Toughened glass in nepal

Toughened Glass in Nepal

Toughened Glass, also known by the name of Tuffen glass, Safety glass, or Tempered Glass in the market.  It is a strong and sturdy heat-processed glass that has applications across several major industries, including construction and automobiles. Compared to regular annealed glass(float glass), they are four times stronger and can withstand extreme temperatures. The strength and safety of the tempered glass make it an ideal choice for using them as building facades, glazing purposes, and for several other architectural applications. As such, the trend for tempered glass is on the rise around the globe, and Nepal is no exception. So read along if you are curious about this material or require toughened glass in Nepal. Differences Between Toughened Glass and Normal Glass Strength: Tempered glass is four times as strong as normal annealed glass. The glass gets its strength from the tempering process that it goes through during its production phase. Therefore, the glass withstands almost four times the pressure withstood by normal glass. Safety: There is no harm when tempered glass breaks. Because the glass breaks into small pieces instead of big sharp jagged harmful pieces. Customization: Normal standard glass is customizable and can be polished, cut, or edged. But toughened glass can not be customized once it is manufactured. So, it is necessary to customize your toughened glass items fully before heat-processing them. Types: The five major types of toughened glass that are in popular use are: Clear toughened glass: Has a clear glass surface resembling that of normal glass. Laminated toughened glass: Toughened glass with lamination inter-layer for even more safety. Reflective toughened glass: Has a reflective surface. Tinted toughened Glass: Co-loured tempered glass. Frosted Toughened Glass: Has a frosted surface texture that allows for privacy. Each type of glass have their unique properties and uses. So do your research before ordering your tempered glass. About Toughened-Laminated Glass Toughened laminated glass is sort of a big brother to a regular toughened glass. As the name suggests, it is a type of toughened glass with a lamination inter-layer, the layer which prevents glass pieces from shattering all over in case of collision. Primarily, shattered toughened glass does not possess any harm at all. On top of that, the lamination makes the glass shatter-proof. This feature allows them to be a better choice in high security areas including pool fencing, balustrades, skylights, staircases, window panes for vehicles, etc. Regardless, they can be substituted for any other type of glass whenever extra safety and strength is the need! Uses of  tempered glass When increased strength and safety are required, tempered glass is used over the regular glass. It is mostly utilized to create building facades and other architectural components. Toughened glass can be used for doors and windows, balustrades, skylights, swimming pool glass, shower cabinets, and glass furniture, among other things. Plus, there’s more. Toughened glass is used on smartphone screens because of its strength and anti-scratch properties. Some major uses of toughened glass in architecture are as follows: Facades & Glazing: They make excellent envelopes and facades for modern buildings and skyscrapers owing to their strength and safety features. Toughened especially laminated also offers heat and sound insulation. Doors and Windows: Glass doors and windows provide more style and allow more light into our homes and offices. They can be installed matching the contemporary architecture of a building. Partitions: Partitioning your space becomes easy and stylish with toughened glass. One can choose from a wide range of glass thicknesses and types like laminated, tinted, etc for partitioning their space. Skylights: Make room for light falling straight out of your roof into your room with toughened glass skylights. Prefer laminated toughened glass over regular ones to construct your skylights as they are sensitive areas. Balustrades: Toughened glass makes excellent staircases and balustrades for your stairs, giving your interior a trendy look along with safety. Glass Cabinets: Glass cabinets made up of tempered glass are more strong and last long, thus being more versatile compared to other glass types. Furniture: Tempered glass can make strong glass tables, chairs, and similar furniture that look exquisite. Glass furniture has eye-catching sight. Showroom/ Shops:  Toughened glass can make excellent facades for showrooms and shops. Is toughened glass even breakable? Yes, although the glass is extremely strong and stout, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can never break. A couple of situations can cause the glass to break such as these: Production defect: Pre-scratches and cracks in the glass during the production phase can cause the glass to shatter during its use. Binding frame: If there is insufficient space between the glass and the frame binding, the buildup of stress in the glass can cause it to shatter. Spontaneous breakage: While there is a minimal or even lower case of toughened glass breakage after installation, they have been found to break spontaneously without any apparent reason. It can happen because of thermal stress building up in the glass, nickel sulfide inclusion defects, insufficient glass thickness to resist high wind loads, improper installation effects over a period, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in laminated toughened glass, especially in sensitive areas like skylights and railings for better safety and security. Etching in toughened glass Any attempts of modifying a toughened glass by cutting or drilling holes can cause the whole glass to shatter. However, a number of etching processes can be used to change their appearance and functioning. The various etching techniques enable you to have any kind of colors, paintings, sketches, or figures, engraved on your glass surface. Acid etching toughened glass has been a popular choice of etching for many people. With etching, you can modify the look of your toughened glass items the way you want them. Say you want a waterfall imprinted on your toughened shower cabinet, one that looks and feels so real, boom, glass etching is the way to go. Or you want to imprint your favorite mandala on your toughened glass coffee tabletop, then etch that too!

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