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Everything You Need to Know About Frameless Mirrors

By frameless mirrors, we mean those basic mirrors with straight, non-distorted reflections, without any additional features like built-in lighting. These are simple mirrors, but it can actually be customized in plenty of ways. So, if you are in the market for simple frameless mirrors, we have a specific guide for you that will help you know everything about it, all compiled in one place. You don’t have to look elsewhere for more information once you read this blog. Read on. EDGE FINISH Edge finish simply means specific treatment or design applied to the edges of the mirror, once it has been cut. There are 2 types of edge finish; The mirrors you see with a flat, smooth and polished edge, that’s called polished edge finish. Here, take a look below: Now, those mirrors with a slightly slanted edge, tapering towards the wall, giving off a frame-like appearance, that’s called beveled edge finish. It looks like this: But why does it even matter? It matters- A LOT! A polished edge offers a sleek appearance, while a beveled edge provides a subtle frame-like effect. So, if you prefer frameless mirrors but also don’t want to keep it too simple, beveled edge is your go-to-choice. Point to note, “All the beveled mirrors are polished but all the polished mirrors are not beveled” SHAPES OF MIRROR Shapes can be customized to your preferences, offering endless possibilities limited only by your imagination. Whether you want a heart-shaped mirror for your couple bedroom or a capsule-shaped one to add a unique touch to your bathroom, the choice is yours. We offer customization to match your needs, alongside a range of popular shapes favored by many, including; TYPES OF MOUNTS Here comes the most important part, how you want to hang your mirror, i.e. type of mount! We have options like; You can choose understanding what works best for your specific needs. While these may seem like ordinary mirrors, the numerous customization options can transform their appearance, feel, and integration into your overall space design. You can even etch personalized designs into these mirrors, and they’ll look absolutely fabulous! It’s perfect for surprising someone with a unique gift, for branding purposes, or cherishing a special memory. Want one for your space? Reach out to us at 9851111675 or drop a message on our Instagram/Facebook. Explore more about our products and services on our website or visit our showroom at Minbhawan Marg, New Baneshwor, for an in-person experience.

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