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Shower cabinets are shower enclosures that keep your shower area enclosed inside a cubicle for the sake of keeping the rest of your bathroom’s space dry and thus free from slippery danger. They block the water from spreading all over the bathroom area floor. Shower cabinets can change the way your bathrooms and wetrooms look and function making them look clever and modern.

Your glass shower cabinets can be frosted for making them translucent or opaque. We can also etch them with glass etching techniques to imprint any figures and designs making them look stylish and matching with your contemporary bathroom decor making sure your new shower cabinets totally resonates with you and the rest of your bathroom area.

Choose Nepal’s best glass company for shower cabinets with guaranteed optimum performance and style!

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Built with Toughened glass, Bimba shower cabinets ensure maximum strength and safety. Our shower cabinets can be customized accordingly to your needs to render it translucent or frosted for the privacy of course- that goes without saying.

Bimba specializes in producing three variants of shower cabinets:

Sliding Door Shower Cabinet
Sliding Door Shower Cabinet

Sliding shower cabinets are better for mobility in bathrooms with smaller areas.

Hinged Door Shower Cabinet
Hinge Door Shower Cabinet

Hinged shower enclosure are best for spacious bathrooms resembling a door-like finish.

Walk-in Shower Enclosure
Walk-in Shower Cabinet Without Door

Walk-in shower cabinets are best if you want your bathroom look larger, cleaner, and more minimalist. 

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