Lacquered Glass For Kids’ Bedroom

Do you have a little one and are looking for the perfect design element for their bedroom with a blend of creativity and character? A lacquered glass door may be just what you have been looking for. With the help of Lacquered Glass, you can bring an element of elegance, class and vibrancy to any interior applications. It is an excellent material to choose if you want to add a specific colour, pattern, or design to their room. The minimalistic texture, unique look, and sturdy construction make it perfect for your kids’ bedrooms. Today, we have brought you some great lacquered glass designs to add a unique visual appeal and functionality to your kids’ bedroom. Read on. Lacquered Glass Wardrobe When designing a child’s wardrobe, safety is an important factor to consider. Furniture that can collapse over or large wardrobes that are overly tall could be a safety hazard. Lacquered glass wardrobe is the perfect way to play it safe while maintaining aesthetics.  It is created by simply covering the back of float glass with a highly durable lacquer, which is then baked in a furnace at a steady temperature, making it extremely durable. But if you’re concerned, let us tell you that it can be used in toughened and annealed forms, depending on your requirements. Besides, it gives your surroundings a trendy, distinctive touch while also bringing comfort and freshness to the interiors. Lacquered Wall Cladding When it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, the possibility to express through walls is limitless. What a beautiful idea it would be if the design factor could be blended with the maintenance aspect.  Lacquered glass provides an easy-to-clean, smooth surface for the kids to write and draw on and gives a variety of design options combined with vivid colours that guarantee the room’s style quotient is always perfect. Lacquered Glass Writing Board It may come as no surprise that kids love writing, painting and expressing their imaginations on walls and on every paper they find, but with time it might become a headache for parents as they constantly have to worry about spoiling the paint coating and their valuables. But this issue has a simple solution that satisfies the needs of both parties. Choose lacquered glass writing boards for your child’s room if you want to make the walls a fun place for kids to express and develop their creativity. Just let their imagination go wild. Additionally,its functionality doesn’t cease as they grow and stays spotless and sturdy for years together.  Lacquered Glass Headboards There are hundreds and thousands of simple to antique designs to choose from, but have you ever considered lacquered glass for your bed’s headboard? If you haven’t, this is your cue to look into it.  It will create a stunning finish and add a touch of elegance to your room. Additionally, it is super easy to clean and maintain and is one of the most durable elements owing to its dust and humidity-resistant properties. Lacquered Study Tables Study Tables are the almost inevitable fixture in your kid’s bedroom. Being frequently used, it needs to be hygienic and scratch-proof. Lacquered Glass Study tables can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained. Besides its aesthetics, it is also a functionally superior product that amply satisfies all the important criteria and is moisture-resistant as well. So, go ahead and top up your kid’s study table with colour, class and a whole lot of creativity! Benefits of Using Lacquered Glass  Highly Durable If you’re thinking that choosing lacquered glass would mean compromising quality for appearance, you don’t need to worry. To manufacture lacquer glass, a thin film of lacquer is applied to the back of the glass, then baked and cured in an oven to create an incredibly durable lacquer. This makes it capable of withstanding normal wear and tear without losing its quality. And, since they are highly durable, there are very few chances of breaking.  However, it’s advisable to stay alert and be careful to avoid any mishaps. Easy to Maintain and Clean Lacquered glass is quite simple to keep and clean, which is another advantage of installing it in your child’s bedroom. Just give it a quick wipe-off, and it’ll look brand new each time. Additionally, it doesn’t harbour bacteria or germs, guaranteeing that your child’s bedroom is constantly sterile and clean. Environmentally Friendly The lacquered glass is safe to use and does not affect the environment because it only contains extremely small quantities of VOCs. Besides, like all other varieties of glass, lacquered glass is entirely recyclable and non-toxic, which makes it eco-friendly. Let your youngster value the importance and be a part of eco-friendly living. Scratch Resistant Since kids are quite energetic, and there’s a high chance of walls getting scratched,  you can put your concerns to rest with Bimba’s lacquered glass because, compared to other printed glasses on the market, this glass is more scratch-resistant and has an extended lifespan. High-Quality Finish The manufacturing process of lacquer glass ensures a uniform finish, which assures that the paint binds to the glass perfectly, giving it a sleek, contemporary appearance. Once it is installed, your youngsters will, without a doubt, adore it. Final Words Lacquered glass is a beautiful material that can be used to add a touch of sparkle to the typical kids’ bedroom. It is available in many different finishes and glazes to suit different tastes and styles. So, if you want to add lacquered glass to your kids’ bedroom, Bimba is right here to help. Contact us at 9851325894 and follow our advice to make your child’s bedroom cozier.

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