need to have captivating and stylish looks which this glass easily gives them.

Wall Paneling

Yes, of course, there are infinite options for wall paneling today,  but colored glass stands on a tier of its own. You can give your walls a modish and chic look with lacquered glass tiles and make a statement of your style. You will be transforming your wall into an attractive and fascinating sight.


Furnish your wardrobes with lacquered glass and you will know exactly what your wardrobes were missing out on. Quality glass, a wide range of color choices, and modern looks for modern interiors.


Yes, of course, there are infinite options for wall paneling today,  but colored glass stands on a tier of its own. You can A Signage can make or break your company as it has the power to attract customers or repel them away. Nepali companies and businesses are increasingly shifting to lacquered glass signage for improved aesthetics and performance. As such, lacquered glass signages are becoming a common sight across Nepali banks, malls, buildings, and business hubs.

Pillar Cladding

Pillars, the symbol of your building’s strength can now be beautified in a fashionable manner! Lacquered glass cladding for pillars can add beauty and aesthetics, radically transforming the pillar’s look for the best!

Lacqured Glass Partition

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are an aesthetic choice in themselves. When combined with some lacquer, the choice becomes even better. This way you can incorporate more beauty and aesthetics into your decor scheme, as you go on partitioning your space.

A versatile glass choice

The structure of this glass makes it a versatile choice as manufacturers can easily cut, bevel, drill, polish, edge-finish, or ground the glass giving manufacturers the freedom to maneuver their way with the glass, gradually reaching the desired outcome.  The versatility aspect extends to the user side, as they are extremely easy to clean and also stay relatively less dirty compared to other options. Just some water and cloth are all you need to clean your kitchen if they are clad with lacquered glass.

Get Creative with Lacquered Glass:

Glass manufacturers in Nepal can produce custom lacquered glass as per their client’s needs and likings. The evolving technology now allows you to make stunning lacquered glass pieces to accommodate your beloved modern contemporary homes and offices. Making your company’s signage boards and adverts have become a smooth process, just like the color paint on its back. Pay attention next time you visit your bank, those chic-looking signage could very as well be lacquered!

Designing interior spaces becomes an exciting process with guaranteed amazing outcomes when you decide to add the touch of wonderful colored glass.  Let your imaginations prevail, draw upon the shades of this magnificent glass(for they come in many shades) to color your imaginations as they manifest into firm reality. Get creative in the process as you design your homes and offices in 2022  in Nepal, pay attention to trends such as these cause if you don’t, you might be missing out on precious things! You might have liked those chic-looking kitchen countertops and cabinets in movies or somewhere else, my point is it could very well be a lacquered kitchen. So, keep on exploring, the world is full of colorful surprises. 

Price and current trends:

Prices start from Rs 550 per sq ft with 5mm Glass and vary as per color, design, glass thickness, and several other factors. This is the current market trend at the time of writing this article. Kindly contact your preferred choice of glass manufacturer in Nepal to know further about the price and trends.

So, there you have it! Did we miss anything? The comment section will always be there for us to converse further! So, color along!!

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