3 Diamond Mirror Tile Design

This beautiful diamond patterned mirror tile design from Bimba will leave any room with a contemporary and modern feel. The empty linings on the design also give the tiles room to spread out, increasing their design flexibility and dramatically enhancing the aesthetics of any space. So, if you are seeking a unique alternative to traditional tiles for your home, Bimba’s 3 diamonds mirror tile design is the way to go. 

3 Diamond Mirror Tiles Design in Nepal

Technical Details

Individual Panel Size 12” * 12”
Delivery Terms 3-4 days
Material 5mm Thick Modi Guard Mirror
Installation Type Wall Fixed or Ply Fixed
Adhesive Silicone
Uses Wall art, Wall Decor, Living room, Bathroom etc.
  • Each Panel Size is 12” * 12”.
  • Installation: It can be pasted directly on the wall or you can also paste it on a plyboard. Installing on Plyboard means you can remove as you want.
  • You can create your own design idea by fixing different combinations on the wall.
  • The price is for the mirror panels only and is exclusive of VAT.
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