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Are you looking to buy an LED mirror in Nepal?  Simply put, LED Mirrors are mirrors that are equipped with led lights and hence they light up when connected to a power source. These mirrors can be crafted in different luxurious shapes, sizes, and designs to perfectly match your decor requirements. If you are looking to buy LED Mirror in Nepal for your home, bathroom, dressing, vanity, or any other purpose then read along. You have landed on the right spot. Get ready to weigh your options as you look for your next LED mirror for your bathroom/vanity/dressing/office/restaurants etc. Benefits of LED Mirror over the traditional mirror: Having an LED bathroom mirror or LED dressing mirror will make your grooming sessions easy and effortless. LED light closely resembles natural sunlight. The bright mirror light falls directly on your face and illuminates your face in the mirror. This way you are better able to view your face with utmost clarity and attention to detail. Also, LED lights have a huge lifespan. They also consume less energy making it a win-win situation! These glowing mirrors will add depth and dimension to your bathrooms, vanity and powder room, dressing rooms, and such. You can even equip your hallway or bedroom or dining space with a dazzling led mirror. They will never disappoint you, instead will make your space look elegant and modern. What things to consider before buying your LED mirror online in Nepal: 2022 Do not fret our fellow Nepali interior enthusiasts. Choosing the right LED Mirror for you shouldn’t be so tricky. Pay attention to these details before buying your LED mirror online: • Measurement First and foremost, take precise measurements (length, breadth) of the space where you plan to install your new led mirror. Your new mirror should be able to fit into its new setting in a seamless manner. • Contemporary house aesthetics Pay attention to your home’s architecture and try to blend the shape of your new mirror into it. For example, if your space is designed with more straight lines then get a rectangular mirror or similar mirror that will mimic the house’s architecture. Or if your house has more curved lines then get a round mirror. This way you will be able to pick the right mirror shape that will resonate with the contemporary aesthetics of your space. • Mirror lighting There are various LED options that vary in brightness level and light color. So cleverly choose your LED option based upon your intended use of your new LED mirror. The mirror lighting can make a difference in the overall functionality of the mirror, so choose wisely! • Mirror Glass The quality of glass used to construct the mirror determines the strength, durability, and overall lifetime of the mirror. So, check the glass quality before ordering your order and make sure to get one with good glass quality. • Bathroom Mirror If you are installing a new lighted bathroom mirror, measure your vanity’s length to match your mirror’s length to it. That way they won’t look out of proportion. Mirrors in bathrooms as known for creating the illusion of a larger space in a rather smaller bathroom area. That is to say, mirrors add depth ness to a room space. • Dimmer option The dimmer feature allows you to whether increase or decrease the amount of light emanating from your lED mirror. This way, you are better able to control the intensity of light as per your requirement and environmental setting. • Budget As the usage of LED mirrors in Nepal is just getting into trend and can be quite expensive. There are retail options that are imported without warranties but BIMBA provides LED Mirror that is made in Nepal according to the quantity/design and budget. Modern technology and creative ideas break the boundaries of creation allowing us to create infinite designs. In conclusion, head over to our page to get design ideas and further information regarding LED Mirrors and other different designer mirrors. Here are some LED Mirrors BIMBA provides online: See more LED Mirror Designs & Buy Here!! Just in case, you happen to have difficulties choosing the right mirror for you, get in touch with us to get all your queries answered.

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