Saibaba Decorative LED Wall Hang

Saibaba Decorative LED Wall Hang

Look at him and he shall look at you. Behold the Saibaba of Shirdi with our Saibaba imprinted unique decorative LED wall hang. Most importantly, as the fakir said, you should be able to see the divine in the human being. Also, if you see with your inner eye, you will find out that you are no different than god. Let the saint’s wisdom guide you in your path. As the bright mirror light shows you the way forward. 

A customized LED mirror with Saibaba’s photograph imprinted should fill you with religious and pious energy. Therefore, it’s perfect for decorating your bedroom, kitchen, hallways, offices, and restaurants. You can preserve your culture and tradition or preach your religious beliefs with this customized LED mirror. Certainly, the mirror will radiate off with positive vibrations filling your home with it.

Technical Details

Product Code BIMBALED-D01
Custom Size Yes
Delivery Terms 8-10 Days
LED Options Brilliant LED WW/ WH/ Both
Material 5 mm Thick Modi Guard, Forex Board
Illumination Switch Touch Switch with Dimmer
Installation Type Wall Hanging
Package Includes Screw-Set, Hook
Uses Bathroom, Kitchen, Wall art, Wall Decor, Living room, etc.
Warranty 1 Year
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