Mirrors for Modern Interiors

How often do you check yourself in the mirror? Probably every morning after you get out of bed, as most people do. After all, appearance matters and almost all of us want to look good every day. But the practicality of mirrors doesn’t just end there. In fact, our beloved mirrors have a whole world of their own, one that clearly overarches beyond serving us with their basic functionality. So come with us on this journey to explore their mesmerizing world. And learn how you can use mirrors to build modern interiors in Nepal in 2022.

Besides using mirrors to look at ourselves and check our attire, you can cleverly incorporate mirrors into your modern-day interiors to achieve stunning visual and lighting effects. Designers and architects largely rely on the versatility of mirrors when designing modern interiors. With clever use of mirrors, designers can add depth and stunning design features to any interior setting. Mirrors can deceive the brain into believing that a space is larger than it is. In addition, they also brighten up a gloomy room by scattering light rays around the space. This way, they open up a whole new dimension from your bland old wall space, like in this before and after scene shown below:

In case you are perplexed by the look and ability of the mirror featured above, they are our mirror tiles in action at one of our clients’ kitchens in Buddhanilkantha, Kathmandu. Mirror tiles are tile-like mirror pieces that are glued to the wall to create mirrors with custom shapes and sizes. These tiles allow the designers complete freedom in designing a custom wall mirror.

Mirrors for modern interiors in Nepal:

Architects and designers will go so far as to say that every room in your interior can benefit from the use of mirrors. And trust me, they are being honest when they say so. Let’s look at how you can utilize mirrors across different interior sections to give them modernistic look:

Mirrors for walls:

Now there are different types of walls. You could be decorating your bedroom wall, dining wall, bathroom wall, hallway wall, and so on. Since each wall is different, you will need different styles of mirrors to decorate each one of them and bring all of your boring walls back to life. Also, there are myriad mirror styles to choose from for each wall type, making your interior decorative endeavors with mirrors an insanely fun process. Look below for some inspiration for mirroring your modern-day interior walls:

The above examples were meant to give you some hints on how mirrors can drastically transform modern-day interiors. And also, different wall spaces require different styles of mirrors. Witness how the mirrors add depth to the spaces, making them look way larger than they actually are. How do you like the glowing tree bathroom mirror? It is an LED mirror that glows, making up for — a modern-day bathroom mirror.

Mirrors for Bedroom:

There are a lot of options when it comes to mirroring your bedroom. You can go for LED mirrors or mirror tiles, or get a Venetian mirror. If you prefer antique mirrors with a rustic look, or if that look will complement your bedroom the best, then get that one. No matter which mirror you install, you need to position it at suitable heights from the ground and also at clever positions from where they will reflect the rest of your beautiful bedroom. Get a mirror frame that matches your contemporary decor aesthetics to blend in the looks.

Mirrors for Kitchen:

It is advised to include mirror tiles and similar designer mirrors pieces in your kitchen for a modern kitchen look and feel. Although they may not amplify your kitchen’s aromatic smell, they will definitely add depth and make your kitchen look larger instantly. If your kitchen is suffering from inadequate light, then mirrors can increase the kitchen’s brightness by scattering whatever light rays the mirror receives. If you are low on space, you should go for a borderless mirror. If you have adequate space, you can experiment with wonderful bordered mirrors for your kitchen. The photographs below depict the use of mirror tiles as splashbacks in the kitchens. A pie to the eye, mirrors will steal the show away!

Mirrors for Bathrooms:

I believe no bathroom is complete without a mirror. You can decorate your bathrooms with stunning LED mirrors for extra functionality. Bathrooms often have smaller spaces as compared to other parts of your house. In addition, they could also be lacking natural light, making the bathroom gloomy. A good mirror can be the solution to all those problems. Plus, if you choose to install an LED mirror in your bathroom, then your grooming and makeup sessions will be easier than ever. So groom on with ease making sure not a single blemish remains on your face.

Mirrors for hallways:

Hallways are what get you from point A to point B in your house. It is better that you decorate your hallways with mirrors to add depth and design there as well. Strategically place your mirrors on your hallways to make them reflect the visuals around them. So that the next time you pass through your hallway, you will not feel so empty as before.


I am sure you must have conjectured all the major benefits of using mirrors and designer reflective surfaces in your modern interior spaces by now at this point of the blog. Still, here I sum it to you:

Adds Unparalleled Depths and Design:

This is especially beneficial in smaller, more confined room areas and interior spaces. Mirrors create the illusion of space by tricking you to believe that the space is larger than it actually is.

It brightens up the room:

Mirrors scatter off light rays falling on them and brightens the room. You can strategically position mirrors to brighten up gloomier areas of a room, hallway, or any other relevant space.

Flexibility in Design:

Thanks to human ingenuity and tech advancement, mirrors today come in infinite versions. There is a mirror for every place and style. So choosing the perfect mirror for your space is easier now than ever. Antique, Venetian, framed, frameless…, the choices are plenty. More choices allow you to display your creativity to your full potential while designing your spaces.

Invite your outdoors inside:

You can position a mirror opposite a picture window to make it reflect the window’s scene and invite your outdoors in! In fact, you are able to summon your outdoor view and turn it into your home’s new dimension. It’s a big yes especially if you have pleasant views outside.

Artistic Effects:

You can custom craft mirrors to exude artistic charm with which you can bestow your interiors. Whether you want a maximalist or a minimalist look for your home, you can have it. Treat your mirrors just like you would treat your artwork and canvases that you like to decorate your walls with.

Add on to the Glimmer and Glamour:

Up your luxe quotient in your modern interiors with awe-inspiring mirror ideas and spruce up the ambiance to the fullest with designer mirrors, vignettes, Venetian, antique, rustic, or anyone that matches your contemporary home decor scheme. They add a subtle touch of luxury, and beauty when cleverly placed keeping in view the contemporary decor scheme.

Helps you get Ready:

The main function of this wonderful object shouldn’t go unnoticed. Mirrors show us our reflections. They help us get ready, and let us check if our attire is alright. Grooming yourself is almost impossible without facing a clear mirror, the same goes for putting on make-up. Today, you can find yourself sophisticated LED mirrors in the market that will make your grooming sessions effortless and exciting. More on this later on!

How to get the perfect mirror for your interiors?

Both the aspects, functionality, and aesthetics matter when installing these creative reflective surfaces onto your modern-day interiors for achieving the best results. So you need to pay attention to some key points before getting your new mirror, such as:

First, run wild with imagination:

You can let your imagination run wild to come up with creative concepts for decorating your modern interiors with mirrors. Since there are plenty of choices to choose from, and more with mirror customization service, you are more than likely to get the exact mirror of your imagination. Won’t that be a pleasure!

Dimensions of your mirror:

How big of a mirror do you want to install in your room. Getting the mirror size right is a crucial task in installing a functional and aesthetic mirror that helps you neatly tie up your decor look. So take accurate measurements before placing your mirror order online to receive a mirror that fits in perfectly where you wish it to.

Consider your intended use:

What do you hope to do with your new mirror? Where do you want to install them? Your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom? The nature of your mirrors differs from one interior setting to another. So carefully consider the style of your mirror before placing your order online.

Place your order online:

You can place your order online and get your mirror delivered right to your doorstep. You can then unpack the thing and get it installed in your space. Browse through our store to see all the types of mirrors that Bimba crafts.

So there you have it. Now you know how mirrors are transforming modern-day interiors in Nepal. I’m glad you can do the same to your beloved interiors. So go on and bless your modern-day interiors with charming mirrors!

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