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Aluminum Framed Mirrors in Nepal

Aluminum framed mirrors are mirrors with their frame crafted primarily from lightweight and durable aluminum. The aluminum frame is formed by shaping and molding aluminum sheets into the desired design. These mirrors come in a number of shapes. While rectangle and oval forms are the most popular choices, shapes like round, arch and capsule design also catches the eye. They offer a clean and traditional look and serve multiple purposes. In this blog, we will discuss the features of aluminum framed mirrors, aiming to make it easy for you to make an informed decision and find some valuable information for your perusal. Read on. Features of Aluminum Framed Mirrors Technical Features Aesthetic Features Aluminum’s reflective nature, combined with the thin frame, creates a light and airy feel in a room. Strategic placement further enhances this effect. Placing a mirror opposite a window allows natural light to flood the room, while strategically positioned mirrors in hallways or smaller rooms can create the illusion of greater depth and openness. The light bounces around the space, making it appear larger and brighter. Yet, the beauty of aluminum framed mirrors goes beyond aesthetics. Compared to frames made from solid wood or other materials, aluminum is a more budget-friendly option. So, are you ready to enhance your space without breaking the bank? For inquiries about aluminum-framed mirrors, contact us at 9851111675 via WhatsApp/Viber or through our social media pages. You can also visit our showroom at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor. Explore more of our products on our website.

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Frameless Mirror Blog Banne

Everything You Need to Know About Frameless Mirrors

By frameless mirrors, we mean those basic mirrors with straight, non-distorted reflections, without any additional features like built-in lighting. These are simple mirrors, but it can actually be customized in plenty of ways. So, if you are in the market for simple frameless mirrors, we have a specific guide for you that will help you know everything about it, all compiled in one place. You don’t have to look elsewhere for more information once you read this blog. Read on. EDGE FINISH Edge finish simply means specific treatment or design applied to the edges of the mirror, once it has been cut. There are 2 types of edge finish; The mirrors you see with a flat, smooth and polished edge, that’s called polished edge finish. Here, take a look below: Now, those mirrors with a slightly slanted edge, tapering towards the wall, giving off a frame-like appearance, that’s called beveled edge finish. It looks like this: But why does it even matter? It matters- A LOT! A polished edge offers a sleek appearance, while a beveled edge provides a subtle frame-like effect. So, if you prefer frameless mirrors but also don’t want to keep it too simple, beveled edge is your go-to-choice. Point to note, “All the beveled mirrors are polished but all the polished mirrors are not beveled” SHAPES OF MIRROR Shapes can be customized to your preferences, offering endless possibilities limited only by your imagination. Whether you want a heart-shaped mirror for your couple bedroom or a capsule-shaped one to add a unique touch to your bathroom, the choice is yours. We offer customization to match your needs, alongside a range of popular shapes favored by many, including; TYPES OF MOUNTS Here comes the most important part, how you want to hang your mirror, i.e. type of mount! We have options like; You can choose understanding what works best for your specific needs. While these may seem like ordinary mirrors, the numerous customization options can transform their appearance, feel, and integration into your overall space design. You can even etch personalized designs into these mirrors, and they’ll look absolutely fabulous! It’s perfect for surprising someone with a unique gift, for branding purposes, or cherishing a special memory. Want one for your space? Reach out to us at 9851111675 or drop a message on our Instagram/Facebook. Explore more about our products and services on our website or visit our showroom at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor, for an in-person experience.

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Valentine's Day Cover

Why Mirror Makes a Perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and as we gear up for the season of love, it’s time to look for a gift that truly reflects the depth of your love. Bouquets, jewelry, perfumes, and clothing are so common. Why not give something that reflects the love you have? There’s only one perfect and unique gift that truly mirrors the purity of our relationship — mirrors. A simple normal mirror, you might be thinking. Mirrors offer numerous options that extend far beyond your imagination, providing countless reasons to consider them as a gift. Allow us to explain why a mirror could be the perfect Valentine’s gift to capture those heart-fluttering moments. Bimba’s Love Mirage—The Heart-Shaped Mirror: Valentine’s Day is all about love, so we’re putting the spotlight on love-shaped mirror. Whether you choose an LED mirror, a simple mirror, or mirror tiles, this heart-shaped beauty will take the center stage. Since it is in heart-shape, this mirror becomes a manifestation of the love that beats within both your hearts and every glance will forever give a reaffirmation of your unique love story. Etched Mirror — The Signature of Endless Love Mirrors need not be ordinary; they can be extraordinary. You can etch the date you first met, your unique portmanteau, a cherished memory, or anything that holds special significance. This enduring touch will stay with you both forever. Every glance into that mirror becomes a reminder of your eternal love, a reflection of cherished moments. Mirror Tray A thoughtful and versatile Valentine’s Day gift. Mirror trays adds a touch of elegance to any space, whether used as a hanging mirror, a practical tray, or a decorative element. Its functionality and style make it a useful addition to your partner’s daily lives. Afterall, a gift should be something that’s not just for show but can actually be used. Designer Mirrors If you want something for your love that screams ‘class’ and ‘luxury’, we have “Designer Mirrors” for you. We’re not talking about an average reflection station; we’re talking about a piece that’s more like art for your space. Sure, it’s a bit on the splurge side, but it’s not just a mirror; it’s a statement. This Valentine’s Day, you can gift something that reflects your love in the most elegant way possible. But above everything else, the reason why a mirror is a perfect gift is that, beyond its shapes and reflections, it captures the soul of your shared experiences. Mirrors witness your smiles, your tears, and everything in between. A mirror becomes a living canvas of your unique love story. Choose a mirror that echoes the shape of your emotions, and let it become a timeless symbol of the beautiful journey you’re on together. Because, in the end, love deserves to be reflected in every corner of your lives! If you have any other ideas, you can always get in touch with us through our WhatsApp (9851111675) / Instagram/ Facebook. We shape your glass and mirror visions into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! तपाइको मायाको प्रतिबिम्ब सधैं रहिरहोस्

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Wooden Vs aluminum framed mirror

Wooden Framed Mirrors V/s Aluminum Framed Mirrors

Among the various framed mirror types, wooden and aluminum framed mirrors stand out as popular choices for homeowners. However, confusion and debate persist among customers – Wooden Framed Mirrors versus Aluminum Framed Mirrors. This dilemma is nothing new, given that both wooden and aluminum framed mirrors offer commendable qualities. Let’s navigate the intricate details to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your distinctive taste and preferences. Shall we? An Introduction: Wooden Framed Mirrors and Aluminum Framed Mirrors Wooden Framed Mirror Wooden frame mirrors are mirrors with wooden frames that comes from different types of wood, such as oak, mahogany, or pine. However, in more affordable or budget-friendly wooden framed mirrors, manufacturers often use less expensive wood or engineered wood products like MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard). Wooden framed mirrors exude warmth and timeless elegance, showcasing the natural textures and colors of the wood, making them a visually appealing and versatile addition to various interior spaces. Aluminum Framed Mirror Aluminum framed mirrors are made primarily from aluminum, a lightweight and durable metal. The frame is typically made by shaping and molding aluminum sheets into the desired design. The aluminum material provides the mirror with its sleek and modern appearance. Which one is better- A Comparison of Wooden and Aluminum Framed Mirrors There’s no clear winner. It all depends on your personal style, preferences, and where you envision your mirror taking the center stage. However, here’s a basic comparison to help you find the best fit for yourself. Wood frames are crafted from solid wood or engineered wood products. Solid wood frames often showcase unique grain patterns and natural variations. On the other hand, aluminum alloys typically undergo extrusion to shape the frames, resulting in a structure that is both lightweight and robust. Wooden frames may involve intricate joinery techniques, such as mortise and tenon joints, for added strength and durability. Meanwhile, the extrusion process shapes Aluminum frames with precision, ensuring consistent and precise profiles. This process enables customization of frame thickness and design. Various stains, paints, or lacquers can be applied to wooden frames, offering a broad spectrum of color choices and finishes. Similarly, Anodizing or powder coating is often applied to aluminum frames for enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, and color options. Wooden frames tend to be heavier than aluminum frames, contributing to a sturdy and substantial feel. Likewise, Aluminum frames are lighter in comparison to wooden frames, facilitating easier installation and handling. The choice between wooden and aluminum framed mirrors involves considerations of material composition, construction techniques, finish options, and weight, depending on the desired aesthetic and functional characteristics for a given space. What are your preferences? Are you into rustic charm and a connection with nature? Wooden framed mirrors might be calling your name. If you’re all about sleek lines, durability, and a touch of industrial chic, aluminum is your go-to. Consider where you’ll place the mirror. A wooden framed mirror can be a showstopper in a cozy living room, while an aluminum one might be the perfect fit for a minimalist bathroom. Whether you opt for the rustic charm of wooden frames or the modern allure of aluminum, let your personal taste guide you. Get your Aluminum Frame Mirrors from Bimba. Happy Shopping!

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