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Uses of Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors: A reflection of HISTORY AND STYLE

The use of antique mirrors in interior fit-outs has been on the rise. Not familiar with antique mirrors? These are mirrors crafted in styles of bygone eras, featuring unique designs and historical aesthetics. They contain rust-like spots giving an antique appearance. What makes them unique? Doesn’t it look too old? The uniqueness lies in their old and rusty appearance. It’s their ability to transport you to different periods, each mirror telling a story of the craftsmanship. Where to use antique mirrors? When it comes to using antique mirrors, the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination. Whether you’re considering adding them to vintage-themed spaces or incorporating them into modern settings, they work seamlessly. It all depends on where you place them to add depth to the space. Here are some ideas that you might find useful; Vintage Themed Spaces: Antique mirrors find a natural home in vintage-themed spaces not just because they look vintage but also because they embody the very essence of it. Their old and rusted-like appearance, coupled with intricate details, makes them a perfect fit for vintage-inspired interiors. Each spot, each imperfection, becomes a part of its narrative, transforming the mirror into a piece of living history. Imagine stepping into a room adorned with these mirrors – the rusted surface tells a story of time passed, creating a visual journey through history. Dining Halls: Placing antique mirrors strategically in your dining area not only adds a touch of sophistication but also creates an illusion of space, making your dining hall feel more open and inviting – just like a mirror would. However, here’s the special part: as you enjoy your meals, the presence of an antique mirror becomes more than just a decorative element. It transforms into a conversation piece, captivating the attention of diners with its old-world allure. Whether it’s in your home or a hotel dining area, it’s sure to become a conversation starter. Hotel Lobbies: Make a lasting impression in hotel lobbies by incorporating antique mirrors into the decor. Worried that it gives the impression of neglect or a lack of cleanliness? Don’t be. The antique mirror exudes an aura of luxury that negates any concern. Its vintage charm and aged appearance ensure that no one would mistake it for anything other than a deliberate and stylish choice in decor. Besides, the reflective surfaces not only add an element of grandeur but also play with the available light, creating a welcoming ambiance for guests. Spa and Wellness Centers: Create a calm and fancy vibe in spas and wellness centers using antique mirrors. Imagine stepping into a vintage spa room – it feels like you’re getting a special royal treat. The mirrors, with their reflective charm, make the place serene and luxurious. Visitors will definitely enjoy a pampering session surrounded by vintage elegance, making the spa a perfect spot to relax like royalty. The mirrors don’t just show images; they bring in a sense of luxury and relaxation, adding something extra special to the whole experience. In every setting, antique mirrors become more than just decor; they become storytellers, weaving tales of history and adding a touch of timeless sophistication to your spaces. Would you consider adding these antique mirrors to your space? If yes, where else can you envision these mirrors enhancing your surroundings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. We’d love to hear your ideas and inspirations! For anything related to glass and mirrors, feel free to reach out to us through Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp (9851111675). You can also visit our showroom at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor.

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Visual Image of Feng Shui Card

Feng Shui Tips for Incorporating Glass in Interiors

If you’ve been pondering ways to invite positive energy and tranquility into your home, you’re in for a treat. Allow me to introduce you to the ancient Chinese art of placement- Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese art focused on arranging buildings, objects, and spaces to achieve harmony and balance, fostering peace and prosperity. Originally practiced in China, Feng Shui is now finding increased appreciation in Western cultures, and interestingly, it’s gaining popularity in Nepal too. Basics of Feng Shui It relies heavily on the harmony of the five elements — fire, water, wood, metal, and earth, each represented by specific décor items. For example: Glass and mirrors are widely recognized as symbols of the water element, chosen for their reflective properties, making them valuable for corrective positioning. It helps promote flow and gives you a space to regenerate yourself. Let’s explore some friendly Feng Shui tips on incorporating glass in your interiors. Dining Area Mirrors: In Feng Shui, the dining room holds crucial importance. It has a yin energy with a moderate to high level of activity. To maintain harmony, balance, and an inviting atmosphere for meals and family time, place a mirror in the dining area. Mirrors create an illusion of space, enhance brightness, and multiply reflections, energetically expanding the room to invite more friends and abundance into your life.  Glass Partition: In traditional Feng Shui, a glass partition symbolizes clarity and fluidity. This ancient practice believes that such transparency harmonizes the space, ensuring a balanced and auspicious environment. To allow the controlled flow of energy while preserving an unobstructed view, glass partitions are the best options for your space. Glass Table Tops: While glass tops aren’t unfavorable in Feng Shui, it’s crucial to address concerns about fragility. Modern tables with thick, unbreakable glass tops are now widely available. To enhance the energy of the space, consider tables with glass tops framed by wood or metal borders. This combination not only ensures safety but also promotes harmony and balance within your home according to Feng Shui principles. To ensure positive energy flow, avoid placing your glass table in crowded spots. Besides, Feng Shui dislikes sharp things as they disrupt energy flow. To invite abundance in your space, pick a round table. It keeps energy flowing smoothly, creating a balanced and prosperous feel. Entryway/Hallway Glass: The inclusion of mirrors near the entrance not only contributes to a sense of openness but also serves practical purposes, like allowing individuals to take a final look before leaving. Remember to prioritize shapes like squares, ovals, and round shapes to enhance the peaceful water element in this space. These choices can create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere according to this ancient chinese practice. Just like that, by strategically placing glass and mirrors, you not only invite the water element but also harness the power of reflection. Remember, the key is to embrace clarity and openness in your living spaces. So, go ahead, experiment with these Feng Shui tips, and let the positive energy flow seamlessly through your space. For all your glass and mirror solutions, contact Bimba Glass Interiors through WhatsApp at 9851111675 or reach out via our social media pages. To our readers who lean towards Vastu, stay tuned; we’ll be delving into that as well in our next blog.

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The bronze Greek key pattern border of our “Greek Harmony” mirror weaves classical charm into modern design, making a statement that transcends time.

Bimba Glass Interiors: Your One-Stop Destination for Glass and Mirror Services

Glass and Mirrors have become an important part of home décor, playing a key role in creating illusion of a bigger and brighter space. This is exactly why people are increasingly favoring glass and mirrors, be it for renovating their house, revamping their office premises, or constructing a whole new structure. However, the hunt for quality glass and mirror products and services can be a bit of pain in head. You will find yourself hopping from one store to another, dealing with multiple service provides for what should be a single, convenient solution. But what if we told you there is a place where you can find all the services related to glass and mirrors under one roof? It’s us—Bimba Glass Interiors, Nepal’s first glass designer brand, serving as your one-stop destination for all glass and mirror. From expert consultation to product selection and professional installation, we provide a comprehensive solution for all your requirements. Our Range of Products and Services Bimba LED Mirrors are fully customizable in size and design as per the needs and requirements. A harmonious blend of form and function, these mirrors not only provide practical illumination but also introduce a touch of modern elegance to your space. Featuring simple & modern design, our eye-catching aluminum and MS framed mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces. They are guaranteed conversation starters, whether gracing your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hotel, cafe or anywhere else you want. These mirrors are the newest addition in our collection, featuring an array of amazing designs. From glitzy to simple and even extravagant, our designer mirrors cater to a wide spectrum of styles and tastes. They are here to elevate your decor with the latest in mirror design. Our console tables are not your ordinary tables; they’re a fancier, more elegant version. They go beyond being mere pieces of furniture; they are exquisite, designed to be a statement in your decor. Bimba mirror tiles are more than just reflective surfaces; they can be cut in custom size, arranged and designed as per your choice. While we offer professional installation services, you can also choose to install them yourself. We offer comprehensive toughened glass solutions, including shower cabinets, glass cabinets, glass railings, skylights, partitions, and more. Our expertise lies not only in providing safety, durability, but also in crafting aesthetic appeal tailored to your specific requirements. Fluted glass is a versatile glass option, suitable for various applications such as partitions, shower screens, doors, and more. Besides, it offers visual interest but also provides a level of privacy while allowing light to filter through with its reeded texture. With over 40 color options available, lacquered glass is an ideal choice if you’re seeking vibrant and colorful solutions, whether for wall cladding, signage designs, splashbacks or other creative projects. Lacquered glass not only adds a pop of color but also offers durability and a glossy finish, making it a perfect fit for your design needs. Glass Etching can be used for adding a personal touch to glass doors, windows, shower enclosures, and more. At Bimba, we also offer customization, allowing you to bring your unique designs and ideas to life on glass surfaces, creating a one-of-a-kind, personalized touch to your decor. Why Bimba Stands Out? Bimba offers an extensive range of services related to glass and mirrors. Whether you need LED Mirrors, wall mirrors, mirror tiles, toughened glass services, glass etching, and all other kind of glass and mirror products and services, we’ve got you covered. No more searching from store to store – Bimba has it all. We take immense pride in our work. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that every piece of glass or mirror is crafted to perfection. We pay attention to every detail, so you receive top-notch products that meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer customization options to suit your specific needs. Whether you have a design in mind or require expert advice, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Bimba offers competitive pricing to ensure that you get exceptional value for your money. While our pricing caters to diverse needs, our commitment to providing the highest quality remains constant across our entire range. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering on time, every time. Furthermore, your project will be handled with efficiency and care. Your Glass and Mirror Needs-Solved At Bimba, we’ve taken the hassle out of searching for quality glass and mirror services. With our comprehensive offerings, and dedication to quality, coupled with commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve become the go-to choice for those seeking premium glass and mirror solutions. So, whether you’re embarking on a home improvement project or outfitting your business with glass and mirrors, you need not look any further. Bimba is your trusted partner for all your glass and mirror needs. Don’t compromise on quality or settle for less. Choose Bimba, where we turn your glass and mirror visions into a reality. Experience the difference with Bimba today! Visit our showroom located at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor to personally witness the full range of our exceptional products and services.

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Glass in modern home design

Glass: A Versatile Material in Modern Home Design Of Nepal

Glass is one of the most remarkable building materials around the world. With the many benefits it brings to a project, the integration of glass into modern home design in Nepal has been on the rise for quite some time now. Walk around the neighborhoods of Budhanilkantha, Bhaisepati, or Sitapaila, and you’ll see that most houses feature glass in their architecture in some or the other way. Glass has been emerging as an indispensable element in Nepal. But why so? In this blog, we delve into the innovative uses of glass in design, from floor-to-ceiling windows to decorative art pieces, and why you should consider adding them to yours. Let’s dive in. Rise of Glass Architecture in Modern Home Design of Nepal Decades ago, in Nepal, only a rare few had an all-glass house; everyone else had wooden shutters, zinc or tin roofs, steel railings, etc. However, things are very different today, and glass is a big part of modern architectural designs. Modern home design in Nepal has come up with some amazing glass home designs, each unique, attractive, and interesting. The wooden wardrobes are replaced by glass wardrobes, steel railings are replaced by glass railings, tiles in the kitchen are replaced by glass splashback, and so on. The all-glass design exudes a very luxurious ambiance and an exceptional lifestyle. Advantages of glass in home construction Given its elegant form and high level of utility, glass has quickly become a preferred choice. When positioned correctly, it allows natural light to enter the room, making the entire space look bright and airy. Likewise, there are numerous other reasons why glass is becoming a popular choice among architects and designers. Let’s know more about it.  1. Good Aesthetic Value Glass houses allow natural light to enter throughout the day, making the interiors cozy and inviting, while from outside, they vary from traditional houses and are often considered works of art in Nepal. So, be it doors, windows, railings, or partitions, the architectural value of glass is high in designing aesthetic yet functional homes. 2. Easy To Maintain Unlike other materials, glass doesn’t stain easily or spot the surface, making it a low-maintenance material. Even if you notice any marks or smudges on the glass surface, you can easily wipe them off with a cloth, and they will look brand new each time.  3. Extremely Versatile Glass is a versatile material that can be customized to meet your needs in a variety of ways. It can be colored to give off a lively vibe, frosted to provide privacy, and worked to any shape for something unique. Glasses like tempered glass and laminated glass even make it possible for your house to be bulletproof, shatterproof, and even self-regulating to light and heat. What else do we need? 4. Resistant To Damage Steels rust, woods get termites, but with glass, you don’t need to worry about such impacts. Glass is resistant to corrosion, rust-proof, and can also endure weather changes. Despite its fragile appearance, glass is actually highly durable and scratch resistant, meaning that it’ll last many years before you replace it. 5. Eco-friendly Unlike other building materials, glass is more environmentally friendly since it doesn’t emit hazardous fumes during manufacture, and practically all glass waste is recycled right away. 6. Durable Another amazing quality of glass is its durability; with proper care and usage, it can last for many years with little to no damage. In fact, for added strength, new homeowners are opting for tinted tempered or laminated safety glass. In contrast to traditional glasses, these kinds of glasses are shatter-proof, meaning they are less likely to break even when hit by a strong force.  As a result, they are safer to use around children or pets. How can glass be used in modern home design of Nepal? As we mentioned earlier, applications of glass are no longer limited to partitions or windows: they can also be used for stair railings, wardrobes, or even entire houses. To meet the needs of diverse projects, it is available in a variety of styles and structural strengths. From decorative accents to functional storage solutions, glass can be used in any way you want. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the glass trends. 1. Stair Railings In Nepal, glass stair railings are a popular alternative for wooden handrails and spindles, and we know why! Glass railing has a stunning visual impact, improves transparency and light flow and even makes the room appear larger. When designed and installed properly, it elevates a home’s worth and elegance while also being extremely secure and functional. 2. Shower Cabinets Consider installing shower cabinets in your bathroom if you feel like it’s time for an upgrade. Shower cabinets offer a spacious showering experience and add a touch of style and modernity to your bathroom while also keeping the area dry and reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, you can modify it to meet your needs. For instance, you may consider frosting the glass if you want some privacy. Due to its ability to distort or obscure things entirely, it provides privacy without hindering light. Besides, there are different shapes and designs you can choose from depending on the size of your bathroom.    3. Furniture Although glass furniture may appear fragile, it is actually made with toughened or toughened laminated glass, so it’s not comparable to regular glass. Glass furniture looks stunning in modern and contemporary homes and often emanates refinement and elegance, as it has the unique potential to improve the appeal of materials like wood or marble, allowing you to decorate it any way you desire. 4. Partitions Glass Partitions are slowly becoming a trend in Nepal. People have started realising that, unlike other separators, glass partitions can elevate and create minimalist spaces, even in homes and not just offices. These days, integrating the living space and dining area is very common, and glass panels are used to divide those spaces. Depending on your preference, you can choose etched

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Visual Image of New Year Offer

New Year Offer on Bimba Products-Shop Online at Daraz Nepal

“NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS. ” With New Year 2023 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing new plans and resolutions for a fresh start. Upgrading your space is a good resolution to start with. It’s relaxing and brings changes to your life without going too overboard. So, if you are planning on adding something new to your décor, we have some of the best home decoration ideas and an exciting NEW YEAR OFFER for you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let us tell you more. Keep reading.  Home Decor Ideas Focus More on Accent Walls While every room in your house doesn’t have to have the same style, it’s good to have a common theme throughout. A great way to do that is with mirror tiles. Mirror Tiles will complement any color and unify the rest of your space. The best thing is that you can be as creative as you want with mirror tiles, creating whatever pattern you like. Additionally, it will make your space appear brighter and more spacious. Bimba has some amazing mirror tile designs available on Daraz that you can have installed for a flat 15% discount. This New Year offer is valid up to 5th Jan 2023, so make use of it while it lasts and give the appearance and feel of your décor a seamless vibe.  Add a Designer Wall Mirror When it comes to fusing minimalism, simplicity, and elegance, wall mirrors are certainly the perfect decorative pieces. If your home has any vintage-style doors, they might also be a wonderful addition. Particularly when positioned on top of a cabinet along the home’s main entrance or hallway, these look nice. It harmonizes beautifully with small, multi-level cabinets, just like in the picture below.  Be sure to follow us since we’ll upload more of these designs on our Daraz profile shortly. Play with The Colors If you are someone who loves colors, there’s nothing better than lacquered glass for you. Wall panels, ceilings, and cabinets made of lacquered glass are all options. It gives off a glossy finish, is simple to keep clean, and transforms your area in a magnificent way. Choose serene pastel colors in combination with designs of white or black color. Bring in LED Mirrors LED mirrors are a quick way to upgrade any room, and you get one easily! Simply order one from Bimba at Daraz Nepal. You can find numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of LED Mirrors for your space. We have round mirrors for your bathroom, long mirrors for your vanity, and decorative mirrors for your living space, all of which look artistic and adds a soft glow.  Additionally, you can get multiple discount vouchers along with free delivery and installation as a part of our New Year offer. New Year Offer After our 11.11 and 12.12-year-end sale, we’re back with yet another offer, “HOLIDAY SEASON SALE,” valid from 22 December 2022  to 5th January 2023, where you can collect discount vouchers and redeem them on Daraz. You can receive an additional 20% off all of our items, free shipping and installation, and top-notch customer support.  But, are you unsure about placing an order for LED Mirrors online? Be at ease; Bimba will handle everything. Our team of experts will devote equal time to design each order, and it will be delivered and installed securely at your doorstep by our own team. What more do you require? You can also watch this video for how to use our vouchers and order from Daraz: For the latest updates about our services and offers, don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And if you quickly want to get your hands on this offer, click here.

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Benefits/Reasons of Glass Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the centre of your house, and as such, it should be your first choice when it comes to improving its design. It’s where you cook, where family and friends gather, and where everyday special moments take place. If you’re more into minimalist designs, glass is an excellent option for kitchen interiors. You can go with traditional glass designs or something more contemporary- the options are limitless. Glass is a highly efficient alternative to plastic and metal and looks excellent in every decor style. But, the versatility and eco-friendly properties of glass aren’t the only reasons you should consider glass as part of your kitchen makeover. Read on to find out why glass is a perfect choice for kitchen interiors. Easy to clean and durable While cooking is quite a fun thing to do, the clean-up that awaits them after is not what we enjoy. So, if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing, trying to get all that grease off your kitchen walls and counters, we hear you.  Glass is not only low-maintenance, but it can also be quickly cleaned with a high-quality glass cleaner and a clean, wet cloth, preventing the buildup of filth on your backsplash, countertop, or cabinet shutters. In addition, unlike metals and plastics, glass never loses its shine after being cleaned, making it look brand-new every time. Aesthetically Appealing No other material emanates elegance and style like glass does. Incorporating glass in your kitchen’s interior will add a splash of colour to your bland, monotonous interior, making it seem more exquisite and sophisticated. The vibrant shades and designs of the glass and its light effects will also uplift the style of your inner walls.  Because it comes in so many different forms, glass provides a vast range of design options for your kitchen interiors. You may choose lacquered glass for your walls, toughened glass for your countertops, etching designs for your doors or partitions and more. Every glass design will bring equal beauty and a luxurious dash to your kitchen space. Corrosion and bacteria-resistant Unlike other materials, glass is easy to maintain and has a high degree of corrosion and bacteria resistance. In an environment such as a kitchen where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, you won’t need to worry about a buildup of dirt or bacteria on a glass countertop or splashbacks as it can be easily wiped clean, eliminating any worry about staining or watermarks. Colour Variation If you want to have some fun with your kitchen interior but can’t find too many options to experiment with, consider adding glass to your kitchen interiors. With a glass finish, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to create a dramatic, striking design or something a bit more subtle, you’ll be loaded with choices when looking for the ideal colour to match your kitchen. This gives you much more flexibility to make your kitchen design bright, vibrant and colourful. Stands High Humidity The likelihood of your kitchen being damp and stuffy when cooking is very high, even with adequate ventilation. The only thing that would happen to glass, regardless of the humidity in your kitchen, is that it would fog up. You only need to use a dry towel to remove the moisture to restore order.  Since glass is not affected by ultraviolet radiation either, cracks, discolouration, or disintegration will not occur. Unlike materials like plasters, which are not durable against UV radiation, the glass will endure for a long time. That’s not all. Bimba has a range of glass designs for kitchens to turn your imagination into reality. Our skilled team has an eye for detail and years of expertise in the industry. To get more ideas and inspirations for kitchen interiors, get in touch with us today. 

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Visual Image of Glass Railing

Why Should You Install Glass Railings?

When it comes to designing stair railings, we often find ourselves debating between using wood or steel to make the most modern and stylish staircase. But there’s so much to explore before you choose the best one. Among the ever-evolving railing design trends, glass railings are becoming the most popular choice of contemporary interior designers in Nepal. And since it’s timeless, you don’t need to worry about it becoming outdated as time passes. Moreover, if you’re unsure of how long it will last because, after all, it’s just glass, read through this blog to find out everything you need about glass railing systems. Let’s get right into it. Which glass is used for Glass Railings?  Drinking glasses are the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Glass,” and you might also compare the fragility of Glass Railings to that of a drinking glass. But in reality, glass railings are just as sturdy as other materials. Glass railings in Nepal are commonly made with either toughened or laminated glass, which are among the strongest glass types to opt for the maximum weight and where durability is the prime concern! Toughened Glass is heat-treated to increase the surface strength and alter the breaking pattern, while laminated glass involves bonding the glass layers and the interlayer under heat and pressure. Perks Of Installing Glass Railings Aside from the fact that it is safe and sturdy, there are numerous additional reasons why you should install glass railings in your home. Let us find out why glass railings are becoming increasingly popular in home decor; Enhanced Security Glass Railings provide good security and extended durability for years to use. In contrast to many other railing options, glass railings don’t have any gaps, slats, or bars that a child or animal may fall through or get caught in. Low-Maintainance While wooden railings can create termite problems, and steel railings can corrode over time, glass railings do not. Just thoroughly clean it with a few wipes, and it will look brand new. Environmentally friendly Glass, unlike other railing materials, is particularly eco-friendly because it is made from sand, uses no natural resources from the planet, and leaves nothing behind in the process. Additionally, it will last for years. Design versatility You might be thinking that glass is just about transparency but did you know that glass has great design versatility? You can choose from a wide range of designs and stylistic possibilities when using glass material to create the most beautiful decor. It can be glass etching, frosting, lacquered glass, and so much more. The options are endless.  Bright and Aesthetic Appeal Glass is a reflecting surface that lets light travel through it, brightening the area, so you can save your bills. Besides, glass railing is the gold standard for aesthetic appeal. It successfully spruces up both the inside and outside of any structure. Contact Bimba for Professional Glass Railing Installation Perhaps you’ve decided to bring illuminating and transparent stairs to your hallway for a sense of elegance to the entire décor, right? So, if you’re ready to bring safe, beautiful, customised glass stair railings into your home or business, Bimba can help you select the perfect design. Our experienced service professionals will perform the installation to guarantee they uphold the highest standards for both safety and beauty.  Leave us a comment or call 9851111675 today to book an appointment.

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Home Decor Ideas

Home Décor Ideas with Glass and Mirrors

Home décor trends are forever evolving. It can be tough to keep up with the latest design trends, but glass and mirrors never go out of trend. Whether you are moving into a new house or remodelling your present one, being versatile and elegant, glass and mirrors are one of the finest design mediums for embellishing your space with an appealing appearance. There’s no doubt that a wall of mirrors gives a more stunning appearance than patterned wall coverings or interior wallpapers.  With its ability to let in natural light, making any space appear bigger and brighter, glass has been blooming in the world of interior design. Check out these five home décor ideas with glass and mirrors that will surely impress your guests. 1. Add Mirror Tiles To Your Corridor/Hallway Mirrors tiles are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into any part of your home. However, corridors and hallways are among the darkest areas of your home, and by adding mirror tiles, you can improve the coziness and comfort of the space. This not only creates an illusion of some additional area in your space but also brings glamour at the same time, completely transforming your doorway. It is better to place the mirror tile décor on the wall to the left or right of the entrance in a narrow corridor. This will visually expand the passage and can be used to replace a standard mirror. Other suitable places are near the window, on the pillar, and the wall niches.  While you can easily get mirror tiles in the market, with Bimba, you no longer need to worry about durability. Bimba provides you with top-quality Modi Guard Mirrors that are not just durable but also corrosion resistant. It has outperformed a number of standard mirrors in accelerated tests. Additionally, we have a range of mirror tile designs for your space that can be customised according to your need. 2. Transform Your Terrace Garden With Skylight Skylights offer a sense of luxury to any design and can enhance the interior of your home, making it feel more extensive and more open to the sky. A terrace with a skylight may combine the ambience of a living room with that of a garden by letting natural light in while providing a panoramic view of the sky, and with that light comes solar heat. With numerous options to choose from, skylights are the best option for your terrace. You can dine and drink with your friends while admiring an extensive assortment of planting, even on rainy days. If you’re planning on creating a roof terrace or garden, Bimba can help you with that. Besides the fact that a skylight enhances the entire look of your space, it is also durable and safe. Bimba uses toughened glass by Saint-Gobain, which offers superior strength. They deliver performance and safety while also handling extreme weather conditions. 3. Consider Glass Furniture For A Touch Of Glamour Glass furniture often exudes a high level of refinement and elegance, which looks gorgeous in modern and contemporary houses. If you want to splurge on a luxurious extravagance in your home and add a touch of glamour, glass furniture is just the right option for you. Furthermore, glass furniture creates the impression of additional space in the room you designate the furniture. It is because the glass transparency does not block what’s behind it, giving it the appearance of an “empty space” and helping disperse sunlight in your home. Glass furniture is often misunderstood as fragile, but there’s no need to worry about that. Glass furniture is made of toughened glass or toughened laminated glass. They not just give a sophisticated and aesthetic appearance to your house but is also safe around children and animals. So, if you are looking for glass furniture, you have stumbled across the right page. Bimba specialises in crafting designer glass furniture according to your need.  4. Install a Glass Backsplash in Your Kitchen Mirrors can give light and luxury to your kitchen design ideas, which might otherwise be gloomy and clinical. From mirrors placed on the walls to glass cabinet designs, there are many ways to decorate with glasses in your kitchen. However, your backsplash provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade your kitchen design ideas by adding a reflecting surface. A lacquered kitchen backsplash can make your kitchen look more premium and contemporary. Not just that, but it also shields your walls from spills and splatters that might damage them. Likewise, lacquered glass is heat resistant, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. 5. Consider Glass Railings for your Home Glass railings give a sleek, modern appearance with strong aesthetic appeal. It has a classic style that adds an elegant appearance to any structure. It can be installed in your interiors and on balconies, patios, rooftop decks and stairways to provide panoramic views. You may also add other design features like frosting and etching. Since glass railings are made with toughened glass or laminated glass, they are highly robust and can endure corrosion from water exposure, cracking from severe temperatures, and colour distortion from exposure to sunlight. Glass railings, in contrast to other railing systems, offer a solid panel of material that keeps kids, animals, and other small objects from falling through or getting stuck. As mentioned earlier in this blog, Bimba uses Toughened Glass from Saint Gobain, which is widely recognised for its strength and endurance, so you can always rely on Bimba Glass Interiors.  Final Words Use these imaginative glasses and mirror decorating ideas as inspiration to enhance the appearance of your house. For customised mirror and glass designs, you can rely on Bimba Glass Interiors. Our skilled professional team will guide you throughout your home décor journey. Contact us at 9851111675 for more information. Also, do let us know in the comments how you would make your space look its best while reflecting your personal sense of style.

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Glass in Modern Housing

It is almost impossible to imagine modern housing without glass. Glass is a versatile element that is widely utilized in modern-day architecture. Glass gives buildings a timeless look with maximum efficiency. Its transparent nature creates a sense of free-flowing space allowing the natural light indoors without blocking the view outside. Architects are able to freely express their creativity and ingenuity with glass in the buildings they design. And so can you, if you check out this blog and find out about the ways glass is incorporated into modern-day housing. Glass in Modern Housing in Nepal: In Nepal, the popularity of glass in the housing sector is steadily increasing. Glass is being used for glazing both small and big building structures. New skyscrapers are emerging into the scene, all of which have a major portion of them made up of glass. Similarly, glass doors and windows are also gaining popularity. Besides, all of the glass applications discussed above in this article are available and in practice today in Nepal. From showrooms to offices, residential buildings to commercial buildings, skyscraper structures to new modern housing, it is hard to imagine the construction of these structures without an element as important as glass. Let us introduce you to some of the applications of glass for modern housing in Nepal. Glass Partitions (Toughened Glass): There are a lot of options for you to choose from when partitioning your interior space. Yet glass will be the most appealing choice for making partitions. The toughened and laminated glass has been making excellent partition options in Nepal because of factors such as durability and safety. Glass partitions can give an uncluttered look to your indoors. You can choose to whether display or block the view in and out of your partition based on the type of glass you choose to install. Furthermore, you can etch your glass partitions to reflect your preferred figure, pattern, color, and so on, enhancing the attractiveness of your home while also allowing it to be partitioned easily. Glass’s transparent nature instills an airy ambiance to your indoors. Skylights: Skylights are another interesting use of glass in architecture. They have gained huge popularity, especially in modern housing in city areas all over Nepal. Basically, skylights denote the structures designed on the roof that directly allow the natural light into the space below. Laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights because they are durable and in case they break, they don’t fall apart into pieces. The inter-layer lamination holds the shattered pieces together in case of impact. Thus, laminated toughened glass makes excellent skylights giving your house form and function. Railings/Staircases: Railings on the edge of our stairs work as a support for us when ascending or descending the stairs. Modern-day architecture introduced glass railings, the popularity of which has skyrocketed across the architectural world across both residential and commercial buildings. Glass staircases have elegant looks that will elevate the ambiance of your balcony and rooftops. Glass can be straight or curved and made as per required shape to create the desired type of staircase making them match the building’s contemporary decor scheme. Nepal is no exception to the trend of glass staircases or rather a need than just a trend! In certain cases, it becomes almost obligatory to install a glass staircase in order to match it with the building’s architecture. Just visit modern housing colonies like Bhaisepati, Budanikhantha, Naxal, etc. These transparent staircases have wondrous look and with the right type of glass, they become durable and almost completely safe as well. So you can have yourself a staircase that looks as if it is hanging in mid-air. The recently constructed Dharahara too has glass railings installed on its top, which facilitates the viewers with utmost safety and a clear view of the majestic city below. Kitchen Walls and Splashbacks: Glass can make excellent splashbacks for kitchens for they wipe clean easily thus preventing grout buildup. Lacquered glass splashbacks serve the purpose all the while adding a bold design statement to your kitchen. Also, On the other hand, Glass mirror tiles can add unparalleled beauty and design aesthetic to your kitchen or dining hall. Glass Dining tables have exquisite looks that will enhance your kitchen’s beauty. So, next time you construct or renovate the kitchen, give the glass a chance. Glass Writing Boards: An excellent replacement for a traditional writing board is a glass writing board a.k.a dry-erase writing board. The utilities of a glass board are not just limited to writing as it can also serve as a canvas for sticking notes, photographs, etc. You can use regular markers to write on them just as you would do on a normal whiteboard. Later, you can clean the surface by wipe cleaning with a table cloth. Glass is non-porous, hence the boards do not gather stains and after marks even after long use and instead remain shiny and glossy. Getting a glass board will eliminate all the dust and pain that comes with using other writing boards. Plus, they look visually appealing so add on to the aesthetics of the interior setting. Glass Furniture: Equally, as an accent piece of as-is furniture, glass furniture has timeless looks that bestow our modern homes and offices with unparalleled beauty. Glass can make exquisite tables for dining, coffee tables, display cabinets, and shelves, that are extremely eye-catchy. Furthermore, you can add figures, murals, paintings, and engravings into your glass furniture for style and beauty. Glass cabinets: Glass cabinets let you showcase your cherished collectibles in an open shelved manner but with protection and style. Toughened glass can make robust cabinets. Whereas, textured and frosted glass provides privacy and decor. Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp, harmful pieces when they break, hence is a good choice in terms of safety. Tinted glass can be used to make cabinets with an artistic feel and privacy. If you want your cabinets to look traditional and cultural, you can accomplish that too with different glass etching techniques. Shower cabinets:

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Glass Furniture in Nepal

There is more to the world of glass furniture than you might think!!! Offices and residences, hotels and restaurants, corporate buildings, you will see glass furniture everywhere! It is because the history of glass is old and intertwined with our history. In this one, we will be discussing the scope of glass furniture in Nepal and modern glass manufacturers. Current Nepalese Glass Market: Basically, Glass is a prime furnishing material. Designers and architects love glass, we all know that. Today, there are varieties of furniture items available in the Nepalese market. Importers and manufacturers keep fulfilling the ever-rising demand for modern furniture including glass furniture. There are many companies that supply furniture to the Nepali market, including national and international. Hence, the overall market for glass and other furniture is on the rise, undoubtedly in the Nepalese market as well. Most solutions in the segment are ready-made. As such, customers have limited options when buying such furniture. BTW, WHO’S BIMBA?: To cater to our customers’ growing need for exotic glass and mirror furniture and to empower them with a variety of glass and furniture designs, Bimba, founded in 2021, as a one-stop custom glass and mirror solution shop, started manufacturing hi-tech modernistic glass/mirror furniture for Nepali homes and interiors. We are making hi-tech glass furniture in Nepal a reality. Glass Furniture in Nepal (By Bimba): 1. Glass tables: One will be left awestruck at the sight of our glass tables. Bimba crafts exotic glass tables that look awesome and function just perfect.  We draw inspiration from nature while designing our products so they might look familiar to you as well even if it may be the first sight!!! Make use of these glass tables as your coffee table, a table for your meeting room, or just a showcase furniture piece. Cause honestly, they will turn a lot of your home visitors into admirers with their beauty. 2. Mirrored Furniture: Mirrored furniture is charming, they possess a certain aura! As the name suggests, these furniture pieces are layered with mirror tiles that give them an uncanny look. Furniture with mirrored glass can be an excellent choice for furnishing luxurious homes and bungalows giving them a wild and fascinating feel. When combined with our designer mirrors, they make excellent designer consoles. These crazy-looking mirrored pieces are sure to evoke a feeling or two in a live man’s heart.   3. Cabinets (Glass):  Glass cabinets let you showcase your cherished collectibles in an open shelved manner but with protection and style. You can choose from a variety of glass types to make your cabinets. So choose the one that best fits your intended purpose. Glass cabinets can be used across the kitchen, living rooms, and most parts of the house for displaying purposes. As a better replacement for solid cabinetry, they allow for better visualization of what’s kept inside them. Toughened glass can make robust cabinets. Whereas, textured and frosted glass provides privacy and decor. Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp, harmful pieces when they break, hence is a good choice in terms of safety. Tinted glass can be used to make cabinets with an artistic feel and privacy. If you want your cabinets to look traditional and cultural, you can accomplish that too with our glass etching techniques. 4. Glass Shelves: Glass Shelves have become the new norm of storage across modern bathrooms, clinics, homes, hotels, shops, etc.  Shelves themselves being utilitarian furniture, when made of glass, scores A in both form and function. Toughened glass mounted horizontally on the wall can create an open shelving system that is efficient and visually aesthetic. Glass shelving can be excellent for the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and offices, shops, and retailer stores.  The shelves can be made in any shape and size to fit the requirement. Plus, they can be designed in a number of creative ways to add a touch of beauty and aesthetics to your space along with functionality. 5. Mirrors:  Mirrors are an item of daily need for most of us. We love to check our appearance in the mirror, whether at home, office, or the restaurant. They have become an essential furniture piece in our life. Mirrors add depth and design to a space making the space look larger than it is. Plus, they scatter light rays and brighten up the dark and gloomy corners of a room. Bimba Glass Interiors Nepal produces, crafts, and customizes mirrors of various designs and functionality to suit your requirement. You can get all kinds of mirrors, from plain normal designs to exquisite designer ones with Bimba, all of whom are crafted wholly in our own country Nepal.   6. Glass Whiteboards:  An excellent replacement for a traditional writing board is a glass writing board a.k.a dry-erase writing board.  Whereas, the utilities of a glass board are not just limited to writing as it can also serve as a canvas for sticking notes, etc. You can use regular markers to write on them just as you would do on a normal whiteboard. Later, you can clean the surface by wipe cleaning with a table cloth. Glass is non-porous, hence the boards do not gather stains and after marks even after long use and instead remain shiny and glossy. Getting a glass board will eliminate all the dust and pain that comes with using other writing boards. Plus, they look visually appealing so add on to the aesthetics of the interior setting.    7. Glass Table Tops:  Tables look awesome when coupled with a glass tabletop therefore see-through spec of these table tops doesn’t obscure the vision and instead highlights the details and specs of your interior decor. Use them as a coffee table, dining table, patio furniture.  Freely choose the shape, size, color, thickness, edge design, etc for your tabletop and we will make it as per your needs. Tempered glass makes strong and durable tabletops that don’t possess harm upon breakage.  Get a black glass or a tinted glass tabletop. You can also

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