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Custom Glass Shower Cabinets in Nepal

Glass shower cabinets are currently among the most popular choices for homeowners in Nepal for their bathroom renovations, and the reason is quite obvious. They offer a modern appeal, giving you ample space to use even in tight spaces. Another great thing about glass shower cabinets is that it is customisable. Although hundreds of readily available shower cabinet designs are available in the market, you might wonder which brand creates custom glass shower cabinets in Nepal. Well, we do! Depending upon your preference, Bimba Glass Interiors customise glass shower cabinets for you. You can keep it traditional with a square, rectangular, or neo-angle shape or add in some creative and unique etching designs. The choice is all yours! But, how do you start? Let us help you get a clear-cut idea about creating a custom glass shower cabinet in Nepal. Read on. Find out the size and shape of your bathroom Creating a custom design is more than just the exterior design of the shower cabinet. Glass shower cabinets come in standard sizes, making it simple to purchase them for your dream home. Therefore, your top priority when choosing a shower enclosure is the shape and size of your bathroom. Ensuring that the measurements are accurate is crucial because any errors could result in higher repair costs. That’s why it’s always best to let the experts take the measurements for you.  Talking about the design, the more space you have in your bathroom, the better. But, if your bathroom is small, you may want to choose a shower cabinet design that opens up the space and does not make it appear congested. Pick The Glass Type Just as there are multiple designs of glass shower cabinets, you are not limited by the material they are made of. In Nepal, the range of glass you can install in your shower enclosure has come a long way. It’s common to find toughened glass options and even easy-clean glass options in every corner of the market. However, Bimba provides you with world-class toughened glass from Saint-Gobain, which is the most preferred in terms of quality and finishing and offers matchless performance and extreme durability for your custom shower cabinets. You can choose if you want a clear, frosted, coloured or patterned design.  While clear glass is unmatched in its ability to open up a space, frosted glass offers privacy while still allowing in light from outside the shower stall if you have high-traffic bathrooms or bathrooms shared by siblings. On the other hand, patterned glass is available in many different design possibilities and is a great way to modernise your bathroom without going overboard. Although you can find something to suit your taste, from floral to abstract designs, make to pick a neutral pattern, so you aren’t stuck with a design that’s likely to become outdated. Decide your shower cabinet position Placing your shower cabinet in the corner is one of the most versatile options. One option is to choose a quadrant enclosure, which will maximise your available space and allow a more extensive and relaxed shower experience. A completely enclosed corner entry shower is another design option that is the most accessible. This design neatly separates your wet and dry areas while maximising your available space with the corner entry. It can also be customised to include soap baskets and towel rings in addition to a broad variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Alternatively, you can combine your shower cabinet options with a shower door and different door panels. Choose the Shower Door Hardware The final touch for your custom glass shower cabinet is the hardware. The shower cabinet customisation procedure is incomplete without the use of hardware accessories. Bimba’s shower enclosures come in various standard finishes with many hardware options, including towel bars, robe hooks, handles, hinges, and headers, for maximum customizability. We provide CE-approved, high-quality stainless steel 304 (S.S. 304) hardware with great weldability, heat and corrosion resistance, low-temperature strength, processability, and mechanical properties. Current Trends From traditional to modern minimalistic designs, these are the latest shower trends for 2022 to take note of for your new bathroom or remodelling an existing one.  The exquisite appearance that frameless shower cabinets can give to your bathroom makeover is one of the most exciting benefits of choosing them. Homeowners in Nepal mostly prefer the look of frameless glass shower cabinets over framed shower cabinets because they are more trendy, look cleaner, sleeker and modern without metal fixtures. Additionally, it also highlights other appealing design features such as tile, stone, and embellishments in your bathroom. Many homeowners in Nepal who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom often choose a distinctive etched pattern for their glass shower cabinets. For instance, the pattern could be something more fun, such as a geometric or floral pattern. Another great approach to enhance seclusion while letting light into the shower is using varied width stripes. You can make these patterns as opaque or frosted-covered as you like. An offset quadrant corner shower enclosure is another most preferred glass shower cabinet design in Nepal for a large bathroom. This design provides you with the room-saving benefits of a standard quadrant shower enclosure and an added advantage of a large “offset” showering area. If you are looking for a larger shower cabinet with a luxurious showering experience, this design is just the right fit for you. Summing Up Shower cabinets come in a variety of designs and colours, but it’s best when customised as it allows you to decide thoroughly what you want and gives you a lot more satisfaction than the ready-made options. While customising your glass shower cabinet, the shape, size and position are all important considerations to take into account. Following that, there is a vast selection of designs, finishes, and materials to choose from to make your shower cabinet feel like an integrated part of your bathroom.  So, are you ready to install a glass shower cabinet in your home? Let us

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