Glass in modern home design

Glass: A Versatile Material in Modern Home Design Of Nepal

Glass is one of the most remarkable building materials around the world. With the many benefits it brings to a project, the integration of glass into modern home design in Nepal has been on the rise for quite some time now. Walk around the neighborhoods of Budhanilkantha, Bhaisepati, or Sitapaila, and you’ll see that most houses feature glass in their architecture in some or the other way. Glass has been emerging as an indispensable element in Nepal. But why so? In this blog, we delve into the innovative uses of glass in design, from floor-to-ceiling windows to decorative art pieces, and why you should consider adding them to yours. Let’s dive in. Rise of Glass Architecture in Modern Home Design of Nepal Decades ago, in Nepal, only a rare few had an all-glass house; everyone else had wooden shutters, zinc or tin roofs, steel railings, etc. However, things are very different today, and glass is a big part of modern architectural designs. Modern home design in Nepal has come up with some amazing glass home designs, each unique, attractive, and interesting. The wooden wardrobes are replaced by glass wardrobes, steel railings are replaced by glass railings, tiles in the kitchen are replaced by glass splashback, and so on. The all-glass design exudes a very luxurious ambiance and an exceptional lifestyle. Advantages of glass in home construction Given its elegant form and high level of utility, glass has quickly become a preferred choice. When positioned correctly, it allows natural light to enter the room, making the entire space look bright and airy. Likewise, there are numerous other reasons why glass is becoming a popular choice among architects and designers. Let’s know more about it.  1. Good Aesthetic Value Glass houses allow natural light to enter throughout the day, making the interiors cozy and inviting, while from outside, they vary from traditional houses and are often considered works of art in Nepal. So, be it doors, windows, railings, or partitions, the architectural value of glass is high in designing aesthetic yet functional homes. 2. Easy To Maintain Unlike other materials, glass doesn’t stain easily or spot the surface, making it a low-maintenance material. Even if you notice any marks or smudges on the glass surface, you can easily wipe them off with a cloth, and they will look brand new each time.  3. Extremely Versatile Glass is a versatile material that can be customized to meet your needs in a variety of ways. It can be colored to give off a lively vibe, frosted to provide privacy, and worked to any shape for something unique. Glasses like tempered glass and laminated glass even make it possible for your house to be bulletproof, shatterproof, and even self-regulating to light and heat. What else do we need? 4. Resistant To Damage Steels rust, woods get termites, but with glass, you don’t need to worry about such impacts. Glass is resistant to corrosion, rust-proof, and can also endure weather changes. Despite its fragile appearance, glass is actually highly durable and scratch resistant, meaning that it’ll last many years before you replace it. 5. Eco-friendly Unlike other building materials, glass is more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t emit hazardous fumes during manufacture, and practically all glass waste is recycled right away. 6. Durable Another amazing quality of glass is its durability; with proper care and usage, it can last for many years with little to no damage. In fact, for added strength, new homeowners are opting for tinted tempered or laminated safety glass. In contrast to traditional glasses, these kinds of glasses are shatter-proof, meaning they are less likely to break even when hit by a strong force.  As a result, they are safer to use around children or pets. How can glass be used in modern home design of Nepal? As we mentioned earlier, applications of glass are no longer limited to partitions or windows: they can also be used for stair railings, wardrobes, or even entire houses. To meet the needs of diverse projects, it is available in a variety of styles and structural strengths. From decorative accents to functional storage solutions, glass can be used in any way you want. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the glass trends. 1. Stair Railings In Nepal, glass stair railings are a popular alternative for wooden handrails and spindles, and we know why! Glass railing has a stunning visual impact, improves transparency and light flow and even makes the room appear larger. When designed and installed properly, it elevates a home’s worth and elegance while also being extremely secure and functional. 2. Shower Cabinets Consider installing shower cabinets in your bathroom if you feel like it’s time for an upgrade. Shower cabinets offer a spacious showering experience and add a touch of style and modernity to your bathroom while also keeping the area dry and reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, you can modify it to meet your needs. For instance, you may consider frosting the glass if you want some privacy. Due to its ability to distort or obscure things entirely, it provides privacy without hindering light. Besides, there are different shapes and designs you can choose from depending on the size of your bathroom.    3. Furniture Although glass furniture may appear fragile, it is actually made with toughened or toughened laminated glass, so it’s not comparable to regular glass. Glass furniture looks stunning in modern and contemporary homes and often emanates refinement and elegance, as it has the unique potential to improve the appeal of materials like wood or marble, allowing you to decorate it any way you desire. 4. Partitions Glass Partitions are slowly becoming a trend in Nepal. People have started realising that, unlike other separators, glass partitions can elevate and create minimalist spaces, even in homes and not just offices. These days, integrating the living space and dining area is very common, and glass panels are used to divide those spaces. Depending on your preference, you can choose etched

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Buy LED Mirror in Nepal

Are you looking to buy an LED mirror in Nepal?  Simply put, LED Mirrors are mirrors that are equipped with led lights and hence they light up when connected to a power source. These mirrors can be crafted in different luxurious shapes, sizes, and designs to perfectly match your decor requirements. If you are looking to buy LED Mirror in Nepal for your home, bathroom, dressing, vanity, or any other purpose then read along. You have landed on the right spot. Get ready to weigh your options as you look for your next LED mirror for your bathroom/vanity/dressing/office/restaurants etc. Benefits of LED Mirror over the traditional mirror: Having an LED bathroom mirror or LED dressing mirror will make your grooming sessions easy and effortless. LED light closely resembles natural sunlight. The bright mirror light falls directly on your face and illuminates your face in the mirror. This way you are better able to view your face with utmost clarity and attention to detail. Also, LED lights have a huge lifespan. They also consume less energy making it a win-win situation! These glowing mirrors will add depth and dimension to your bathrooms, vanity and powder room, dressing rooms, and such. You can even equip your hallway or bedroom or dining space with a dazzling led mirror. They will never disappoint you, instead will make your space look elegant and modern. What things to consider before buying your LED mirror online in Nepal: 2022 Do not fret our fellow Nepali interior enthusiasts. Choosing the right LED Mirror for you shouldn’t be so tricky. Pay attention to these details before buying your LED mirror online: • Measurement First and foremost, take precise measurements (length, breadth) of the space where you plan to install your new led mirror. Your new mirror should be able to fit into its new setting in a seamless manner. • Contemporary house aesthetics Pay attention to your home’s architecture and try to blend the shape of your new mirror into it. For example, if your space is designed with more straight lines then get a rectangular mirror or similar mirror that will mimic the house’s architecture. Or if your house has more curved lines then get a round mirror. This way you will be able to pick the right mirror shape that will resonate with the contemporary aesthetics of your space. • Mirror lighting There are various LED options that vary in brightness level and light color. So cleverly choose your LED option based upon your intended use of your new LED mirror. The mirror lighting can make a difference in the overall functionality of the mirror, so choose wisely! • Mirror Glass The quality of glass used to construct the mirror determines the strength, durability, and overall lifetime of the mirror. So, check the glass quality before ordering your order and make sure to get one with good glass quality. • Bathroom Mirror If you are installing a new lighted bathroom mirror, measure your vanity’s length to match your mirror’s length to it. That way they won’t look out of proportion. Mirrors in bathrooms as known for creating the illusion of a larger space in a rather smaller bathroom area. That is to say, mirrors add depth ness to a room space. • Dimmer option The dimmer feature allows you to whether increase or decrease the amount of light emanating from your lED mirror. This way, you are better able to control the intensity of light as per your requirement and environmental setting. • Budget As the usage of LED mirrors in Nepal is just getting into trend and can be quite expensive. There are retail options that are imported without warranties but BIMBA provides LED Mirror that is made in Nepal according to the quantity/design and budget. Modern technology and creative ideas break the boundaries of creation allowing us to create infinite designs. In conclusion, head over to our page to get design ideas and further information regarding LED Mirrors and other different designer mirrors. Here are some LED Mirrors BIMBA provides online: See more LED Mirror Designs & Buy Here!! Just in case, you happen to have difficulties choosing the right mirror for you, get in touch with us to get all your queries answered.

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LED Mirrors in Nepal

LED Mirrors in Nepal

For those of you who are unaware of what an Led mirror exactly is. It denotes any mirrors that are equipped with LED lights, thus the mirrors glow when connected to electricity and other power sources. Led mirrors can serve as an excellent choice for bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, mirrors for the dressing room, living room, etc. PS, for the convenience of our fellow Nepalis, BimbaGlassInteriors now crafts custom LED mirrors as per your liking. LED Mirrors are a trending entity in the world of interior décor today. These illuminated mirrors hold the drastic potential to transform your interiors with their style and ambient lighting.  The advantages of LED Mirrors over Traditional Non-lighted Mirrors: 1. The more and better the lighting, the better you will be able to perform your grooming, makeup, and shaving. LED mirrors to give you all that required lighting aiming the light directly at your face making sure you never miss a spot while grooming yourself. Besides, gracing your bathrooms and vanities, these mirrors, nevertheless, will be an awesome piece to have even inside your bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways as you can turn on/off the mirror’s light at the touch of a button. 2. Compared to incandescent and fluorescent light sources, they consume less power yet deliver brighter light. Plus, the average lifespan of LEDs is multiple times that of incandescent and fluorescent light sources. This saves you the hassle of having to frequently change light bulbs. 3. Bathroom Lights overhanging your head can be an eyesore, They cast shadows on your face rendering you unable to view your face. LED Mirror can solve this issue by providing you with a clear and glowing view of your full face making your grooming sessions more convenient than ever. 4. Creating a sense of depth, these ambient glowing mirrors can make a small space look and feel large, definitely plus points for our bathrooms and other smaller interior spaces. 5. Bimba’s LED Mirrors have an aura of their own. They look stunning either way, lights on or off! LED Mirrors Made in Nepal: What was only a year ago solely imported from China, India, and other countries is now a reality thanks to Bimba glass interiors, Nepal. Your very own Nepalese glass Brand Bimba has stepped up to light up the show by handcrafting high-quality LED mirrors for the first time in Nepal. They glisten! Without a doubt! And so will your face when you both look at each other every day in your bathroom, dressing room, vanity, living room, or dining room, wherever your new Led mirror is situated! Isn’t it cool? Since Bimba does not wait for a second occasion to make a first impression, all our products are phenomenal in quality and performance.  About Bimba: Bimba is Nepal’s first branded company to handcraft Led mirrors. Our highly skilled craftsmen can cater to any of your mirror needs. All you have to do is call us or send us the details and dimensions. We will get back to you about how you want your new LED Mirror to be, and voila!  There might be some constraints regarding price and design in crafting these mirrors. But we believe that will not stop you from getting your set of new illuminated mirrors. Bimba’s Product Customization Service With our product customization service, we bring your imagination to utter reality. So put your imagination to work as these mirrors can be customized to serve you as your company and business’s logo and in several other ways how you can think these mirrors can be of use to you! Bimba is in pursuit to introduce high-tech glass and mirror products to the Nepali market. Nepalese customers don\’t have to import their mirrors and glass furniture from abroad. We also provide customization service, meaning we cater to your specific demands and furniture needs. You can contact us or send details regarding the shape, size, color, dimensions, etc. We will craft your dream glass furniture! Or you can visit our website for further information. Bimba also has its newly opened showroom in Red Cross Road, Soltimode, Kathmandu. So visit us and see for yourself what we are capable of crafting! See you there!!!  LED MIRRORS IN NEPAL.Happy Shopping!

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