Lacquered Glass

What is Lacquered Glass?

Back-painted with lacquer, lacquered glass is shiny, glossy, and opaque and looks luxurious. Due to their versatile appearance, they can be used for furnishing multiple modern interior spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, dinings, kids’ rooms as alternatives to tiles and marbles.

Bimba specializes in producing lacquered glass, ideal for furnishing walls, kitchens, living space, bathrooms, cupboards, table-tops, cabinets et cetera.  The possibilities of designing and decor are endless with lacquered glass.

Leverage the full potential of this ingenious commodity by combining it with your all-pervading imagination to build your interiors the way you want it with Nepal’s best glass company, Bimba!

Lacquered Glass Applications

Kitchen Splashbacks:

Rejuvenate your kitchen with a blend of beauty and hygiene with lacquered glass kitchen splashbacks. They are moisture-resistant and easy to wipe clean, preventing the buildup of grout and cooking stains that might otherwise build up over time upon other splash-backs types, thus making your cooking sessions fun, hassle-free, and deliciously colorful.

Wall tiling/cladding:

Versatile as ever, lacquered glass is beginning to be heavily used in wall tiling purposes and partition walls. Make your interiors look vibrant and chic with varieties of colored lacquered glasses that will make a statement and showcase your personality.

Splashbacks Interiors:

Unlike any other material, Lacquered glass can heighten your stylistic appeal. Their bold color and shine can transform the look of your closet doors, glass tabletops, cupboards, bar countertops, etc., adding personality and statement to your interior décor scheme.

Have your guests sing about the beauty and style reflected by your interiors with Bimba’s lacquered glasses!

“2 years Warranty” in our Lacquered Glass Services subjected to the following conditions:

  • Lacquered glass warranty only applies to glass that is installed using acid-free silicon glue. The use of other products during installation will void this warranty.
  • Lacquered glass warranty only applies to glass that is installed indoors and, in a moisture-free environment.
  • In the unexpected event of product failure, Bimba will replace only the areas in concern. There will be no compensation for labor, raw materials, overhead expenses, or any loss incurred.
  • The warranty applies only to the direct buyer and does not extend to any other party.
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