Chinese Border LED Mirror (24*36)


Chinese Border LED Mirror


Our Chinese Border LED Mirror is inspired by the Chinese Square Frame Design. In contrast to other countries, China has a very different concept of a “square”. Here, this design’s straight lines and sharp corners stand in for rules and laws. It not only depicts tradition and culture but also enhances the beauty of your space. Our Chinese Border LED mirror’s subtle yet bright lights highlight your features and give you the ideal space to primp and prepare for the day, from applying makeup and styling your hair to other important tasks.

Technical Details

Product Code BIMBALED-CH
Size 24*36
Delivery Terms 8-10 Days
LED Options Brilliant LED WW/ WH/ Both
Material 5 mm Thick Mirror, Forex Board
Illumination Switch Touch Switch with Dimmer
Installation Type Wall Hanging
Package Includes Screw-Set, Hook
Uses Bathroom, Kitchen, Wall art, Wall Decor, Living room, etc.
Warranty 1 Year



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