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5 Ways To Create Stylish Home Office With Glass

Wouldn’t it be amazing to design a home office that motivates you and increases your productivity? But it’s a lot harder than you can imagine. You might understand what we’re trying to say if you’re a freelancer or working primarily from home. It is challenging to mentally transition from “home mode” to “work mode” if you barely leave your house and your comfy bed is only a few steps away. But don’t worry; glass is the perfect solution to set the perfect mood and give a sense of professionalism to your home office. Here are five tips for transforming any room into a classy home office with glass that you’ll look forward to working in. Separate your professional space To keep yourself away from any disturbance while you are fully in work mode, the first step is to divide your personal space from your professional space. It is best to use glass partitions to separate the space because they do not just keep the noise down but also visually enlarge the room and give a feeling of lightness by increasing the amount of natural light, helping you concentrate better.  Furthermore, with a limitless selection of treatments available, such as frosting or etching, you can set a tone that complements your space. Let in natural light Proper lighting has a big influence on mood and energy levels, in addition to being crucial for sustaining eye health and general safety. And there is no better light source than daylight since it provides an equal proportion of each color in the light spectrum. So, consider installing double-glazed or triple-glazed glass windows for solar gain without overheating your workspace and keep the natural light coming because sun-filled spaces can improve our mood and performance. Compared to single-glazed aluminum windows, double-glazed glasses can minimize heat loss or gain by around 30%, while triple-glazed glass can be up to two times more effective at keeping the heat out when it’s hot outside than double-glazed glass. Choose your preferred glass for your window and let Bimba do the rest. Get a writing board to list your tasks When it comes to staying organized, writing boards are people’s best friends. It is a basic requirement of every office, whether a home office or a corporate office. If you were thinking about whiteboards, you’re wrong.  We all have seen how conventional whiteboards appear dirty after a few uses from all the marker stains. Well, don’t you worry. Bimba is never without a solution for you. Get Lacquered Glass Boards.  The special lacquered finish on Bimba’s lacquered writing boards provides a smooth writing surface that won’t ghost or stain, keeping your board clean for a very long time. One wipe, and it looks brand new every time. They come in a variety of colors that not only look aesthetically good but also blend well with the rest of your space. Have enough storage space Storage is a crucial consideration when setting up a home office, and not having enough storage may have an impact on your productivity. So, to keep your office looking tidy at all times, make sure you have adequate storage space. Ensure that you have enough room to work comfortably and store all of your necessities. For keeping away your files, essential papers, and other objects, toughened glass cabinets or floating glass shelves are ideal since they not only look effortlessly good but are also robust and simple to clean, unlike wooden cabinets. Accessorize your space Make sure you personalize your space with some accents because YOU can design your workspace HOWEVER you want. Mirror tiles are a great way to give your workstation a bright and reflective background. They not only have a beautiful finish, but they also provide the appearance of room and openness in your home office. If you want to brighten up and add color to your home office, you can choose lacquered wall cladding.  Wrapping Up If you are looking for something different to spark the design of your home office, do consider these tips. They are sure to make your home a comfortable and productive environment to work in. So, if you’re searching for glass designs to add to your home office, we recommend taking a look at our Instagram for some inspiration @bimbaglassinteriors!

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