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Why Mirror Makes a Perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and as we gear up for the season of love, it’s time to look for a gift that truly reflects the depth of your love. Bouquets, jewelry, perfumes, and clothing are so common. Why not give something that reflects the love you have? There’s only one perfect and unique gift that truly mirrors the purity of our relationship — mirrors. A simple normal mirror, you might be thinking. Mirrors offer numerous options that extend far beyond your imagination, providing countless reasons to consider them as a gift. Allow us to explain why a mirror could be the perfect Valentine’s gift to capture those heart-fluttering moments. Bimba’s Love Mirage—The Heart-Shaped Mirror: Valentine’s Day is all about love, so we’re putting the spotlight on love-shaped mirror. Whether you choose an LED mirror, a simple mirror, or mirror tiles, this heart-shaped beauty will take the center stage. Since it is in heart-shape, this mirror becomes a manifestation of the love that beats within both your hearts and every glance will forever give a reaffirmation of your unique love story. Etched Mirror — The Signature of Endless Love Mirrors need not be ordinary; they can be extraordinary. You can etch the date you first met, your unique portmanteau, a cherished memory, or anything that holds special significance. This enduring touch will stay with you both forever. Every glance into that mirror becomes a reminder of your eternal love, a reflection of cherished moments. Mirror Tray A thoughtful and versatile Valentine’s Day gift. Mirror trays adds a touch of elegance to any space, whether used as a hanging mirror, a practical tray, or a decorative element. Its functionality and style make it a useful addition to your partner’s daily lives. Afterall, a gift should be something that’s not just for show but can actually be used. Designer Mirrors If you want something for your love that screams ‘class’ and ‘luxury’, we have “Designer Mirrors” for you. We’re not talking about an average reflection station; we’re talking about a piece that’s more like art for your space. Sure, it’s a bit on the splurge side, but it’s not just a mirror; it’s a statement. This Valentine’s Day, you can gift something that reflects your love in the most elegant way possible. But above everything else, the reason why a mirror is a perfect gift is that, beyond its shapes and reflections, it captures the soul of your shared experiences. Mirrors witness your smiles, your tears, and everything in between. A mirror becomes a living canvas of your unique love story. Choose a mirror that echoes the shape of your emotions, and let it become a timeless symbol of the beautiful journey you’re on together. Because, in the end, love deserves to be reflected in every corner of your lives! If you have any other ideas, you can always get in touch with us through our WhatsApp (9851111675) / Instagram/ Facebook. We shape your glass and mirror visions into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! तपाइको मायाको प्रतिबिम्ब सधैं रहिरहोस्

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Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

Creative Glass Decor Ideas for Puja Room

In Nepali homes, the puja room holds profound significance, so a well-designed puja room is just as vital as the overall home design. Many people stick to regular designs for their puja room because they can’t find creative ideas, or simply find the fancier designs a bit too overwhelming. However, utilizing glass decor ideas in your room allows you to keep it simple while maintaining its sacred ambiance. If you’re thinking about renovating your puja room’s decor or settling into a new home, explore our glass decor ideas to make your puja room more functional and pleasant. God Emblem Etching Embrace the Vedic tradition of incorporating a variety of bright colors into your puja room. Use vibrant color etching with your preferred deity to infuse positive energy into the space. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also sets your puja room apart from others, ensuring that guests and children don’t mistake it for any other room. Furthermore, these colorful glass decor additions are easy to maintain, keeping your puja room pristine. Whether it’s color-etched God emblems on the wall, an etched glass door, or a partition, you have multiple options —choose what suits your style. Fluted Glass Doors Consider fluted glass doors for your puja room, a choice that offers both privacy and a serene influx of natural light. These doors provide a subtle barrier, ensuring your sacred space remains private and tranquil, while still allowing the soft, soothing glow of sunlight to grace your puja rituals. Mirror Tiles Adorning Your Puja Cabinet While it’s generally advisable to avoid placing mirrors directly facing the puja room, you can strategically incorporate them on the sides of your puja cabinet. This glass decor idea is particularly beneficial for smaller puja spaces. However, the decision to include mirrors around your puja room should ultimately align with your personal preferences and spiritual practices. Translucent Glass Door For individuals who prioritize privacy without compromising the serene atmosphere of their sacred space, a translucent glass door design emerges as the ideal choice. Especially if your pooja unit finds its place in a common area, opting for frosted glass offers a compelling alternative to traditional wooden doors. This choice not only discreetly conceal your pooja unit but also adds a touch of modern design into your living space. We hope you found our glass decor ideas useful! If you’re in search of a reputable glass and mirror designer brand to bring these concepts to life, your search ends here. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries at 9851111675 or 01-5370680. And for a detailed look at our products and services, don’t forget to explore our website. Your sacred space deserves nothing but the best, and we’re here to make that a reality.

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Visual Image of LED Glass Signage by Bimba

Best Glass Signage Service in Nepal

Are you looking to make glass signage for your business in Kathmandu, Nepal? Perfect! You have landed on the right spot, as we provide the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage denotes any and all kinds of visual graphics that communicate a specific message to its audience. Signage can be composed of either just colors or text or a combination of both, signs and symbols included! They have been around since antiquity as humans began leveraging the power of graphics for visual communication. And why not, since they have proved themselves as an effective means of communication. Fast forwarding from early men’s cave paintings to the modern day, signages have massively evolved. From home to office, you will probably come across many different forms of it: banners, murals, billboards, street signs, you name it! They are all different forms of signage but all of them serve a particular purpose: communicating information. Most importantly, though, businesses have been extensively using signage to build brand recognition and trust among their targeted audience. The process is backed by scientific reasons. According to a study at the University of Loyola, “Colours increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent”. This means the signature color associated with your brand is the key to building brand recognition which will ultimately lead to more sales and thus bring prosperity to your business. Let us look at the importance of using signages for your business in 2022: Okay, now that you know how important signage is for your business to thrive, let’s discuss all the types of glass signage services that Bimba caters to its clients. Below are the types of signage you can have made with Bimba Glass Interiors, a best-in-class service; we can provide you with the best glass signage service in Kathmandu, Nepal. Signage with glass etching: Glass etching is a set of techniques for altering the look and functionality of a glass surface by the addition of desired color and texture to its surface. Etching allows you to make awesome signages to display your company logo, which you can have framed inside your office space and even outside. There are many types of etching techniques, with each one producing different end results. So we advise you to explore all the etching techniques before deciding on which one to make your business signage with! Nevertheless, you can consult with us to have your relevant queries answered! Lacquered glass signage: Lacquered glass is back-painted glass with a smooth, shiny appearance. The technique allows you to make bespoke glass signages for your business with a vibrant appearance. Lacquered glass signages are eye-catchy and attention-grabbing. You will find lacquered glass signages across most banks, showrooms, and supermarkets in Nepal today. So why not you to give your business a competitive edge in marketing and build your brand recognition with lacquered glass signages? LED Mirror Signages: The third on this list is a special one! LED mirror signages are special in the sense that they glow with bright light in the dark, which means your advertisement endeavor won’t stop once the sun sets. Instead, your signage will lure in customers and clients even during dark hours. Because your new LED mirror signage will be brightly visible to its audience, despite the time of the day. Therefore, businesses that operate at night can reap the benefits of LED glass signage, ultimately leading to more sales and a better customer experience. There you have it. We hope the blog has helped you and that you find the ideal signage for your business. Good luck with your business.

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Glass Etching in Nepal

Glass Etching in Nepal

What is Glass Etching? Simply put, Glass Etching is the name given to techniques that can alter a glass’s properties. Colored glass, textured glass, or stained glass, frosted (opaque glass), are some of the types of etched glasses.  Ring a bell?  You must have seen glass signage, painted glass, texture glass, all of them are glass etching. Try and imagine the other applications of the method! Glass Etching: An Artform Glass etching a.k.a glass engraving is a beautiful art form in a glass canvas. You can reproduce your imagination upon a glass’s surface. It could be an art piece or a sketch. Or you can color your glass. Instead, you can also choose to make stained glass. It can be a wonderful way to reflect our style and personality. V-groove your wine glass cabinets. Remember opaque glasses in offices?  They are either frosted glass or sand-blasted glass. The office gets to keep its privacy with them. Want a prismatic effect on your door or window glass? Then bevel paste them. Make your glass furniture aesthetically pleasing.  Make your glass etching designs reflect your culture and tradition to elegantly preserve them in your homes and offices. Alter the glass’s texture by texturing method. Pricing:  Etching services begin from as low as Rs. 100/square feet for corner designs to Rs. 6,000/square feet depending upon the design. By now you must have got the idea that glass etching is all about art! If a poet had to poeticize the term? His verses would sing it as a technique to breathe life in a glass! So Etch your: Doors: Bevel paste your glass door, sandblast it for privacy, etch your favorite art piece, texture them, stain them…, whatever pleases you! Windows: Transform the look and functionality of your glass windows with etching. Bevel paste them, sandblast, or etch them. Or texture them, anything is possible.  Signage: Etch your company’s logo and name to make informative and charming signages that attract. Partition:  Etch your way out with your glass partitions. Staircase: Upgrade your staircase’s look adding aesthetics to your interiors. Wall: Make accent walls with etched glass pieces over them! Table Tops: Shiny table tops with articulate etched designs. Mirrors: Etched mirrors for a bold and glorious look.   DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES OF GLASS ETCHING: There are many different methods of glass etching and each one produces different results and effects. To get the best results,  identify your need and cleverly pick the right etching service for you. V Grooving:  The technique gets its name from the v-shaped grooves cut into the glass surface. Infuse your space with the right aesthetics and finishing touch with v-grooving patterns. Glue Chipping: Give your glass a rough yet exotic décor with glue chipping. Glue chipping renders a glass surface translucent thus regulating the level of privacy provided by the glass. Texture Glass: Engrave your glass choosing from infinite textures to suit your needs and likings regulating the aesthetics and functionality of your glass with textured glass. Crystal Etching Glass: Create detailed artwork patterns on any metal or crystal glass for industrial and artistic purposes by the Crystal Etching method. Get a soft matte finish leaving a uniformly smooth and satin-like gloss finish that admits light with softening and vision control. Bevel Pasting: Bevels act as prisms in sunlight causing color diffraction producing a spectrum of colors. No doubt it is an exciting method to décor your glass surface while also reducing the glass’s transparency. Acid Etching:  A convenient alternative to sandblasting, Acid Etching provides a frosted look to the glass and also enhances its pressure withstanding property. Get your custom designs etched with a smooth and smudge-free finish to your glass surface. Frosting in Glass: A very popular glass type in interior design, frosted glass is produced by sandblasting method. Their opaqueness provides privacy but also allows light to pass through, creating a soothing ambiance indoors. Corner Designs:  Get your unique and exclusive custom corner designs for your doors and window glass. Explore our varieties of corner designs or get yours custom-made, no sweat! Colored Glass:  Colored glasses are vibrant and very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the sunlight shifts its color to the glass’s color making for an exciting show of light indoors. Stained Glass: Stained glass incorporates colored glass and the arts and crafts associated with colored glass. Explore the rich history of stained glass to get a feel of this colorful tradition. Ready to etch your world yet? Do it the way you want it, and make sure it suits you best. You can always visit our showroom at Redcross Road, Soltimode, Kathmandu, or browse through this link to know more about Glass Etching.  

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