Mirror Tiles in Nepal

What are Mirror Tiles?

Mirror tiles are basically beveled mirror pieces cut in different geometrical shapes, such as squares, rectangular, diamond, wedge. We also produce tiles with different colors and textures. With these tiles, one can design his/her own unique mirror giving the mirror custom length and diagonal size. You can also transform a whole wall into a bold statement accent wall with these tiles!

Mirror tiles can be used to decorate numerous interior sections such as;

Mirror Tiles in Bedroom
Mirror Tiles in Living Room
Living Room
Mirror Tiles in Dining Hall
Dining Hall
Mirror Tiles in Ceiling
Mirror Tiles in Pillar
Visual Image of Mirror Tile in Stairs
Wet Bar
Visual Image of Mirror Tile in Bar Cabinet

They will add a whole new dimension and depth to any space and will make a smaller area look larger after installation. Plus, these tiles will scatter the light rays and make the space look brighter as well.

So, create your own unique mirror with our tiles and be the designer yourself! Here are some of our mirror tile designs for your inspiration.

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Bimba is the proud producer and supplier of mirror tiles in Nepal!

The ease of designing with mirror tiles is unspoken. Measure your installation area, plan your design, and have your tiles shipped to your doorstep by Bimba. You can easily stick the tiles with silicon on the wall surface.

Important Tips for Mirror Panels Installation

  • For Mirror Tiles Installation, a smooth wall surface is recommended. In case the wall surface is very irregular, we recommend ply backing to ensure level smoothness. 
  • We recommend the installation of mirror tiles by qualified and experienced technicians/ carpenters. 
  • Silicone (Non-Acetic, Natural, Mirror Friendly) must be used for the installation of mirror tiles.
  • Mirror Tiles are not recommended in walls that have seepage.

Installing Mirror Tiles

Installing your newly acquired mirror tiles is an easy job if you pursue them with a little bit of effort. Remember, when installing these tiles, a little bit of creativity goes a long way!Bimba is the proud producer and supplier of mirror tiles in Nepal!


  • Map out an area on your chosen installation space.
  • Plan the design and orientation of the mirror you are about to create.
  • Call or DM us with your design requirements.
  • Receive the order with all needed adhesives.
  • Unpack your Bimba mirror tiles from its package.
  • Apply silicone gel on the back of each tile and firmly stick them onto the chosen surface.

Regardless, if you are not into doing it yourself, Bimba can connect you with professional carpenters and crafters who can always do the job for you!

With their enigmatic charm and lustrous design, mirror tiles make up for a miraculous interior design element. A designer yet a simple furniture piece, our tiles will manifest into a source of ethereal beauty inside your interiors, a beauty that will slowly begin to seep into your life!

  1. Unleash Creativity: Customize your mirror with Bimba’s versatile mirror tiles in various shapes and colors.
  2. Expand and Brighten: Add depth and brightness to any room, making small spaces appear larger.
  3. Easy Installation, Stunning Results: Stick mirror tiles to smooth walls with silicone gel for a flawless finish.
  4. Pro Tips for Perfection: Smooth surface recommended; consider professional installation for irregular walls.
  5. DIY or Professional Assistance: Let your creativity shine or rely on Bimba’s skilled craftsmen for a picture-perfect installation.
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